Art and Kindness, Rock! with Shay Livensparger
Art and Kindness, Rock! with Shay Livensparger

Art and Kindness, Rock! with Shay Livensparger

I am excited to speak with Shay Livensparger in this episode and share with you how her art spreads kindness like wildfire. I must warn you, listening to this episode will make you want to drop what you are doing and start creating art to inspire others! I don’t want to delay that any longer, so let’s go!
Here are some of the amazing stories and ideas shared in this episode:
  • A touching story about Pa Clem (0:42)
  • How Shay incorporates kindness in her own life and business (6:23)
  • How a stranger’s kind act manifested into more kindness (9:28)
  • Small rocks make a BIG impact (16:25)
  • Hug Bug rocks come back full circle (20:40)
  • Do your friends smuggle anything from your house? (24:14)
  • How to get involved with other local artists (27:23)
  • Shay shares one last kind gesture with us (38:18)
Can you believe how amazing Shay is?! In just a short amount of time, Shay shared so many ways we can give back to our families, friends and even strangers!  The best part is, the community of artists, creators and children are growing, learning and being rewarded as well! I would love to hear how this episode has inspired you to give back to your community!
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