Art Healing Hearts with Sandra Lett
Art Healing Hearts with Sandra Lett

Art Healing Hearts with Sandra Lett

Art, to many, is an avenue to express emotions and a form of healing. Today we get to chat with Sandra Lett, who has used art as a way to positively impact her life and keep her sane through many years of trial. Sandra has expanded her reach and has made it a mission of her own to encourage giving back through art — and we can’t wait to dive in and explore how she is doing that! 

As the granddaughter of a fabulous oil painter, art chose me by divine creation. She has been self-taught for over 20 years. Either with the gentle stroke of a paintbrush, a beautiful puddle of paint, inks, or the glorious depth of resin; the creation of beauty in art can be extremely therapeutic and inspirational for all! Sandra embraces a passion for color, love, and positive energy through her artwork. The colors and beauty of nature speak a deep and uplifting language. She enjoys multiple styles of art, be it realism, whimsy, or the pure freedom of an abstract or beautiful resin art piece. She loves being an artist; and loves pouring her heart & soul into others. Art truly has the power to heal and touch us in a life-giving way.

Inspiring topics we covered today:

  • Sandra introduces herself and shares how art has impacted her life and healed her. (3:09)
  • Kicking imposter syndrome to the curb. (10:30)
  • How Sandra used Facebook to complement her YouTube channel. (11:05)
  • Sandra shares how Counter Culture DIY aligns with her values as an artist. (13:28)
  • Using an auction to pay it forward. (16:30)
  • How social media harnesses the abundance mindset. (23:06)
  • Sandra shares what humble and kind means to her and her art. (31:07)

Being able to chat with Sandra was so amazing! No part of our business compares to the relationships we have built, and Sandra is a perfect example of an artist who aligns with our mission to make the world a more positive place through art. Make sure to check out her social media as well as pop into the auction! You can also find more information about Culture Con online at


Connect with Sandra:

Facebook Art Healing Hearts Auction 


Facebook Group


Art Healing Hearts Auction Website


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