Benefiting from Constructive Criticism with CaTyra Polland
Benefiting from Constructive Criticism with CaTyra Polland

Benefiting from Constructive Criticism with CaTyra Polland

Are you someone who enjoys constructive feedback? Or does it make you want to pack up your supplies and never create again?

Today we are visiting with CaTyra Polland, the CEO/Founder of Love for Words, an editing boutique for writers and authors, a 9x published author, editor, poet, speaker, and instructor. CaTyra works with her clients to provide feedback to help them align more with their visions for their business and work, and she is chatting with us today to share how we can use feedback to help us grow too!


“…but they’re not willing to pay for it, and you have to have the confidence to stand your ground. Because if you feed into that, and every time someone tells you, they can’t pay that, or they won’t pay that you’re offering a discount, you’re really doing yourself a disservice.” – CaTyra Polland


Highlights from my chat with CaTyra include:


    • Introducing CaTyra (4:13)
    • Handling feedback without feeling discouraged (5:45)
    • Recent negative feedback CaTyra received (9:36)
    • Being confident in your prices (11:05)
    • Benefits of tough feedback (14:08)
    • CaTyra shares the final benefits of embracing criticism (18:52)


After listening to this episode, I hope you can unpack your art supplies and start creating again! What was the most beneficial advice for you in this episode? We would love to hear how you handle feedback! Feel free to DM us on Instagram to share!


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