Connecting While Creating with Ann Upton
Connecting While Creating with Ann Upton

Connecting While Creating with Ann Upton

Do you run your business on social media, or do you aspire to start using social media to acquire new customers? Today we are visiting again with Ann Upton, a highly successful artist who runs her business exclusively through social media, primarily Instagram, and she’s sharing with us how to use the algorithms to your best advantage. She’ll share pitfalls to avoid and talk about how the platform has changed in a few short years. If you’ve been wondering how to use Instagram to grow your business, Ann is an expert whose advice you’re going to enjoy!


“But right now, whether you’re a brand new account, or you’re an established account, I don’t think it’s ever been easier to grow, the way the algorithm works. It doesn’t favor the size of the account. It favors the content, and there’s no greater time to be sharing your work.” – Ann Upton.


Highlights from my chat with Ann include:


    • How Ann uses social media in her business (3:17)
    • The first step to using social media in your business (5:25)
    • The first step to tandemly growing a business and following (6:32)
    • Monetizing with a small social media following (8:52)
    • Becoming friends with the algorithm (15:35)
    • Ann’s advice for using social media right now (25:05)
    • Demystifying the technical side of social media (26:51)
    • Protecting your mindset as an artist on social media (31:14)
    • Diversification of social media platforms (36:44)


Ann’s advice is just what we needed to jump into social media and take advantage of the current features! Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in trying to stand out, but the ability to grow is in the flow! Do you use Reels or TikTok to promote your art? We would love to connect with you! Send us a DM or tag us in your next post sharing your art!


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