Creating an Aligned Community
Creating an Aligned Community

Creating an Aligned Community

As artists, we often feel alone in our creative endeavors. We can get lost in our heads, and it can be hard to find others who understand the artist’s life. It’s important to remember that we’re not alone. There are others out there who understand us and our need for creativity. In today’s episode, we will be diving into creating and building a community of like-minded artists and friends who support and encourage each other to continue making art. 


There are so many opportunities to connect with other artists to find people who share your ideas, your values, your interests, and so many different ways to network with others to be introduced to new artists through the ones you already know. It’s a flower that can bloom over and over again, for you.” – Sarah Brown.


Topics covered in today’s episode:


    • The sincere meaning of community (2:28)
    • Cultivating a community (3:27)
    • A heartwarming example of community support (6:26)
    • What is a community (9:06)
    • Building a value-based community beyond common interests (11:12)
    • Avoiding negativity in your community (16:59)
    • What kind of community member are you? (17:52)
    • Reevaluating and realigning your communities (20:20)
    • Being bold and speaking up in your community (23:27)
      • Thriving in an online community (27:36)


Being an artist can feel isolating at times, but I hope this episode inspires you to connect more in an existing community or go out and cultivate your own! Do you have an existing community? What does community mean for you? Feel free to DM us on Instagram to share!


You can find more information about Culture Con online! I can’t wait to see everyone this week! 


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