Creating for Creatives with Ashley Lee
Creating for Creatives with Ashley Lee

Creating for Creatives with Ashley Lee

Have you ever been so swamped with making products that you wished you could create a tool or a subsequent product to help you get the job done quicker? Whether you’re a seasoned tumbler creator or just starting, there are always new ways to improve your process and create even more beautiful tumblers. 

Ashley Lee is an OG tumbler artist who took her love for creating and decided to start making products to help other creators become more efficient in their businesses. From physical products to training techniques, Ashley has taken her passion for creating to the next level, and today she’s ready to share the behind-the-scenes of her evolution with us. 

…it was mostly about being able to help other artists and show them what they can do…It was about giving back to the community that helped me get into the crafts in the first place.” – Ashley Lee

Highlight from my chat with Ashley Lee:

    • Introducing Ashley Lee (0:45)
    • Getting into the resin world (4:14)
    • Monetizing making tumblers (7:12)
    • The first product created for creators (11:38)
    • From making cups to helping others make their cups (13:17)
    • Trials of creating for creators (15:56)
    • Putting together Craft Crates (20:02)
    • Rebranding a business with a big following (30:48)
    • What you should know about Craft Crates (39:28)

It has been amazing to see Ashley’s journey from an artist who creates to an artist who helps others create. It is also inspiring to know someone who is an OG tumbler creator and is still learning about the business each day. I know there are so many more lessons to be discovered.

If you are interested in following Ashley’s company or are even just curious about what goes into making a product, please check out the links below. If you have any questions for Ashley, please DM her on Instagram!

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