Generosity with Knowledge and Skill with Misty Leonard
Generosity with Knowledge and Skill with Misty Leonard

Generosity with Knowledge and Skill with Misty Leonard

Have you ever heard the saying, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”? I don’t believe that is true. Today, I am introducing you to Misty Leonard, the perfect example of someone fantastic at doing AND a phenomenal teacher. 

Misty is the owner and operator of MDLeonardDesigns and Misty Leonard Exclusives. Misty is also a longtime partner of ours at CCDIY. She’s someone whose work ethic is unmatched in our community, and her willingness to teach has inspired countless artists. 

You have to…be your own advocate, and believe in yourself, and just push those naysayers and push those negative commenters aside and just be proud of what you’ve created and what you’ve done.” – Misty Leonard.

Highlights from my chat with Misty include:

  • Introducing Misty Leonard (2:05)
  • Finding a mission in the art community (3:14)
  • Discovering an artistic outlet (3:55)
  • Finding a selling platform that works (7:13)
  • Partnering with Counter Culture DIY (8:31)
  • Generosity with knowledge and skill (11:54)
  • Being led to teaching (16:08)
  • Setting up a Patreon group (19:33)
  • Final words of encouragement for the side hustle artist (24:48)

Do you have a dual passion for teaching and doing? Is this something you hope to explore in the future? We hope Misty has inspired you to get out there and share your gifts and skill with the world. We would love to hear how online courses or memberships have changed your business. Feel free to DM us on Instagram to share!

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