Going Virtual with The Craft Night Trilogy
Going Virtual with The Craft Night Trilogy

Going Virtual with The Craft Night Trilogy

Have you ever thought about doing something big for the artists’ community, and you didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you just wanted to join an event of makers like yourself.

Today I’m talking with Alisa, Dianelsie, and Jennifer of the Craft Night Trilogy. These ladies teamed up to create a successful virtual craft fair that promoted artists and crafters of all kinds.

“…I might watch someone do the same thing that I do, but they’re doing something a little bit different that might make my process faster, and why wouldn’t I want to learn that?” – Jeniffer Duvall.

Highlights from my chat with Craft Night Trilogy include:

    • Introducing Jeniffer, Alisa and Dianelsie (3:11)
    • Inspiration to start an event (4:52)
    • Finding quality makers (5:48)
    • Behind the scenes of planning a crafting event (8:41)
    • Using the event fee for good (11:06)
    • The next Craft Night Trilogy event (15:47)
    • Tips to run a multivendor event on Facebook (16:57)
    • Practices from those who succeed on online events (26:54)

Have you joined an online makers event? I hope this has inspired you to try something new to get your product and business out there! We would love to hear how virtual events have changed your business. Feel free to DM us on Instagram to share!

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