Healing In Growth With Ann Upton
Healing In Growth With Ann Upton

Healing In Growth With Ann Upton

As artists, we’ve used art to help us through something hard. In today’s episode, my guest is the very epitome of that. Ann Upton is an extraordinary resin artist that does acrylic pouring, traditional painting, and ceramic art. Her story is incredibly inspiring, and you will not want to miss this episode. 

Ann is a mom of five kids, a classically trained pastry chef, a homeschool mom, and an all-around fantastic person! 

Highlights from my chat with Ann include:

    • Watercolor, bedbound, and a full-time career (3:21)
    • Unintentionally inspiring others online (5:08)
    • The best and worst of social media (7:01)
    • The opportunity to present what you want to present (9:42)
    • Where did the inspiration from the beach originate? (12:24)
    • Healing in growth (14:37)
    • Meet Your Makers Showdown and Discovery+ (15:26)
    • New kits coming out Christmas Day (18:11)
    • Ann bought a kiln and picked up ceramic art (19:04)
    • Not giving up is most important (20:44)
    • Mom of 5, creating beautiful art, homeschooling – how does she keep it all together? (22:52)
    • Homeschool, creating, cooking – it’s all a different type of art (24:37)
    • Ann and CCDIY growing up together (26:49)
    • Resin art kits that are approachable (29:23)

Isn’t Ann just an amazing superwoman? I love how she used her trial and discomfort to learn something that has led her down some incredible paths. Make sure to check out her social media and mark your calendar not to miss the Meet Your Makers Showdown on Christmas! You can also find more information about Culture Con online


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