Hope for the Holidays with Barry Brown
Hope for the Holidays with Barry Brown

Hope for the Holidays with Barry Brown

One of the core values in our business is to strive for excellence and share in its rewards. One of the greatest ways we have been able to give back during the holiday season is through our Hope for the Holiday event.

Today, I have a special guest joining us to share what this holiday event means to our business. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Here are all the details covered in today’s episode:

  • How Hope for the Holidays began. (3:59)
  • The goal for Hope for the Holidays. (6:14)
  • A few ways we were able to give back last year. (7:26)
  • How to nominate someone for Hope for the Holidays (8:45)
  • Creative ways we were able to give back. (10:04)


I hope you are all as touched by this event as we are. Be sure to follow us on our social channels to receive more information on Hope for the Holidays and watch the videos of those who are selected! You can also find more information about Culture Con online at www.counterculturediy.com

Feel free to leave a review and let me know how this episode resonated with you. You can also follow us on InstagramTikTok, YouTube and Facebook. Join our Facebook community, Counter Culture DIY artists support group, and don’t forget to follow us on your favorite podcasting platforms, and never miss an episode. Keep creating!

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