Meenal Raghava Comes to Our Corner
Meenal Raghava Comes to Our Corner

Meenal Raghava Comes to Our Corner

If you are trying to get back to your childhood creativity or miss the ability to sit down to craft without thinking about responsibilities, this episode is for you! You will love Meenal’s story, and I can’t wait for you to listen to the conversation we had today!
Inspiring topics we covered today:
  • An introduction to Meenal (2:18)
  • How Meenal went from a corporate job to a full-time artist (5:55)
  • Meenal shares the struggle of changing her role as a corporate mom (14:48)
  • How Meenal was introduced to resin art (17:14)
  • Meenal’s experience with commissions (23:16)
  • More insight on transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship (31:04)
  • How social media has helped artists (34:52)
  • Meenal shares two more valuable pieces of information (41:21)
I still can’t believe Meenal hasn’t been doing art her whole life! I hope this inspires you to get started if you haven’t already!
Are you thinking about transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship or in the beginning phases of it? Please send us a message and share your experience with us!
Connect with Meenal:

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