Set Back to Plunge Forward
Set Back to Plunge Forward

Set Back to Plunge Forward

Have you ever had something planned so perfectly that it had no choice but to succeed….but it still felt like it failed? Oh boy! Do I have the show for you today! It has been a week that has tried to stop me, but I am here with an encouraging message for the Counter Culture DIY community! 
Here are some of the uplifting topics covered in today’s episode:
  • Why today’s episode almost didn’t happen. (0:40)
  • What could be keeping us from creating? (4:13)
  • How criticism could have stopped me….but didn’t. (5:32)
  • Don’t let one negative comment set you back. (12:24)
  • My mission and why you need to stick with yours. (16:49)
I hope listening to this episode helped you as much as it has helped me! I feel even more peace after revisiting these trying times with you today! It is so important to give it a little gas when you come across a speedbump, but never doubt your drive and hit the brakes (Okay, if you are in a lowrider, you might want to give the brakes a little tap, but don’t turn around!). What is standing in the way of your mission today? Doubt, fear or lack of support? I want to hear from you!
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