If you want to add depth and color to your art projects, mica powder creates a beautiful, natural looking effect.  If you’re not using them on your artwork yet, you might be missing out. Mica powder comes from natural minerals, which are pulverized into powder, which is proven safe for home use. Here are some art ideas for mica powder:

Rubber Stamp

Mica powder is guaranteed to add sheen to your rubber stamp projects. Rubber stamp with mica powder is perfect for many craft projects. Just push the rubber stamp firmly on the ink pad, stamp the paper project, then cover the design with mica powder. Let the ink dry. Shake-off the excess powder from the design. Pour the extra powder back to the container. See the result- a stunning homemade paper project!


Mix mica powder with raw clay. Use as much or as little as you want, depending on how intense you need the color to be. Or, you can also apply it to your finished clay piece with a brush or sponge to give it a metallic sheen. Another effective way is to add this to the varnish, then apply it to the cured clay to turn it into a pretty, glazed piece.


With mica powder, you can paint beautiful designs on scrapbooking cards, decorative boxes, and other art projects. Put a small amount of mica powder in any acrylic or oil paint, mixing it thoroughly.


Mica powder is also a suitable colorant for liquid adhesives used for decoupage. Put some glue into a bowl. Then add mica powder until you get the desired color. Also, you can add mica powder into the clear glaze used for sealing decoupage projects.

Shimmer Spray

Take your art project to the next level by spraying it with homemade shimmer spray. Fill-up a spray bottle halfway with water. Add metallic paint into the water, then shake the bottle. Add 1tbsp. each of mica powder and glue, shake the bottle. Spray onto paper projects, flowers, fabrics, and other crafts to add a layer of sheen to them. Shimmer spray can make your art project turn into a masterpiece!


Our last (but not the least), is using mica powder with resin.  Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin mixed with mica powder is excellent for making stunning effects on tumblers, paintings, pours and so much more. Click this link to read more about using mica in your resin.

Mica powder is a very versatile ingredient that you can use in many art projects. If you want to make your work stand out from the crowd, mica powder is a must-have art supply.