A metal aluminum print is already beautiful by itself, but when you coat it with Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin, the result is spectacular! The resin elevates the level of glossiness of the piece and makes it look like a million bucks!

Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is the best resin that you can find in the market for the following reasons:

–    It gives a very clear epoxy resin effect on the artwork

–    It protects the piece from yellowing (unlike all other brands. Yup, we’ve tested them all!)

–    Safe for home use even without a respirator

Here are the steps on how to coat an aluminum print with Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin:

  1.    Clean the artwork using a dry cloth-you don’t want to start with a dusty piece!
  2.    Raise artwork using cups or wood block. Make sure to level it.
  3.    Mix Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin in 1:1 ratio. Mix the solution thoroughly to ensure that the resin and the hardener are properly incorporated (mix for about 3 minutes with a plastic spatula).
  4.    Pour the mixture at the center of the artwork. Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is self-leveling, meaning it will coat the surface exactly where you put it and at the same thickness. Spread the resin up to the edges.
  5.    Torch the resin to remove the bubbles.
  6.    Check for dust or hair. Should you find one, take it out using a toothpick.
  7.    Cover your work.
  8.    Wait for 24 hours to cure the resin.

Try Artist Resin on your aluminum print right now- you’ll love it!