Ask an Artist with Sandra Lett
Ask an Artist with Sandra Lett

Ask an Artist with Sandra Lett

We are so excited to bring you another featured artist this month! Sandra Lett is an amazingly talented artist who has also become part of the resin community. We had so much fun getting to know her better and can’t wait to share her story with you!

Many of you may already know of Sandra’s beautiful art from social media and our Artist Support Group on Facebook. But we wanted to know more about her as an artist and the person behind the art. Sandra’s story is one of strength, faith, perseverance, and healing through art.

For Sandra, the art is first and the business aspect of it is second. As much as possible anyway, we know that many of you can relate to how much the biz can take over the creativity. Sandra is a fabulous example of how to keep yourself centered and not loose sight of your artistic purpose! 

Ask an Artist with Sandra Lett

We asked Sandra to tell us a little bit about her family…

“I grew up in NC so I am a true southerner, southern drawl and all, ya’ll!  I am happily married to my biggest fan and best friend, Greg.  He has a grown son & daughter and 2 little grand-daughters.  I have 2 grown sons from my first marriage.  I was raised in a Christian family and I truly believe in good behavior, good values and in treating others the way you would like to be treated.  Also, I have a fabulous mentor who has also taught me the value of paying it forward and giving more than you get.  I try to practice that on a daily basis.  I am blessed with 3 wonderful sisters and I have lost both of my parents, and miss them dearly.”

And about her work life…

“I have been a self-taught artist for over 24 years, of which I was a decorative artist for about 18 years.  Rarely did I ever turn down a job, no matter how scary or daunting it may be.  I always BELIEVED I could do it, and always managed to do a great job.  I took up acrylic painting on canvas about 10 years ago and continued to do some decorative art as well.  I have done everything from faux finishes, murals, trompe l’oeil (fool the eye), floor cloths, painted fabric, decorative hardware, painted furniture, hand-painted tiles, and so on.  I have painted on anything that didn’t move!  I was very blessed to always have more work than I could handle. I have even flipped a house.  I joined a Christian creative mentoring group 4 years ago and that is when I fell in love with acrylic pouring and started my YouTube channel.  From there, I started my own Facebook group as well…. Sandra Lett’s Share Our Fluid Art and More!  I did that so that I could connect with the thousands of people in YouTube land who wanted to know me better and to show me what they were inspired to create.  I am happiest when I am helping others learn the beautifully, therapeutic process of art.”

Where she would go if she could go anywhere in the world, and why…

“Well, the only place I have been outside the US is the Bahamas.  Really, I’m kind of a home body.  I have been to many states in the US.  But, I would have to say that if it could be anywhere, probably a very warm and tropical getaway where there is white sand and clear blue water with tiki huts and tropical drinks and not a care in the world…  There is something so relaxing and healing about the ocean and listening to the waves.  Maybe Turks and Caicos Islands?  I have heard it is beautiful!  My stepson and his family are moving to Hawaii in the Army for 3 years; so I am absolutely looking forward to going there and seeing the beautiful water and land.”

Where she sees herself in 10 years…

sandra lett

“I hope to be doing exactly what I am doing now.  I will be 67 by then, so I am hoping my body will keep up with my mind!  LOL!  I do see myself always creating beautiful art in some form or fashion as long as I am physically able.  I have always had a successful business.  It is not always about money though.  I see myself possibly coaching people, giving them the confidence to pursue their dreams artistically (it truly is healing and therapeutic) and possibly being some form of a motivational speaker, maybe an author.  Who knows?  I let God lead me on the path I feel that He wants me to go.”

One of her strengths and one weakness…

sandra lett

“My strengths are that I am a fighter and survivor.  I have had a lot of trauma throughout my life and I truly believe that it just builds your character even though in the moment, it may feel like the world is ending.  I always rely on my faith to see me through.  We are promised that we will never be given more than we can handle and I firmly believe that.  My weakness, being vulnerable and maybe naïve sometimes.  It can lead to being hurt, which is not fun.  I like to see the best in everything and not to dwell on negative things.  So I guess my weakness is that I sometimes believe better of things than they may really be.  Oh… and I love sweets, especially cake!  LOL!”

How she got started with resin…

sandra lett

“I have been doing acrylic pouring for over 4 years.  I watched many artists take their pours and seal them with resin.  I personally used the cheapest resin I could find, and would end up making a huge mess.  I was always afraid I would ruin my paintings, so I stuck to varnish.  I have rarely resined paintings, but now I would not be afraid to do it like I was in the beginning.  I have seriously been using resin regularly for maybe about a year.  I was interested in fully 100% resin coasters and learning to make free-form resin pieces like bowls and such.  I also love to incorporate acrylic painting between layers of resin when I can.  I think that is something extra special!  Once I found Counter Culture DIY resin, I found out that even though it is always a bit messy; it is not as intimidating as it may appear.  If you have better quality resin; it will be much easier to accomplish what you love with it.”

How she balances her art, family, and work…

sandra lett

“Well, all the kids have left the nest for years now.  So my husband is an IT guy and loves to play video games.  That leaves a LOT of time for me to create art and play with resin.  I create usually at least an hour or more a day and spend a LOT more time posting all over social media and trying to interact with my fans, subscribers and friends.  I spend more time on editing videos and the “business” of art, than I do the art.  That is what it takes sometimes.  I love to relax and catch up on TV shows, movies, enjoy our beautiful yard and pool and take weekends here and there to get away.  So I always to make sure to have plenty of down time too, to relax and recharge.  That is very important.  I also love my church!”

How long she’s been working with resin…


“Like I said, roughly about a year now on a serious level.  I may have done a few random pieces the few years prior to it, but it was very rare and it usually was a mess.  I managed to salvage all the pieces I did, but they were a struggle.  I started following many uber talented resin artists on YouTube and Instagram and have learned so much from many of them.  They are my heroes!”

Her favorite project…

“My favorite project has probably been a few free-form pieces,  several bowls, and I made a pretty cool standing cylinder that you could put a small lamp or a larger LED candle in.  I like making things that are uniquely different from other peoples’ work.”

And her least favorite…

Probably one of the first resin pieces I ever did with cheap resin.  I remember it was stringy and a piece of plastic fell over the surface…I was coating a beautiful wooden lazy susan that I had done a gorgeous acrylic pour on.  I kind of slightly messed it up before the resin set up.  I had to do some sanding and another coat of resin.  It also had craters.  So, I was just ready to get it over with quickly.  I ended up getting it to look fairly decent, but it was pretty labor intensive.”

Her favorite CCDIY product…

“I have several favorites, but most importantly, the Artist Resin Medium Viscosity is my resin of choice.  It sets up relatively quickly and you can usually unmold within 8 hours or so in the area I live in where the weather is mild.  No other product works that well.  I also love the fact it is heat resistant to 500 degrees!  That is super important for coasters.  I also have a lot of mica powders and glitters that I love and I do believe that the Pearl Shimmer is my favorite mica.  It has a color shift bluish purple tint to it!”

Her must have tool for resin art…

“I would say a great torch, but a small one.   I could also list at least 5 other things!  LOL!  But there is nothing more beautiful to me in a beautiful resin creation than the lovely shimmer of micas. (Is that a tool?)  It just takes resin to another level in my opinion!”

What tip would you give to beginner resin artists? 

“Don’t start out trying to do a 3D flower bloom coaster!  Always start with 2 or 3 colors and maybe some glitter or leafing in the center and start with simple basic designs, then work your way up to the more creative end of the spectrum.  I can honestly say free-form resin poured out on a glossy piece of plastic is almost as easy as using molds; and then you make it into whatever shape you want it to be.   Also, after mixing your resin well (which is a great piece of advice) start a timer on your phone or nearby to stay within the proper working time of the resin you use.  If you don’t pay attention, you will regret it and accidents will happen.”

And anything else we should know about her or her craft…

“Like I said earlier, I have suffered a lot of trauma throughout my life.  Divorce; losing a husband, mother, great friends to cancer; an older son who has struggled with drug addiction for over 17 years now; and other things.  We all go through hardships. I can honestly say that art (any kind of art) is soooo super therapeutic for anyone.  It is proven to change the chemistry in your brain.  It also helps you release the thoughts that run through your head and just kind of escape, relax and get into the zone.  You just lose all sense of time and reality.  It is the best thing ever!  I highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you have been through any rough times.  And that usually means just about any of us.  If we all had more art in our lives…  we would be happier people!  Thank you so much for asking me to do this!  It brings a huge smile to my face and a warmth in my heart that is indescribable!”

The Wrap Up…

We are so grateful to Sandra for sharing her story with us. It’s so uplifting to hear where other artists come from and to learn from their journey. If you want to see more of Sandra and her art you can find her all over social media. This fabulous lady is busy, y’all! Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, and check out her website! You can also see what courses she teaches and sign up on her collection page. Wherever you find her you’re sure to be inspired, we know we are! 

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