Well, we cannot claim that our product can save the world from total devastation. But we can say that choosing Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is one of the best decisions that you can ever make. 

This is why.

Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is created by artists, for artists. It was designed to help you make your work become more stunning and be protected against harsh elements. At the same time, our products are safe to use even without a respirator.

There is nothing more frustrating for an artist looking at his work ruined by harsh external conditions. There was a time when even the “best” epoxy resins on the market turn artworks to yellow. This compels us to make our own brand and share it with our artists. 

First, we determine the best ingredient for our resins. Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is the result of several qualitative research of raw materials.  These ingredients are passed through vigorous tests to analyze their purity and durability. By doing this, our product allows us to achieve very clear resin that can withstand extreme conditions.

In addition, we selected the best light stabilizing additives to be able to consistently create exceptionally clear artwork. These ingredients also protect your craft against other problems that epoxy resins are prone to, like delamination, chalking, cracking and gloss loss. 

At the same time, our formula includes a UV light stabilizer that prevents yellowing. Unlike any other brands which only delay the discoloration, Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is effective against UV damage. It actually disrupts the yellowing process at the onset to a point where it can no longer re-occur.

We are also concerned about our users’ safety. In general, epoxy resins are harmful to your health. This is because many companies resort to using cheap ingredients to drive the production costs down. These cheap materials are toxic and don’t bind well with other ingredients. The result – these fillers are released in the air as noxious fumes and VOCs that attacks your respiratory system. These gases can be inhaled by your kids and pets, too.

Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is made from quality ingredients that have no cheap fillers or solvents. Our formula is developed to make each ingredient bind together; leaving nothing that can become toxic gases. It is non-flammable and has no strong smell. 

By choosing Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin, we guarantee that your health and your artwork are both protected.