CCDIY Sorbet Sunset Resin Tutorial
CCDIY Sorbet Sunset Resin Tutorial

CCDIY Sorbet Sunset Resin Tutorial

We have a fabulous tutorial for you today, resin friends! Jenn Ruoss Lamb of Beach Shack Designs is teaching us how to make an amazing sorbet sunset. All those beautiful colors and fabulous waves make for a gorgeous creation! 

Sunsets and waves are popular anytime of year but they really make us think of warm climates and summer time. Jenn has perfected this sorbet sunset look and has generously shared her process with us. Jenn is a certified CID who specializes in interior decorating, faux finishes, and more.

She started her work as a hobby, decorating pieces for her own home, but word of her craft spread quickly and blossomed into a successful business. It is easy to see why! Jenn obviously has an eye for color, texture, and all around beauty. She lives in Florida which has no shortage of beach and sunset inspiration.

Being based in Missouri, we are a little jealous but grateful that we can enjoy those beaches through Jenn’s art! Grab your Dispersion Colors and Artist Resin and let’s learn how to make a sorbet sunset, y’all.

CCDIY Sorbet Sunset Resin Tutorial

There are some fabulous wave artists in our resin community and Jenn is definitely one of them! To achieve that fabulous wave look all you need is white Armor Art, a heat gun, and some practice. The Armor Art, mixed with resin, is what gives those awesome cells and bubbles and gives a realistic wave look. Jenn has been working with waves for a while now so don’t get discouraged if it takes you a little longer to achieve the look you’re going for. Once you have tried waves and figured out your process though, you may never be able to let them go. They are so beautiful and so fun to do! 

sorbet sunset

In the video below Jenn uses this sorbet sunset method on a trivet. But you can literally use it on any surface that stands still. Serving trays, table tops, decorative items, Christmas ornaments…you name it and you can sorbet sunset it! If this is your first time trying waves, you may want to start with a smaller piece so that you can get the hang of it. That way you aren’t trying to control a big long line of them. And, if you aren’t happy with the results, it will be easier to start over. Chances are you’ll nail it the first time though, Jenn makes the process really easy to understand! 

Design Variations

As Jenn says, there are about a million different color combinations that you can use to achieve a similar look. Still more if you want to do just shades of water. There is something so serine about the colors that Jenn chose though. If you love them, you will find them listed in the recipe below. Another thing you could try would be to paint your board with a base coat of white before applying your layers. This would really make your colors pop! And oh those beautiful layers. You could of course use more or fewer depending on the size, shape, and look of your piece. The three layers in this beauty seem to be right on the mark though! 



CCDIY Sorbet Sunset Resin Tutorial

How to create a beautiful sorbet sunset piece
Yield: 1 trivet


  • Round wooden trivet
  • Painter's tape
  • Savory Dispersion Color
  • Flamingo Dispersion Color
  • Peach Dispersion Color
  • Sky Blue Dispersion Color
  • White Armor Art
  • Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin Medium Viscosity
  • Mixing sticks
  • Mixing cups
  • medicine cups
  • Protective gloves
  • Torch
  • Heat gun
  • Mica Powder Either white or the same colors as your sunset colors, or both


  • Start by using the painter's tape to tape off the sides of your trivet. Make sure that the top of the trivet has been wiped clean of any debris. Also be sure that the trivet is sitting level.
  • Next, mix a batch of Medium Viscosity Artist Resin according to the package instructions. Separate a small amount of resin into medicine cups, one for each of your colors. Add a little bit of each Dispersion Colors and the Armor Art to separate cups and mix to combine. For the first layer you want your colors to be as opaque as possible.
  • Start with the yellow and add it to the top portion of your trivet using your stir stick to spread it around.
  • Next add the peach right under the yellow making sure that they touch.
  • Then add the pink below the peach and then the sky blue below that.
  • Now use a gloved finger to blend the spots where the colors meet, wiping your finger between colors.
  • Next add a thin layer of clear resin below the blue and then use your torch on the whole piece to pop any bubbles.
  • Now add a semi thick line of the white right below the clear layer. Then take the heat gun and set it low. Warm the white line up a bit and then hold the heat gun at a 45 degree angle and blow the white up into the other colors. Then use the torch at the base of the white to add some accent bubbles. Let your trivet cure for awhile before moving on to the next steps.
  • Now mix another batch of Artist Resin and separate a small portion into medicine cups, one for each color. This time use less Dispersion Color, you want it to be more translucent this time. Add a little bit of mica powder to each one. You can use a color similar to your sunset colors and may want to use white mica to make the colors more pastel.
  • Then apply your colors in the same order as you did last time. Use your gloved finger to blend between the colors again. You don't need to add the clear layer this time. Then use the torch to pop any bubbles.
  • Next add another thick line of white to make another layer of waves slightly above your last one. Use your heat gun just like to did the first time to make the waves. Allow the resin to cure for a few hours before moving on to the next step.
  • Now add another layer of colors with mica powder like you did the in the last stage. When you get to the white, lay the line down slightly above the last line of white that you did.

The Wrap Up…

And that’s the sorbet sunset! Not only does it turn out beautifully, it is a fun and soothing creative process. Those of you who see art as therapeutic (which is probably the majority of us) will love this method. If you enjoyed learning from Jenn and want to see more of her and her art, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website. She creates so many different types of beautiful things! You can also find more awesome video tutorials like this one on our YouTube channel! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any new tutorials. Thanks again to Jenn for sharing her time and talent with all of us. We are so blessed to be part of a community that is dedicated to teaching each other and lifting each other up! 

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