Counter Culture DIY Colorants and their Uses
Counter Culture DIY Colorants and their Uses

Counter Culture DIY Colorants and their Uses

It is our passion here at CCDIY to bring you amazing products that fit all of your artistic needs. One of the ways we do that is by offering several different types of colorants. Each one is unique and designed for a specific use. Today we are talking all about Counter Culture DIY colorants and their uses!

As artists we know how important it is to you to get just the right color. Finding that perfect shade can make or break a project. Not all colorants are created equal and we are proud to bring you the highest quality available. No matter what type of artist you are, we have the right colorant for you!

Some are designed specifically to be used in resin. But they can also be used in just about any type of medium you use. We know that some of you are new to the CCDIY family so we wanted to introduce all of our Counter Culture DIY Colorants and their uses. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, you are sure to find something new to love!

counter culture diy colorants and how to use them counter culture diy colorants and how to use them

Counter Culture DIY Colorants and their Uses

To give you a better idea of what each of our colorants does and how to use them, we have broken down each category for you. And we have added pictures of some of the amazing creations that our artists have done using them. That way you will be able to really see them in use!

Dispersion Colors

counter culture diy colorants and how to use them

Sunrise Dispersion Color

Dispersion Colors are one of our most versatile colorants. They are a water based pigment made to disperse evenly into water or epoxy resin. They are also great for adding an opaque tint to your resin. Use these colors to make beautiful resin art paintings or add color to your casting resin.

Dispersion colors can be mixed with water and applied to our 3D Crete to make stone and wood textures come to life! You can also use it in your Culture Sculpt projects. Either mix it right into your combined Culture Sculpt or paint it on after you have sculpted it!

Dispersion Colors can be used in many ways including on your tumblers. Check out How to use Dispersion Color as a Tumbler Base Coat to learn more! 

counter culture diy colorants and how to use them

Artist Resin and Dispersion Colors, By Ann Upton

Armor Art

counter culture diy colorants and how to use them

Armor Art is specially made for adding cells and lacing to your artwork. It is a liquid pigment for epoxy resin and we have opaque, neon, pearl, and metallic options for each color. Armor Art is much loved by artist who create beach themed pieces. With a heat gun you can transform the Armor Art into amazing cells and lacing for waves. 

To see Armor Art in action, check out our YouTube video, CCDIY Sorbet Sunset Resin Tutorial. You will see how to use the Armor Art to form cells and lacing. And also how to use some of our other colorants at the same time! (P.S. we have tons of other fabulous tutorials on our YouTube Channel too!)


Artist Resin, Armor Art. By Emily Adams

Intense Colors

Intense Colors are similar to Dispersion Colors but with a much more fine pigment. Intense Colors are a unique colorant. These colors are a nano pigment–—So, what does that mean? Here’s an easy comparison: If most pigments used for color are the size of a basketball, our Intense Colors are the size of a pea.

So when the Intense Colors are mixed in epoxy you get a perfectly even color with no clumps or unmixed pigment. And you only need a small amount. One bottle can color several gallons of epoxy!

counter culture diy colorants and how to use them

Blue Sapphire Intense Color

Alcohol Inks

Alcohol ink supplies for resin art.

Alcohol inks can be used to tint your resin leaving it translucent. Or it can be dropped right onto your resin work. Alcohol ink is a fast drying, highly pigmented medium, which is used on non-porous surfaces.  These vibrant colors are great for a variety of techniques.

We have seen so many amazing creations from tumbler artists who use alcohol inks. You can brush them on or drip them on. You can also use a heat gun or alcohol to cause movement. With some techniques they take on the appearance of water colors. Alcohol inks are definitely one of our favorite colorants!

Artist Resin, Alcohol Ink. By Misty Leonard

Mica Powders and Pigment Powders

mica pigment

Mica Powders are an amazing way to add shimmer to your resin. They give a metallic look that adds beauty and dimension to your art. If you are looking to add shimmer and shine to your projects, mica powder is the way to go. Just mix it into to your combined epoxy resin and you are ready to pour. It can also be combined with other colorants and even glitter. Learn all about how to use mica powder in our post How to Color Epoxy Resin with Mica Powder

Pigment Powders are similar to mica in form and application. These powders are colorants in their boldest and most basic form. They radiate their colors and strengthens their luminosity when compacted. This pigment doesn’t lose its power over any light or dark background. Expect lots of color! They are chalk like in their consistency and their color is very bold. Like micas, mix them into your combined resin and then pour away!

mica powder in epoxy resin

Artist Resin, Armor Art, Mica Powder. By Kara Ivy

The Finishing Touches

So there you have it! We have so many fabulous colorants to choose from. And the color choices for each are out of this world! We have even added neon colors to some of our categories. An addition that has made a lot of you very happy! We will continue striving to bring you a large selection of amazing colors for you art. One of the things that we enjoy most is seeing what you create with them. Have fun creating, y’all!


Casting Resin, Dispersion Color, Painted Glass. By Liza Vaughn

You can find more awesome video tutorials like this one on our YouTube channel!

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