Easy Resin Storage Jar
Easy Resin Storage Jar
how to make an easy resin storage jar

Easy Resin Storage Jar

We absolutely love functionable art around here. Functionality allows you to mix even more lovely artwork into your home decor. Today Tanya Bankston of ResinateBR is showing us how to make a beautiful and easy resin storage jar. Y’all are going to love this!

Whether you are new to resin art or have been having fun with epoxy for awhile, you can make your own easy resin storage jar. You can’t tell by looking at all of the beautiful details in Tanya’s jar but she uses very basic resin techniques. With just a little bit of glitter and Dispersion Color, Tanya achieves a gorgeous look. 

And, since the pour for this mold isn’t thick, you can still use your regular Artist Resin. No Casting Resin needed for this mold. Just some goodies to add sparkle and shine! 

Easy resin storage jar

Easy Resin Storage Jar

If you are like many of us, you have a whole bunch of tiny things laying around your house. Maybe they are in piles, drawers, or random bowls and containers. In my house it was a junk drawer that was so cluttered and disorganized that I couldn’t find the things I needed when I needed them.

Paper clips, safety pins, push pins, etc. All those items that you know you have but get misplaced so easily. Personally, I could go on for hours about all the random screws that I find in the laundry and around the house. Seriously, where are these things coming from? They aren’t just unscrewing themselves from our stuff and going out for walks!

The problem is that I never know if the screws are important so I can’t toss them. But I also don’t want them just laying around. Same goes for safety pins and such. As soon as you get rid of them, you need them. So you keep them. 

Easy Resin Storage Jar

I say all that to tell you how excited I am about these adorable resin storage jars! My husband can scatter as many screws as he wants now because I can have a pretty little jar to keep them in. Need a twist tie? No problem! Let me just grab the beautiful resin jar that Tanya taught me how to make!

With cute jars to hold all of our tiny items, we can say no to clutter and yes to functional art! So bring on all those random things that have no homes. We have a home for them now.

Resin Storage Jar Variations

Tanya tells us which glitters and colorants she used to make her epoxy jar. But you can use absolutely any combinations that you want! You could make a whole collection of the same design. Or mix them up and use different colors for the different items you are storing. 

Tanya reminds us that the great thing about Dispersion Colors is that they do exactly what its name implies. They disperse themselves through the resin and glitter and give a beautiful wispy look. Other colorants would give different pretty effects. 

If you want to learn more about all our color options check out our post Counter Culture DIY Colorants and their Uses. There are so many different ways you could go with these jars. Just have fun and try new things!





Easy Resin Storage Jar

Yield: 1 Jar and Lid


  • Start by mixing your glitter. You want about 1/2oz total with the majority being Kitty and just a little bit of Blue Bonnet.
  • Now mix a batch of the Medium Viscosity Resin. You will need about 5-6oz total. Once your resin is combined, pour about 1oz into your glitter cup and about 1oz into a separate cup for your Dispersion Color.
  • Mix your glitter and resin together in their cup. Then add 3 drops of Dispersion Color to your other cup and mix it well to combine.
  • Now pour your glitter mixture onto the center part of the jar mold and let it flow down in.
  • Next pour the clear resin onto the center section of the jar mold just like you did with the glitter. Fill it almost all the way to the top.
  • Then fill the jar mold the rest of the way with your blue resin.
  • Now add the glitter mix around the outside edge of the lid mold. Then repeat the steps that you did with the jar portion of the mold. Allow your resin to cure at least 12 hours before demolding your jar and lid.

The Final Touches

Whatever you have to put in them, these fabulous resin storage jars are sure to make a great addition to your home. Or to your business page! A big thank you to Tanya for sharing her time and talent with us. It is always fun to learn how to make new things with resin. 

To see more of Tanya’s work you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram. You can also find her on her own YouTube channel where she shows us how to make many fabulous things with resin!

Easy Resin Storage Jar

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