When looking for a resin to protect your painting, photo, puzzle, or any other craft, you may be tempted to choose the most affordable brand. This may not be the best decision, as what you think is inexpensive could end up costing you a ton over time!

Epoxy resin has the tendency to change once exposed to UV light (which cannot be avoided in the first place!). Even when you display your work away from direct sunlight, artificial light sources like fluorescent light still emit UV rays. When UV light reaches the resin coating, it destroys the epoxy polymers, causing it to turn to yellow color. A lot of resins tend to follow this procedure unless they are processed to resist this natural phenomenon.

What is a UV Stabilizer and How Does It Work?

Many brands of epoxy resins in the market today contain UV stabilizer (aka UV inhibitor) which protects the craft against several issues including delamination, chalking, cracking, and luster loss. The truth is, UV stabilizer is effective against these problems but not on the yellowing issue. A UV stabilizer only delays the problem but it is not enough to totally eliminate the yellowing process.

The only way to prevent the yellowing problem is to use a resin equipped with Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS). Unlike a UV stabilizer, HALS disrupts the yellowing process at the outset, which prevents yellowing to begin. HALS has been proven effective in combating yellowing as shown by numerous test cases in more than five decades!

Artist Resin has both the UV and HALS stabilizer, meaning our formula is effective to combat the yellowing process. This is the reason why our product is your best choice to protect and beautify your artwork and craft projects for a lifetime! Any resin brand in the market which does not contain both HALS and UV stabilization tend to go to discoloration over time (typically after a few months to a year). A low-quality resin coating your artwork can decrease its value, leaving you and your clients frustrated. In this scenario, choosing a cheaper product can actually cost you more in the long run!

Artist Resin epoxy resin has been certified as safe for home use and contains no VOCs or fumes.