How to Make a Heart Shaped Trinket Dish
How to Make a Heart Shaped Trinket Dish
how to make a heart shaped trinket dish

How to Make a Heart Shaped Trinket Dish

It’s the time of year when the hearts come out in spades. Many of us are crafting for Valentine’s Day and looking for new project ideas. Today, Meg from Maker Magic with Meg Epps by Lyndly Groveis showing us how to make a heart shaped trinket dish. It’s beautiful and also simple to make!

One hang up I have always had about Valentine’s Day gifts and decor is that they are only really out for a few weeks a year. But this Valentine’s Day craft idea is one that can be used and displayed all year round! In the video below, Meg shows us how to make a heart shaped trinket dish. It is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but also fits well with our everyday decor! So grab your Artist Resin and round coaster molds and let’s get creating! 

How to Make a Heart Shaped Trinket Dish

How to Make a Heart Shaped Trinket Dish

One of the things that we love most about this resin trinket dish is that it is as simple to make as it is elegant. This resin project only takes a few basic supplies. And the process is very simple. Which makes it perfect for both experienced resin artists and for beginners. Meg explains that you don’t need to have collected a large stash of supplies to make beautiful things with resin. She reminds resin artists who are just starting out to remember that it takes awhile to build up a large supply collection.

It takes most of us months and years to compile our stores of supplies. A little here, a little there, a big ole sale every now and then… eventually we find ourselves with the glitter walls you see in tutorial videos. But we all started out with just a couple bottles of resin and a handful of glitters. Meg says not to be discouraged if you don’t yet have everything you want to create with. You can still make amazing things with what you do have!

How to Make a Heart Shaped Trinket Dish

Simple Product Swaps for your Heart Dish

For this heart trinket dish, Meg only needed to use White Armor Art, White Alcohol Ink, and Thin Viscosity Artist ResinShe also used Flaxen Gold Mica Powder along the rim of her dish, but this step is optional. There are also several simple swaps that you can do so that you can make this cute trinket dish with what you already have on hand!

First off, you can use any of our Artist Resins for this. Meg typically prefers either Thin or Medium Viscosity for her resin projects. But traditional Artist Resin will work beautifully too. 

Another easy swap is in the colors you use. Meg was going for an elegant quartz look for her dish. So she used the whites for hers. But you can use any colors that you already have and love. If you want to see this same method using a different color combination, check out our post How to Make Rose Quartz Coasters.

How to Make a Heart Shaped Trinket Dish

Meg chose to line the rim of her trinket dish with gold. It really sets off the white and clear of the quartz beautifully! In the video below, we saw two different ways to add the gold. For one of her dishes, Meg painted the inside rim of her mold with gold mica powder. This gave her the gorgeous gold edging that she wanted.

For her second tray, she skipped the mica powder and used a gold paint pen to edge her tray once the resin was cured. You could use either of these methods. Or you could use acrylic paint, in gold or any other color. (Rick’s Mix is our favorite, of course!) Another option would be to apply gold foil flakes to the edges. However you decide to finish of your heart dish, it’s sure to look amazing. 




How to Make a Heart Shaped Trinket Dish

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

how to make a heart trinket tray

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How to Make a Heart Shaped Trinket Dish

Learn how to make an adorable heart shaped trinket dish with epoxy resin.
Yield: 1 tray


  • Start by scooping some of the Flaxen Gold powder into a medicine cup.
  • Dip a small paintbrush into the powder and use it to paint the gold along the inside rim of your mold.
  • Then set the mold flat on the table. And use the rubbing alcohol and cotton swab to clean any excess mica powder from the bottom of your mold.
  • Next, mix up a batch of Artist Resin according to the package instructions. Measure equal amounts of Parts A and B. Then pour part B into part A and mix well for 3-5 minutes.
    Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of your cup as you go, as well as your mixing stick. This ensures that all of your epoxy will be well incorporated.
  • Pour some of the combined resin into a medicine cup. Add a bit of the white alcohol ink and stir it well. You want a milky translucent kind of white in this cup.
  • Pour a small amount of the clear resin into another medicine cup. Add three to four good drops of the white Armor Art to it and stir to combine. We want a really opaque white in this cup.
  • Swirl in enough of the milky white to cover about 2/3 of the bottom of your mold. Then use clear resin to go over top of it and fill in the bottom of the mold.
  • Use your heat gun to pop the bubbles that have risen to the surface. This will also move your resins around a bit.
  • Next, take the resin mixed with Armor Art and a glitter spoon. Use the spoon to add stringy drizzles of the white across the mold. Meg did a combination of thicker and thinner lines.
  • Now use the heat gun to pop bubbles and gently move the colors if you want to. As Meg points out, the intention here is to create the look of quartz. So you want it to look really organic.
  • Add another layer or two of the drizzles. This will give the dish more depth.
  • Let the resin cure for about 3 hours and then demold it.
  • Roll up small balls of parchment paper. Then mold your circle into a heart shape. Sticking your rolled up balls under the raised parts of your heart as you go. This is to hold it in place. Then allow it to continue curing.

The Finishing Touches

And that’s how you make an adorable heart shaped trinket dish! It’s a simple project that packs a beautiful punch. These trinket dishes make sweet Valentine’s Day gifts that can be used and displayed year round. Whether you go with the same elegant colors that Meg chose or use another pallet completely, these dishes turn out beautifully!

As always, a big thanks to Meg for sharing her time and talent with us. If you loved learning from Meg and want to see more of her creations and tutorials you can follow her on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube, and you can check out her Facebook group, Curious Crafters. You can also join her mentoring group, Maker Magic for extra information and support from two amazing resin artists! 

How to Make a Heart Shaped Trinket Dish

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