How to Make a Resin Stapler
How to Make a Resin Stapler
how to make a resin stapler

How to Make a Resin Stapler

We have a unique resin craft idea to share with y’all today! Mayra of Crafting by Mayra is showing us how to make a resin stapler with a pencil design. These cuties make perfect teacher gifts or a great addition to your product line up!

If you are a resin artist, especially a tumbler artist, chances are you have done some taping and painting at some point in your crafting career. Mayra uses the same techniques to show us how to make a resin stapler. Using UV Resin, alcohol inks, and beautiful glitters, Mayra transforms a boring old stapler into a resin pencil stapler that will make a great addition to any teacher’s desk!

In the video below, we see everything that Mayra used and all the steps she took to get to her finished product. The process is easy to follow and the results are fabulous! So grab your paint brushes and let’s get crafting!

how to make a resin stapler, how to make a resin pencil stapler,

How to Make a Resin Stapler

Most of the country is back to school this week. Getting back in to the school day routines can be a struggle. And, for parents, getting through all the paper work, making it to doctor appointments and orientations, and getting all the supplies is exhausting. As wild as this time of year is for us, it’s even more chaotic for our teachers.

They are doing paperwork, organization, and supply gathering for a whole classroom of kiddos. And often, they are parents themselves so they are juggling the same things we are, on top of their school year prep. All that to say, teacher gifts are already on my mind. Because these professionals are nothing short of amazing.

I would love to gift them all with a case of wine. Or clear their classroom wish lists. But, sadly, those options aren’t in the budget. But these adorable pencil resin staplers are! Which is part of why they are such a big hit with Mayra’s customers. And she is showing us exactly how we can make our own. Bring on the teacher gift giving season, we will be ready this year!

How to Make a Resin Stapler

Resin Stapler Base Coats

Mayra uses Brea Reese Alcohol Inks to maker her staplers. She loves the vibrant colors and the quick dry time. Mayra explains that, having made over 300 hundred staplers, she likes to move quickly when working on them. We can definitely understand that!

You can use alcohol ink for your staplers too. But you also have lots of other options! Pop of Color Paints, Dispersion Colors, or Rick’s Mix will also work great! 

How to Make a Resin Stapler

How to Apply Glitter to your Resin Stapler

Mayra uses UV Resin to apply the glitter to her staplers. Just like with the alcohol inks, UV Resin allows her to move quickly because it cures in minutes. It’s an awesome product and a fabulous way to apply your glitter. But it can also be a bit pricey. But there are other ways that you can apply glitter to your resin stapler!

-Mod Podge

Mod Podge is a standard in most craft rooms. Especially if you have been making resin tumblers for awhile. Many of you have probably used it to apply glitter to your tumblers and you can use the same method for staplers. If you use the Mod Podge to apply your glitter, paint it on just like Mayra does her UV Resin.

Then apply the glitter in the same way as she does. You will just need to wait 30 minutes between each color so the Mod Podge can dry. That way your colors won’t run into each other. 

-Pop of Color Shock Paint

One of our favorite ways to apply glitter to our projects is to use Pop of Color Shock Paints. The colors are gorgeous and they make the perfect base coats for tumblers. And now for staplers, too! The reason it is our favorite method is that it combines the base coat and glitter steps into one.

Nothing like saving time and money! All you do is paint it on as your base coat and then sprinkle your glitter right on it before it dries. And it dries very quickly! So it makes a good substitute for the UV Resin that Mayra uses to glitter her resin staplers.

If you want to learn more about using Pop of Color Paints to apply your glitter, check out our post How to Make a Waterfall Ombre Tumbler with Pop of Color Paint!

How to Make a Resin Stapler

So Which Method Should I Use?

The bottom line is, you can choose your glitter application method based on what you have on hand and how quickly you want to complete your stapler. Whether you use UV Resin to apply your glitter or you choose a different method, Mayra still recommends that we use UV Resin for our resin layers.

This is because when you use traditional resin, you need to keep your pieces spinning to prevent the resin from dripping or pooling. UV Resin cures so quickly that you don’t need to worry about that. If you have a tumbler turner and can adapt it to spin your stapler then you can definitely use Artist Resin for your resin layers. 

how to make a resin stapler

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How to Make a Resin Stapler

Learn how to make a resin stapler with a pencil design. It is perfect for back to school!
Yield: 1 stapler


  • Start by taking the top off of your stapler. It's a little hard to explain in words without being able to see the process. But Mayra shows us how to do this step in the video tutorial!
  • Once you have your spring and stapler bottom set aside, the top of the stapler becomes your canvas and you are ready to get started.
  • Give your stapler top a gentle sand. Just lightly smooth the surface. This will make it a more even and receptive canvas.
  • Next, clean the stapler with rubbing alcohol or soap and water and then dry it thoroughly.
  • Then paint the stapler with Cool White Pop of Color Shock Paint and allow that to dry. Mayra used spray paint for her staplers so that she can coat several at once. So spray paint is an option too.
  • Next, use a piece of painter's tape to section off the eraser portion of the stapler. Leave about an inch from the top for that section and put the tape under that.
    Smooth the tape down well to prevent your inks from bleeding too much.
  • Then use a small paint brush to paint the pink ink onto your section. Then remove the tape.
  • Next, leave a section for the silver part of your pencil and place a piece of painter's tape underneath that. Then paint that section silver.
  • Now tape off the other end of your stapler, covering the area that will be black. Then decide how wide you want your gold portion to be and put another piece of tape above it.
    Paint your gold area and then remove the top piece of tape. Keep the area that will be black covered.
  • Next, paint the large portion of the stapler yellow.
  • Then remove the tape and paint the end of the stapler black.
  • Now it's time for glitter! Use a paint brush to apply UV Resin to the pink portion. Then hold your stapler at an angle and sprinkle the Pink Ladies glitter over the pink area.
    Holding it at an angle helps keep the glitter from spreading into the other areas of your stapler.
  • Turn your stapler over and use the handle end of a paint brush to tap the stapler. This will remove any excess glitter.
  • Next, put the stapler under the UV Lamp for a few minutes to let it cure. Then repeat the same process with your other glitters, leaving the black for last.
  • Once your glitters are all on your stapler. Seal it with Quick Coat and allow it to dry.
  • Then apply a layer of UV Resin to the glittered portion of the stapler and place it under the lamp to cure. Then add a second layer of the UV Resin and cure that under the lamp too.
  • Then, clean up the bottom of your stapler and reassemble it.

The Finishing Touches

And that is how you make a resin stapler with a pencil design! They are so cute and a blast to make and gift. Mayra explains that the demand for these cuties far outweighs what she can supply. So don’t be afraid to make them to sell. Mayra gives good tips in the video about how to make the resin staplers in batches. Batching them allows you to make more staplers, more quickly.

And saves lots of time since you are only setting up each step once. Instead of for each individual stapler. A big thanks to Mayra for showing us how to make these resin pencil staplers. If you loved learning from her and want to see more of her work, you can find her on the socials and her website. She has a lot going on and you can see all her links here!

How to Make a Resin Stapler

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