How to Make Resin Pens: Epoxy Pens Tutorial
How to Make Resin Pens: Epoxy Pens Tutorial

How to Make Resin Pens: Epoxy Pens Tutorial

We have an awesome tutorial for you today resin friends! Kaelee from Kaelee’s Kups and Custom Gifts is showing us how to make resin pens. She gives us three fabulous designs that are perfect for getting you started on your resin pen journey!

Resin pens are all the rage right now. Resin artists are selling them like crazy and stores seems to be having a hard time keeping the pens we use for these creations in stock. It’s easy to see why they are so popular. First of all, they are adorable! And they are so easy to customize. Just like the tumblers that we know and love, you can add any style and any name to a pen. Kaelee is a talented resin artist who wasn’t sure about jumping on the pen train. But the demand for these portable beauties got to be too much to resist. Kaelee is showing us how to make pens in three unique styles. In the video below we learn how to make an ombre, leopard print, and waterfall pen with an icing drip. The results are ahhh-mazing! 

how to make resin pens

How to Make Resin Pens

Kaelee is a 25 year old business owner who also works in the mental health field when she’s not working on her business. Kaelee started learning about art and running a business at a very young age. She grew up watching her mom run her own jewelry business and started helping when she was little. Kaelee was 19 when her mom passed. She took over the jewelry business then and continued to run it for a few years. From there she gradually grew and moved away from jewelry. She learned about the tumbler and resin art world.

Kaelee says that, “While I don’t do jewelry as much, I still like finding little ways to add some jewelry touches in memory of my mom. She would have loved this art and all the sparkles that come along with it.” Kaelee’s favorite styles to work with are marble paints, plaids, and drips. She likes finding tips and tricks to make processes a little easier and loves teaching in general. Kaelee says she is an open book and loves inspiring others to be creative. We are so blessed to have Kaelee as part of our creative family and can’t wait for you to see what she has to teach us! 

Resin Pen Details…

Kaelee is showing us how to make an ombre, a leopard print, and a waterslide donut pen with drips. That’s three tutorials in one go. The nice thing about making these epoxy pens is that, while the process is basically the same as making tumblers, they go a lot faster. That means that you can be working on several styles at once. While one pen is drying, you can be working on another. Keeping that running balance is a bit like being a line cook in a restaurant. It’s tricky but, once you get it down, you will be super efficient and able to create many pens at once. We all know that the more efficient we are, the more products we can create. And more products means more money coming into your business. So, not only is Kaelee teaching us how to do pens, she’s also giving us tips on how to be more productive! 

A Bit of Advice…

There are a lot of steps, tips, and tricks to this tutorial. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean it’s hard! Kaelee gives us simple and easy to follow steps. We just want you to know that it is probably best to watch the tutorial before you get started on your pen making. That way you won’t miss tips that Kaelee shares to make things easier. It’s just like when you’re cooking and read the recipe through before you start so you understand the whole process. (It must be lunch time over here with all these references to line cooks and cooking recipes. Sorry if you hear a stomach rumble!) Regardless of how you go about diving into making resin pens, we are sure you’re going to love it! 


how to make resin pens

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How to Make Resin Pens

How to make beautiful resin pens in 3 different styles
Yield: 3 Pens



  • Start by taking your pens apart then remove the clip from the outside of the pen.
  • Next, use the electric nail file to sand down the nub that was left from the clip and then sand down the entire pen just like you would prep a tumbler. Wipe it off with alcohol to remove any debris.
  • Now put a tiny bit of petroleum jelly on the inside of the pens where they will meet the dowels. This will keep them from sticking to the dowel. Make sure that if you get any on the outside of the pen you wipe it clean.
  • Next use the 1/2" angled paint brush to apply the white Prime Time to the pens then allow them to dry. If you have a Styrofoam block you can stick your dowel into it while you're working. Clean your brush in water.
  • Use a damp paint brush to apply Tack it to one of the pens. Allow it to dry a bit while you work with the other pens. This will be the water slide pen.
  • Use your brush to apply Mod Podge to one of the pens and then shake your Gold Rush glitter over it. This will be the leopard print pen. Be sure to use a piece of paper to catch your excess glitter. Tap off any excess glitter then set your pen to dry.
  • Use your brush to apply Mod Podge to the last pen. This will be the ombre pen. Glitter the end with Gold Rush and then stand your pen up at an angle and tap the glitter on so that the glitter is thick at the top but starts to thin as it goes down. Tap off the excess glitter.
  • Next, use the Very Cherry and apply it the same way you did the Gold Rush but start from the bottom of the pen this time. Tap off the excess glitter. Allow this to mostly dry, you can use a heat gun to speed the process if you want to. Once it is dry apply a second layer of Mod Podge and glitter just like you did the first one. Set your pen aside to dry.
  • Now go back to your Tack It pen and cover it with Nova glitter. Use your finger to rub the glitter into the Tack It until it is nice and smooth.
  • Next add Quick Coat to the pen to seal it well before you put on the water slide. Let the Quick Coat dry for a bit. While it's drying go back to the pen you coated in Gold Rush and work on the leopard print.
  • Take the 1/8" paint brush and use it to apply Mod Podge in spots all around the pen. Then shake the Mocha Magic glitter on to the spots and tap of the excess. Tint a little bit of Mod Podge with black Dispersion Color and repeat the same process using Obsidian glitter to make black spots. Then set it aside to dry.
  • Now put the water slid into the warm dish of water. When it is ready start to peel back the paper while applying it to the pen. You can see exactly how Kaelee does this in the video. Use your finger to smooth out any water that has been left behind. Then add a layer of Quick Coat. Use Dispersion Color (the same color as your drip will be) to cover the tip of the pen where you will be doing the drip.
  • Now mix your resin. Kaelee uses Fast Set but you can use any of our Artist Resins for this. Measure 1/8" of an ounce of Part A and Part B and mix to combine them. Then use a gloved finger to apply a layer of resin to the glitter pens (not the water slide one).
  • Add the Dispersion Color for your drip to the remainder of your combined resin and stir it in. Add a tiny bit of Nice N Thick to thicken the mixture, stir to combine. Then add the mixture to the top of your pen and guide your drips to get then where you want them. Then add your sprinkles to the drip. Tap them down gently so they don't stick up too much.
  • When each pen has cured add another layer or two of epoxy to them allowing them to cure in between.

There are soooo many ways that you can make resin pens. Like Kaelee says, anything you can do on a tumbler you can do on a pen! In fact, we’ve seen some resin artists who are making epoxy pens to match their tumblers and offering them to customers as a package. Such a fun idea! If you loved learning from Kaelee and want to see more of her art you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. You can also see her hanging out with us and doing Live tutorials in our Facebook group, Counter Culture DIY Artist Support. We hope you love these resin pens as much as we do and can’t wait to see what designs you come up with! 


how to make resin pens


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