If you’re thinking of ways to customize your coasters, here is one for you.  This time we will look at how to use colored resin on wood coasters for different shapes, colors, designs and more. There are so many options!

To begin with, look for precut wood shapes online at CCDIY. It’s a good idea to seal the porous wood to prevent bubbles from forming while your resin is curing.  We recommend two thin coats of our Quick Coat.

Follow our instructions for mixing Artist Resin.  Separate the resin into cups and add colorants.

Pour your colored resin on the wood surface.  Using a popsicle stick, guide the resin until it covers the surface.  You can also tilt the wood and let the resin flow to get your desired look.  Check for bubbles, then using our recommended torch, apply heat over the surface. Be careful not to scorch the resin.

Cover the project with a box and leave it overnight.  The next day you will see the glass-like finish of our Artist Resin

That’s it, a simple way to decorate wood coasters with CCDIY Artist Resin.  Watch for more art projects on our Facebook and YouTube page.