You know that you’ve always wanted to be an artist. There is something about being creative that makes you alive- it’s in your body and it inspires you to keep going. However, being creative also comes with challenges. There are times when you are running out of ideas and you have bills to pay. Isn’t it great if you can turn your passion into an income-generating project as well? So how will you do that?

Let us show you how:

  1.    Embrace Your Creativity

There is absolutely nothing wrong if you love art than other people. Your brain is different- it is developed to appreciate art, unlike others. Don’t worry; it doesn’t make you a “ridiculous” person.  What’s ridiculous is when you are creative but you are not doing any art at all. Make sure to consistently feed your imagination with creative ideas then find a way to execute them. That’s what you call passion!

  1.    Practice Doing What You Love

Once you know what you are passionate about, practice doing it.  Take time every day to polish it. Maybe you have more time doing it when you were younger, but you became preoccupied with your job which made you forget about it. Now is the time to stop making excuses and reconnect with what you love doing again.

  1.     Keep on Learning

Believe that you can make a “career” from doing what you love. Learn something every day. Read art books and follow your favorite artists in their social media pages. Check YouTube and see how other artists are doing their craft. In other words, you need to surround yourself with resources to make you better on what you do. Be receptive to new techniques and materials as it will make you a more-rounded artist.

  1.    Talk to everyone

Tell your friends and your family about your passion and what you want to achieve with it. Maybe one of them can help you land a gig doing what you love, or recommend you to someone they know who can make your dreams a reality. Once you are confident in what you do, tell people about it because you really don’t know if one of them can bridge you to where you want to be.

  1.    Know Your Limits

Be bold and take some risks, but also know when to say “no”. You are human, you can’t do everything. For instance, if you are a resin artist but somebody wants to commission you for a charcoal painting (which is not your forte); you have the right to turn down the project. Never compromise yourself to the extent that you no longer enjoy doing what you are so passionate about.