How to Use a Waterslide on a Charcuterie Board
How to Use a Waterslide on a Charcuterie Board
how to use a waterslide on a charcuterie board

How to Use a Waterslide on a Charcuterie Board

Ready to get in on all the charcuterie board fun but not sure how to get started? Today, Ashley Lee of  Craft Crate is showing us how to use a waterslide on a charcuterie board. This is a simple and elegant way to dive into making your own beautiful boards! 

Hand crafted charcuterie and cutting boards have become increasingly popular. Resin artists and their customers are absolutely loving them! And it is easy to see why. All of the foods that rest atop them are divine. Charcuterie spreads are always welcome in our house! And, not only are they functional, they are beautiful to display when not in use. Decoration and function in the same piece? Yes please!

There are also a million and one ways that you can customize these lovely boards. Big or small, simple or elaborate, they are all fabulous in their own way! In the video below, Ashley teaches us how to use a waterslide on a charcuterie board. This method gives us simplistic beauty and there are tons of ways that you can make it your own.

So grab your charcuterie boards and your favorite waterslide transfers and let’s get crafting!

how to use a waterslide on a charcuterie board

How to Use a Waterslide on a Charcuterie Board

The requests from our artists for us to carry cutting boards that they could beautify with resin came in so heavily that we had to heed the call! Now you can grab one (or several!) when you are shopping the website. There are so many gorgeous ways to customize these boards. And that makes lots of us artists eager to work with them.

To make a charcuterie board similar to Ashley’s, all you need is a waterslide transfer, Artist Resin, Precious Metals foil flakes, and White Armor Art. It isn’t often that we find such a lovely resin project with so few supplies on the list. That is always a win in our book!

Using a waterslide as the main focal point of your board allows you to focus on other aspects of the creative process. You will be able to prefect pouring resin on a board and adding artistic details that add depth and dimension to your work. Once you have that down, you can try your hand at other ways of making them fabulous!

In the video below, Ashley shows us step by step how she made this beautiful board. But here is a sneak peak…

How to Use a Waterslide on a Charcuterie Board

Apply the waterslide

How to Use a Waterslide on a Charcuterie Board

Pour resin over it

How to Use a Waterslide on a Charcuterie Board

Swirl in White Armor Art

How to Use a Waterslide on a Charcuterie Board

Add foil flakes

Design Variations

We have seen many gorgeous charcuterie boards being shared by the artists in our Artist Support Facebook Page. So many designs and methods have been used to create uniquely beautiful boards. We love Ashley’s board and the techniques she used to make a wonderful gift for her Mother-in-law. Using the Armor Art creates contrast and interest to the piece. And the foil flakes bring shimmer that catch the eye when you least expect it.

You can add color and shine to your boards in other ways too! For added color you could also use Dispersion Colors or Alcohol Inks mixed into a bit of reserved resin and drizzled into the clear layer. For shimmer, Mica Powders are always a beautiful addition. And for shine, glitter is always something that we resin artists have on hand! It can be mixed right in with your resin. Or used to form borders or areas of interest.

And let’s not get started on the amount of waterslide options there are out there! From flowers to sports teams, you are sure to find designs that you love. The trouble will be narrowing it down and choosing just a few.

how to use a waterslide on a charcuterie board

More Charcuterie Board Ideas…

We love seeing all the designs that our resin artists come up with. Your creativity never stops amazing us! If you love the idea of working with these boards, here are a few other fabulous ideas we have seen:

  • Geodes: Not just for coasters and wall art, geode designs look beautiful on these boards too!
  • Acrylic Pours: We all know how much color and gorgeous movement acrylic paint and resin can create together. Poured onto a flat surface like a cutting board, they create a beauty and texture that is all their own!
  • Sunset Scenes: Using resin and colorant to produce sunset themes are always a huge hit. And a charcuterie board makes the perfect canvas for this method! Not sure how to do one of these? Check out our YouTube tutorial, Sorbet Sunset Resin Tutorial! You can use the same process on a cutting board too.
  • Water Scenes: Blending amazing colors to produce the look of an ocean is as rewarding for the artists as it is for those who enjoy the art. The colors are soothing and results are beautiful. Using Armor Art and a heat gun to introduce waves and movement to a piece makes it one of our favorite designs to see. And it makes wonderful decor for beach houses and beach lovers. Right down to the charcuterie boards! You can learn how to do a water and beach scene in this Resin Sand Dollar Tutorial!



How to Use a Waterslide on a Charcuterie Board

Learn how to make your own beautiful charcuterie board using a waterslide
Yield: 1 board


  • Start by taping off the bottom of the board so that no resin will stick to it when you pour it over the board. Then set your board on top of the plastic cups so that the resin can flow down and over the board. This prevents the resin from pooling around and under the board.
  • Next, position your waterslide where you want it on the board. Then use the tool it comes with or a squeegee to gently press the transfer onto the board.
  • Once your waterslide is smoothed in place, carefully peel back the transfer paper.
  • After the transfer paper is removed, lightly go over the waterslide with your finger to make sure it is completely smoothed down and there are no air bubbles.
  • Next, pour 15ml of Parts A and B of the Artist Resin into separate medicine cups. Then scrape each part into a silicone mixing cup. Stir them together well. Be sure to combine the resin thoroughly for 3-5 minutes, scraping the sides of the cup and stick to get all of it mixed in.
  • Now, leaving a little bit in reserve, pour the combined resin over the waterslide and the handle. Use your stick to smooth and spread the epoxy over the transfer and handle. Then go a little bit past the transfer and made a straight line to complete your resin boarder.
  • Once you have the resin all spread out, use the torch to pop any bubbles that have come to the surface.
  • Then add White Armor Art to the rest of the resin and stir it well to combine.
  • Next, drizzle the white resin over the handle and lightly over the flowers. Use your stir stick or heat gun to move the white around and through the clear resin.
  • Then use your glitter spoon to gently sprinkle the fine cut Precious Metals here and there to add some shimmer. Use the torch again to pop any bubbles.
  • Next sprinkle the chunky cut Precious Metals along the edge where your resin meets your board. Then drizzle a tiny bit of the white resin over it. This will help blend and cover that line while also adding beauty!
  • Allow your resin to cure and then add a final layer of combined Artist Resin to the part of the board you already covered. Allow that to cure and your board is ready to use!

The Finishing Touches

Charcuterie boards give us resin artists a whole other blank canvas to work our magic on. And there are so many ways to make them unique and beautiful. Using a waterslide is a fabulous way to make a board that is perfectly you. Or to customize one for a customer or someone you love. Ashley’s instructions make using this technique simple to grasp and use!

A big thanks to Ashley for sharing her time and talent with us!  If you loved learning from Ashley you can see more of her work and what she has going on. You may already know her under the former name of Truly Dvinyl! Catch her on Instagram. And find her on Facebook, in her private Facebook group, and her website. Wherever you find her, she is sure to be doing something amazing!

how to use a waterslide on a charcuterie board

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