How to Use Thin Viscosity Artist Resin
How to Use Thin Viscosity Artist Resin

How to Use Thin Viscosity Artist Resin

Our goal here at Counter Culture DIY is to always give you the best information and advice so that you can use our products with ease. We have been getting a lot of questions lately about our Thin Viscosity Artist Resin so today we are going to to answer them! 

Many of you have been asking what Thin Viscosity is, what it is used for, and how it’s different from our other Artist Resins. In this post we are giving you the dish so that you’ll be able to try it with confidence! For many of our resin artists Thin Viscosity is their go to resin. Artists who have tried it love it! But we know that many of you don’t know much about it and we want to fix that. So let’s dive in!

Thin viscosity artist resin

How to Use Thin Viscosity Artist Resin

In many ways Thin Viscosity is similar to our other Artist Resins. It produces that crystal clear glass like finish that we all love so much. This resin is still VOC free and highly UV resistant. It is FDA compliant and heat resistant up to 500 degrees. It also has that hard durable finish that our Artist Resins are famous for.

The difference with this resin is that it is thinner than our others. Our Artist Resin has a traditional thickness to its pour. Next is the Medium Viscosity which is slightly thinner. Finally we have the Thin Viscosity which is the thinnest. You may be asking, “Why do I need a thinner resin?”. The answer is that a thinner mix you give you fewer bubbles. Because the mix is thinner the bubbles pop more easily. We all know how great having fewer bubbles is! 

What to use it for…

Since the Thin Viscosity gives fewer bubbles it makes it the perfect resin for molds. We know that many of you are coaster artists and this is the best resin for coasters! You still have a similar work time (25-40 minutes) to our other Artist Resins but you won’t have to worry as much about those pesky bubbles which is so great when you are using molds. This resin is also great for trinket dishes, wooden trays, wine caddies, cutting boards etc.

Your colorant and glitter additives with still behave the same as they do in our other resins so no worries there. The only exception is that if you are using a heavy chunky glitter it may fall more than you are used to. Often using glitter can cause more bubbles but, if after you pour, you still see a few tiny ones don’t reach for the torch right away. Most of the time spritzing your resin with a little bit of alcohol will get rid of those bubbles for you! 

You can also use Thin Viscosity for some of your casting if you are doing it in thin layers. Remember that with any Artist Resin you want to keep your pours to 1/4 inch or less. This is a great resin for adding the multiple layers that makes resin art so fabulous. If you are a tumbler artist, however, we don’t recommend the Thin for you.

For tumblers you will want to use the Medium Viscosity or traditional Artist Resin. Below are some projects that are a great way to get you started using Thin, we hope you love them! If you are wondering how much resin you’ll need for these projects (or any others) be sure to check out our Resin Calculator.

Some Project Ideas…

How to make a decorative wooden tray

Using Thin Viscosity is a great idea when it comes to making decorative wooden trays. There are so many ways you can do these trays and this blog post will show you how to make one of these beauties for yourself! This method also works great for cutting boards and wooden signs. 


how to coat leaves with resin

This fun project is perfect for fall but can also be done at any time of the year. Learning how to coat leaves with resin will open up a whole new level area of resin art for you! In this post we teach you how to do it and Thin Viscosity would be a great choice for this project! 


how to preserve flowers in resin

Preserving flowers in resin is such a fun and beautiful project! Since these creations use molds Thin Viscosity is the perfect choice for them. There is no limit to what you can create using this method. Check out this post to learn how to use flowers in your resin art! 

The Wrap Up…

So that’s our Thin Viscosity! It’s perfect for any type of mold and wonderful for doing all those layers that make a resin piece so interesting. We can’t wait for you to try it out and watch the options for your art expand. This post should answer most of your questions but if you have more please let us know! We also love to see what you create with our projects so be sure to use #counterculturediy so we can check out your beautiful creations. 

If you want more inspiration and information we have a Facebook group for that. Join us in Counter Culture DIY Artist Support where we, and other artists, offer ideas, answer questions, and support each other!

Do you have an art project using any of our products that you want to share? Send it to us at [email protected], and we can feature them here!

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