Making Holiday Donut Bangles
Making Holiday Donut Bangles

Making Holiday Donut Bangles

The holidays are coming up quickly and it’s definitely time to get working on those holiday resin craft projects! Today we have a super fun project for you, we are making holiday donut bangles. These are super cute and super fun to make! 

Donuts have become increasingly popular lately and they are gaining ground when it comes to holiday decor too. In the video below, resin artist Misty Leonard of MD Leonard Designs is combining the best of both worlds and making holiday donut bangles for us!

Misty shows you step by step how to make these adorable bangles. She uses Nice N’ Thick to make her beautiful drips and adds winter sprinkles to give these bangles a holiday theme. Misty loves donuts and loves creating them, that means she already has lots of experience with these designs. This trend is perfect for her! Or, maybe she helped start it. Either way we get to benefit from her skills as she teaches us how to make these fun creations! 

making holiday donut bangles

Making Holiday Donut Bangles

Crafting for the holidays is a favorite among resin artists. It is so much fun to make gifts for your own loved ones and to be a part of other people’s giving when they order from your shops. There is also something so sweet and happy about all of the holiday creations.

These donut bangles are definitely no exception. There are several different ways that you can make this project. You can use any colors for your donut base and your drips and we have lots of adorable sprinkles that you can choose from. Misty shows you the techniques you need to get started and your own creativity can take it from there! 

These sweet bangles can be used is a few different ways. You’ll see that Misty turns some of hers into keychains and that’s a cute and fun option for sure! You could also stack them and display them as decor or wear them for fun. These could also make great Christmas tree ornaments and stocking stuffers.

Monthly mystery boxes and seasonally themed boxes are also gaining in popularity and these bangles would also make a great addition to them. However you decide to use your bangles we know you are going to love this project! 

A Note about Color…

The colorant that Misty uses for this project is our Dispersion Color. These colors are a perfect fit for this creation and work well for the donut base as well as the drips. We really like Dispersion Colors for the drips because you don’t need to use much at all and that means it won’t affect the consistency of your drip mix.

That being said, you also have other options! If you want to add some shimmer to your base or your your drips you could always add some mica powder to your resin mix and get that beautiful effect. Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to start with just a tiny bit of color and build from there. Obviously you can always add more but cant’ take it out once it’s mixed in. With the Dispersion Colors especially, a little bit goes a long way so start small. 

Holiday Donut Bangle Supply List

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Start by mixing 10ml each of both parts of the Artist Resin. Mix well to thoroughly combine. Next add your colorant and mix well again. Finally, add you glitter and stir. 
  2. When your resin mix is the way you want it, hold your mold at an angle and hold open the top to create a larger opening. Slowly pour your resin mix into the opening and allow it to drip down and fill the mold. When it is full set it flat and add resin mix if needed to make sure the mold is completely full. Allow the resin to set for at 24 hours. 
  3. Next it’s time to make the drips. Mix another batch of Artist Resin like you did in step one. Then, add a small scoop of Nice N’ Thick and combine, making sure to break up any clumps and mix until smooth. Continue to add small portions of Nice N’ Thick until your mix is the consistency you want. Finally, add in your Dispersion Color a little at a time until you get the desired shade. 
  4. Place your bangle on top of the bangle mold so it has something to sit up on. This will make it easier to work with. Next, use a mixing stick to slowly drizzle the drip mix onto the top of the bangle. You want a controlled drip so add a little at a time until you get a slight drip. 
  5. Finally, use the tweezers to add your sprinkles one at a time. Press them down a little as you go so they will stay in place. Now just let your bangle fully cure! When it is cured you can add the keychain elements or ornament strings if that’s how you’ll be using your holiday bangles. 

making holiday donut bangles

The Wrap Up…

And that’s that! This adorable project is actually pretty simple to do. The longest part (other than waiting for you bangle base to cure) is mixing the Nice N’ Thick. Other than that this is just good ole donut making fun! We hope you enjoy learning how to make these as much as we do. They will make a great addition to your own holiday decor or to the product line up for your business.

If you want to see more of Misty’s awesome creations and tutorials you can find her on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram! Also, we love to see what you create so be sure to tag us with #counterculturediy if you post your creations to Instagram! 

If you want more inspiration and information we have a Facebook group for that. Join us in Counter Culture DIY Artist Support where we, and other artists, offer ideas, answer questions, and support each other!

Do you have an art project using any of our products that you want to share? Send it to us at [email protected], and we can feature them here!

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