Making Resin Feather Earrings
Making Resin Feather Earrings

Making Resin Feather Earrings

We love sharing fun projects with you and today we have a great one! Kari from Kari Ohh & Co. is teaching us how to make beautiful resin feather earrings and you’re going to love them! Kari breaks down the process for us in easy to handle (and funny!) steps.

The resin artists in our community are some of most talented and most fun artists out there. We are so blessed to a part of such an amazing group of people! For this post we got to work with Kari to learn all about making resin feather earrings and it was such a delight. You’ll see how Kari’s energy and passion comes through in the instructions she gives for these fabulous resin feather earrings!

making resin feather earrings

Making Resin Feather Earrings

Kari is a fabulous resin artist who creates custom tumblers and art. She is dedicated to making pieces that people will take into their homes and love. Her favorite pieces to make are beaches, geodes, and tumblers. Kari has also been teaching classes on how to make tumblers and pour art for the last year an a half.

Her passion is helping other artists see that (when you know how to do it properly) it is easy to create beautiful things with resin! Kari loves working with resin and wants to take the guess work out of the process so other artists can love it too.

She says, “Nothing is worse than paying a ton of money for a medium and then wasting it all because you didn’t know the correct way to mix it.” Boy is that ever true! Even if you’ve been working with resin for awhile, there is still a lot we can learn from Kari. Starting with these fabulous earrings…

A Note about Colors…

Kari uses some fabulous colors for her feather earrings, we really love the way they turned out! And there is no limit to the color combinations you can try with your own earrings. Dispersion Colors are perfect for these pretties, just remember that a little bit goes a long way so start small. Another great addition for any jewelry piece is mica powder! Mica powder is a shimmery powder that adds a metallic shine to your art.

Mica powders add color and glimmer to your resin which makes them really fun for jewelry! You can even try different colors and sizes of glitters. Kari’s earring method is really great because the colors seem to come from behind that beautiful clear finish which gives real depth. To achieve a similar effect be sure to follow her directions when it comes to how to add the colors; but use whatever colors you like! 

How to Make Resin Feather Earrings

Learn how to easily make beautiful resin feather earrings.
Yield: 1 pair of earrings


  • Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin
  • Feather earring mold
  • Counter Culture DIY Dispersion Colors White and Cobalt Blue
  • Winchester mica powder
  • Sterling Snow glitter
  • Mixing sticks
  • Mixing cups
  • toothpicks
  • 99% isopropyl alcohol
  • Earring hardware


  • Start with resin that is 72-74 degrees. Putting your resin near a wall or a window can effect the temperature. If you're not sure if your resin is the right temp it's best to just grab a cheap temperature gun at Lowes or on Amazon and be sure!
  • Mix 7.5 ml of part A and 7.5 ml of part B for 15ml total. Exact amounts matter! I mix slowly for three minutes and then switch to a new container and mix for an additional three minutes. This will ensure that your resin is fully combined. Don't forget to scrape the sides and bottom as you stir! Do this every time you use resin and you'll avoid things like fisheyes, soft cures, waves, and a myriad of other common issues! 
  • Next, pour 7.5ml of your combined resin into a fresh container; this will remain clear. Divide the remaining resin into two separate containers. These will be for your colors. I chose Cobalt Blue and White Dispersion Colors but you can also use micas for this! I like the way that the white looks in these, especially if you use just a tiny bit to get that wispy white. *swoon*. Is there a fangirl thing for white wispy resin? If so sign me up! 
  • For your 7.5 ml cup of clear resin, dip a dry stick into some Sterling Snow and tap off lightly. Put the stick into the clear resin and mix to combine. This will add just a hint of snow shimmer into your resin. Not only will this make your clear resin look amazing, it will also help to hide any bubbles that appear. Plus, we all know you have some Snow sitting there just waiting to dust your entire room when you barley open the bag. We might as well let it fulfil its destiny. You're welcome. 
  • Let your clear mixture of resin exotherm (heat up on its own through the chemical reaction that takes place when mixing part A and part B together) until it is 86 to 88 degrees. This allows us to cut waiting time on the next steps. If you started at 86 degrees because you warmed up your epoxy before starting...way to follow directions, your high school teacher would say that at least you stayed consistent with your loose interpretations of the instructions. You cheated the system, just don't let it get too hot or it will be a sad day for your poor mold. 
  • Pour in your clear mixture about 1/3 of the way in your mold. Use a popsicle stick to help it spread to the edges. Let this sit until the bubbles rise. I usually wait about 10 minutes or so. This allows the resin to get thick so that the colors can float on top of the clear. Admire the Snow looking majestic. Didn't I tell you it would be glorious!?! I wouldn't steer you wrong.
  • This is when I usually add the colored pigments to the remaining resin. A tiny bit goes a long way with these Dispersion Colors! Add a little bit of White to one container and a tiny bit of Cobalt Blue to the other mixing each to combine.
  • Use one of your colors and dribble it onto the clear resin in your mold. Leave spaces where you can see the clear; this is where you will add your next color. If you do not leave these spaces your next color will get lost in the layering. Best to take it slow and add just a little at a time. Yes, I'm talking to you, the Rulebreaker. You went buck wild didn't you? No?...well...keep up the good work!
  • Drizzle the next color on top and cover more of the clear. I repeat this a couple of times until my mold is full. Anywhere that you see clear now you will be able to see through when you pull the earring out of the mold. Normally that's totally fine, but on this feather I find it looks better if you go all the way to the edges. Learn from my mistakes people. 
  • Wait a few more minutes and then use a toothpick to very lightly swirl the top. Do not dig deep into the design or you will end up pushing colors into your layer of clear. This part is optional. I always do it but I am not positive that it is absolutely necessary to achieve the overall look. Usually by this time I'm having so much fun that I can't stop fussing with it. Just remember you don't want to mess this up, you have to wear these in public. 
  • Next wait about 10 minutes an then spray 99% isopropyl alcohol to pop any bubbles. NO HEAT!! You heard me, step away from the torch. 
  • Resist the urge to touch these for a few hours. Pull them out early and you will regret it. They will be deformed and sad and even your grandma wont wear them (Unconditional love only goes so far, best not to test it.) I usually let them sit overnight, but 7 or 8 hours should be fine. If you're a super good kid you'll let them sit for 12 hours. 
  • Pull them out of the mold, admire your handy work, and add your hardware. If you are feeling extra caffeinated you can even take a paint pen and fill in the lines on the front to make the feather pop. I usually fill these in and then use alcohol to wipe off any excess so that the paint is only in the creases. Ta-Da! You made a thing! A pretty thing! Now go make more!! You can use this technique in other larger molds as well. It makes that bubbled effect that looks so fancy!

The Pouring Steps…

Making resin feather earrings Step 6: Pour your Sterling Snow resin mix filling your mold 1/3 of the way. Let it sit for about 10 minutes before moving on. 

Step 8: Use one of your colors and dribble it onto the clear resin in your mold. Be sure to leave open spots for your next color. 

 Step 9: Drizzle the next color to cover more of the clear resin. Now get ready for the really fun part! 

Step 10: After a few minutes use a toothpick to lightly swirl the top.

Step 12: And now we wait! 

The Wrap Up…

These beautiful earrings look like so much fun to make! The method Kari taught us is fairly simple but the results have so much depth and detail. Resin jewelry is getting to be really popular and we think that a lot of that has to do with how unique each piece is.

Not only is each item beautiful but you’ll never get the same one twice. If you’ve never tried making resin jewelry before, now’s your chance! If you loved learning from Kari and want to see more of her creations and lessons you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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