There are times when you want to coat your artwork thicker for protection and for aesthetic reasons. 

Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is self-leveling, meaning it can level by itself to 1/8” coating (that is way thicker than varnish!). But sometimes, this is not good enough. You might want to create a thicker coating if you need heavy-duty protection (for shipping) and if your client requests for it.

The first thing that you have to do is to make a barrier along the edges of the canvas. This will prevent the resin from spilling over the edges and letting it level naturally on the surface of the piece, creating a thicker pool than it normally does. A metal tape as a barrier is highly recommended- the thicker the barrier, the better.

Apply about one-fourth of the tape’s width at the sides of the piece, allowing the other three-fourths to stick up. Then fold the tape back onto itself to prevent the resin from touching the sticky side ounce poured. Slowly pour the resin at the center of the dammed surface, 1/8” inch at a time. This will let the bubbles escape properly. Wait for at least 4 hours for the first layer to completely set in, before you pour another layer on top.

Repeat these steps as necessary. After the resin is completely cured (about 72 hours), take off the tape and use a table saw to clean up the edges. 

Your piece will now be coated on a thicker resin, with superior luster and extra- protection against yellowing!!!