Most artists want resin for their projects. To be effective, the resin must be water-clear, UV resistant, heat resistant and be VOC free for your safety. 

What is resin by the way? Technically, a resin is a liquid plastic which hardens after a chemical reaction. Heat is produced when the resin is mixed with the hardener, which is why we have two-part resin kit. The heat causes the liquid part to harden. 

Qualities of a Good Clear Resin

Different brands of resin produce different results. Look for a resin that gives a high gloss quality, with superior clarity, hard finish, and resistant to heat and UV light. 

Resin Applications

Because of its glass-like finish, resin can simulate stained glass windows, whether clear or colored.  Coating pictures, memoirs, souvenirs, paintings or any other significant objects with resin a way to preserve their beauty. For aesthetic purposes, many artists use it to create a three-dimensional effect by pouring, and partially covering a lower layer of hardened resin with freshly mixed resin.

Resin has many uses. Different industries use this material for many projects. The clarity of this product is ideal to reproduce a replica of water in the gaming and entertainment scene (think of waterfall in the movies!). It is also being used to make car lenses for automotive restorations and making jewelry.

Before, resin jewelry was considered inferior in quality.  At present, there is a growing demand for resin jewelry because you can design almost anything imaginable. Jewelry artists are making resin gems with translucent clarity. Some add glitter to the resin and apply the mixture to the jewelry just like paint.

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