What Torch Does Counter Culture DIY Recommend and Why?
What Torch Does Counter Culture DIY Recommend and Why?

What Torch Does Counter Culture DIY Recommend and Why?

Using the right torch is very important because it makes the procedure easier and gives you the best result. The reason we torch our resin project is to get rid of those bubbles.

Many of our artists want to know which torch is very effective for our Artist Resin. To answer this concern, here is the torch that Counter Culture DIY recommends


Bernozomatic TS4000 and Camping Gas.

So why do we recommend these items in particular?

This torch is pressure regulated so it can be used inverted.  It ignites with the touch a button and goes off when you release it, or if you happen to drop it.  It has a “continuous flame lock” feature for when you’re doing larger pieces. It also has a lifetime warranty.  

Our resin is heat resistant to 500°. In order to penetrate the surface quickly, you need short bursts of high heat.  Propane burns hotter than butane. Although some get by with a culinary torch, if you have a problem with bubbles you’ll need propane. By applying less heat (butane/heat gun) for a longer time trying to reach the bubbles, you could scorch the resin.  It may also get thin or wavy and you still won’t reach the bubbles. Then you won’t have that beautiful glass like finish!

We’ve tried using other gas and other torches but this combination works best with our resin in our opinion. 

 Bernzomatic is available in many large hardware stores, Walmart, or on Amazon.

If you want to know more about this product, check out this video tutorial on our Facebook group – Counter Culture DIY Artist Support.


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