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Making Resin Feather Earrings

We love sharing fun projects with you and today we have a great one! Kari from Kari Ohh & Co. is teaching us how to make beautiful resin feather earrings and you're going to love them! Kari breaks down the process for us in easy to handle (and funny!) steps. The resin artists in our community are some of most talented and most fun artists out there. We are so blessed to a part of such an amazing group of people! For this post we got to work with Kari to learn all about making resin feather earrings and it was such a delight. You'll see how Kari's energy and passion comes through in the instructions she gives for these fabulous resin feather earrings! Making Resin Feather Earrings Kari is a fabulous resin artist who creates custom tumblers and art. She is dedicated to making pieces that people will take [...]

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How to Make a Valentine’s Day Gnome Tumbler

We are already seeing some amazing Valentine's Day creations from you artists. Today we want to share with you a design that is super popular this year: 3D gnome tumblers! Misty Leonard of MD Leonard Designs is showing us how to make a Valentine's Day gnome tumbler using Poxy Sculpt and it is just too darn cute!  When we see that our artists are producing beautiful new designs but are struggling to find the perfect products for them we try to make those products for you! That's why we developed Poxy Sculpt. It is a sculptable epoxy that is perfect for all your 3D art needs. It is especially wonderful for tumblers like this adorable Valentine's Day gnome tumbler! If you want to know more about Poxy Sculpt check out our blog post: Introducing Poxy Sculpt, All your Questions answered. In that post we tell you everything you need to [...]

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Introducing Poxy Sculpt: All your Questions Answered

One of our goals every year is to bring you the amazing new products that you've been asking for. This year we think we have definitely nailed it! Today we are excited to introduce you to Poxy Sculpt. It's an amazing sculpting resin that can be used for so many of your amazing resin art projects. We know you all have lots of questions and we want to answer them all!  So many of our talented artists have been making 3D tumblers, ice cream scoop toppers, and fabulously sculpted items. We wanted to come up with a product that would make those things easier for you. Enter Poxy Sculpt! We hoped you would be as excited about this new product as we are but you blew us away. Our first batch sold out within minutes of being released! Besides asking "when will you have it back in stock" you also [...]

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Easy Buffalo Plaid Tumbler

Buffalo plaid is a popular tumbler design but many resin artists are intimidated by the process. We are here to tell you that there is no reason to be afraid of trying this design! Today Beth from Midlands Vinyl is showing us how to make an easy buffalo plaid tumbler. Beth's method still takes some time but it's simple to do. In the video below she shows us exactly how to pull it off! This easy buffalo plaid tumbler is a perfect design for the winter months. Plaid flannel always gives off warm and cozy vibes which makes these tumblers especially popular for the cooler times of the year. Many of us use the traditional reds and golds for Christmas tumblers but that isn't the only color combo you can use! Beth uses shades of blue and white for her plaid and it turns out beautifully! Fall colors are also [...]

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Tack-it Method Peekaboo Mugs

One of the best parts of the cold winter months is warming up with some tasty hot cocoa! Today we are showing you how to make Tack-it method peekaboo mugs with a winter theme. They are as adorable as they are sweet! The peekaboo tumbler can be an elusive skill for those resin artists who haven't yet mastered it. Not to worry though! Vanessa from VMD Designs is sharing her Tack-it method peekaboo mugs with us and it is simpler than it looks. As with all resin projects there are several steps but, in her video, Vanessa breaks them down for us and makes them totally manageable! Vanessa is a talented resin artist who is also an amazing teacher. Whether you are just starting out with resin or you're a pro like she is, you're sure to learn something from her tutorials. If you are looking for an adorable winter [...]

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5 Must have Resin Tools

One of the questions that often gets asked my resin artists who are just starting out is "what tools do I need?" Today we are answering that question with a list of 5 must have resin tools. The tools of the resin trade can vary for many reasons. Some of it depends on what each artist creates; you won't always need the same tools for coasters as you will for tumblers. Another factor is preference. We all have our tried and true methods for creating our art. Some of us do things in similar ways while others have totally different methods. The list of 5 must have resin tools that we are giving you are the things that we can't (or won't) live without! We are also sharing a few of the tools that aren't necessary but sure are nice to have around! If you are a new resin artist [...]

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How to Make Snow Globe Pens

We are back with another awesome holiday craft tutorial! Today we are learning how to make snow globe pens with our CCDIY sprinkles and the results are absolutely adorable!  Holiday crafts are some of the most fun to make. These sweet snow globe pens are no exception! The best part, though, is that they can be customized for any holiday or occasion. Resin artist Danielle Myers of DAM Fancy Creations  is showing us how to make pens for Christmas and Valentine's Day but you could use any of our clay sprinkles and make them in any style that you want! Like many of our tutorials, we just want to share the method with you and then you can take it from there.  How to Make Snow Globe Pens Making these pens is a super quick and easy project. That means that you can make a whole lot of them. These adorable [...]

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How to Make a Gnome Tumbler

  Our resin artists never stop amazing us with their creativity and ingenuity! Today we are sharing how to make a gnome tumbler and the design is adorable and incredibly creative! You are absolutely going to love this project! Every holiday season we love seeing what all of you come up with for festive designs. As usual, this year you all have knocked it out of the sleigh again! We just had to share these adorable gnome tumblers with you and resin artist Char of Lion-S Designs was generous enough to share her process with us. Char was inspired by a gnome design done by fellow artist Trina of Mighty Mamma. She adapted the process to create these adorable tumblers! One of the things we love most about this community is how willing our artist are to share ideas while teaching and supporting each other. We are so blessed to [...]

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Making Poinsettia Coasters

Christmas is coming on quickly and we wanted to share another beautiful holiday project with you. Today resin artist Meg Epps is making poinsettia coasters and showing us how she does it. This is a fun and festive project we think you're going to love!  There is no shortage of amazing holiday resin projects but we think this one is really special. These poinsettia coasters are so beautiful and they can be used all season long! Meg Epps of Lyndly Grove is a talented resin artist who specializes in tumblers and coasters. In the video below, Meg shows us how to make these festive coasters along with some adorable poinsettia leaf napkin rings. Who doesn't love a bonus tutorial? We are giving you the step by step instructions for this project but it is best to watch the video to see how Meg works her magic. Words just don't do this [...]

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Ask an Artist with Misty Leonard

We are back with another Ask an Artist feature and we can't wait to share this one with you! Misty Leonard has been a part of our Counter Culture DIY family for awhile now and we are excited to help you get to know her better.  Many of you already know Misty Leonard of MD Leonard Designs from our Artist Support page on Facebook. Misty is so generous in sharing her resin skills with us! You can often find her doing live tutorials and answering artist questions. Misty is a fabulous resin artist who specializes in tumblers. Her experience and willingness to share her expertise has helped so many of her fellow artists. If you don't catch her live on the Artist Support page you can always subscribe to her YouTube channel so you'll catch all of her resin tutorials. Misty is awesome about answering questions about resin but it [...]

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New Mica Review

Resin art is only as fun as the things you put in it. Add a little bit of this or that and you have a whole new creation! Today we are sharing a new mica review from one of our fabulous resin artists. Lydia Lorraine of Bespoke by Lorraine shares her experience with Counter Culture DIY Mica Powders. We hope you love them as much as she does! Many of you are already big fans of the beautiful shimmer that mica powders provide. If you haven't tried them yet Lydia will tell you why you should give them a go! Mica is a natural powder that, when added to resin, gives a shimmery metallic look. It comes in a huge variety of colors and is a great addition to many resin creations. Looking for some ideas for how to use mica powder? We have a post for that too! There [...]

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Using Dispersion Color as a Tumbler Base Coat

Spray paint is one of the most used items in a tumbler makers tool box. We use it all the time for base coats and peekaboo effects. Did you know that it's not your only option though? Today we are using Dispersion Color as a tumbler base coat and the results are fabulous!  For those of us who live colder climates winter gives us some challenges with our resin art. For example, cold temperatures can make it hard to get out and spray paint a base coat. That's ok, we have a solution for you! Today one of our fabulously talented resin artists, Meg Epps of Lyndly Grove,  is showing you how to use Dispersion Colors as a tumbler base coat. Problem solved! This is a fabulous alternative for your winter tumbler creations and gives a beautiful effect to glitter tumblers.  Using Dispersion Color as a Tumbler Base Coat For [...]

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