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How to Make Valentine’s Day Lollipop Earrings

We are back with another fabulous earring tutorial for you! Tamara Simonson from Tamara's Timeless Pearls is teaching us how to make Valentine's Day lollipop earrings that are so adorable.  We can't believe that it is almost February already! Since the holiday of love is quickly approaching we are excited for Tamara to show us how to make Valentine's Day lollipop earrings. The process is fairly simple which makes it perfect for new resin artists or those who are just getting into jewelry making. Not to leave out our experienced artists though! These earrings are going to be loved by any and all. All you need is a silicone mold (more on that later!), Artist Resin, and some pretty red glitter and you will be on your way. So grab your closest box of Valentine's Day chocolates (tell me I am not the only one with a stock pile...) and [...]

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Snow Globe Tumbler Tutorial

We are back with another fabulous how-to resin project for you! Kaelee Rupell of Kaelee's Kups is giving us snow globe tumbler tutorial. The results are as fun as they are beautiful. She shows us exactly how it's done and all the materials she used so you can make your own snow globe tumbler! Kaelee's snow globe tumbler tutorial is so easy to follow. Kaelee uses our UV Resin, glitter, sprinkles, and mica powder to complete this project in a matter of minutes. That makes this a  perfect project for any artists who are new to working with resin. And of course for you veterans too!  It is also a project that is great to do with kids. Since there is no resin to mix (UV Resin is a one bottle operation!) there are fewer steps and mess which makes it a good one for your budding artists. We can't [...]

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Ask an Artist: Featuring Mayra Lizarraga

We have another fabulous artist to introduce you to! This week we got to chat with Mayra Lizarrage of Mayra Makes It. If you don't know Mayra yet you are in for a real treat! Mayra is a crafter at heart and loves creating. Her passion for her art and her community is palpable and contagious. We loved getting to know her better and know you will too! Mayra joined our artist community a couple of years ago and it has been so great to watch her art and her business grow. Mayra is one of the most genuine, loving, and positive people we know. The love that she has for her family, followers, and art is obvious and heart felt. Anytime you catch Mayra doing a Live you are sure to walk away feeling loved and encouraged.  Even when things are tough, Mayra chooses positivity and growth. She focuses [...]

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How to Make a Nutcracker Tumbler

We are so excited to bring you another fabulous Christmas tumbler tutorial this week! Heather from Countryside Tumblers is showing us how to make a nutcracker tumbler and it is so adorable! It is a classic split cup with a holiday twist. There is something so nostalgic about nutcrackers at Christmas. They are a classic holiday theme that never seems to go out of style. A big thanks to Heather for teaching us how to make a nutcracker tumbler. It is a great addition to your personal collection or your Christmas tumbler line-up. Or both! This little guy is so cute that you may want to make some for your customers and keep one for yourself! So flip on your holiday tunes or a Hallmark Christmas movie. Grab yourself something tasty to sip and let's see how it's done! How to Make a Nutcracker Tumbler The carved wooden nutcrackers in [...]

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Counter Culture DIY Colorants and their Uses

It is our passion here at CCDIY to bring you amazing products that fit all of your artistic needs. One of the ways we do that is by offering several different types of colorants. Each one is unique and designed for a specific use. Today we are talking all about Counter Culture DIY colorants and their uses! As artists we know how important it is to you to get just the right color. Finding that perfect shade can make or break a project. Not all colorants are created equal and we are proud to bring you the highest quality available. No matter what type of artist you are, we have the right colorant for you! Some are designed specifically to be used in resin. But they can also be used in just about any type of medium you use. We know that some of you are new to the CCDIY [...]

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How to Make Resin Christmas Ornaments with Painted Glass

We don't know about you but we are full swing into our Christmas crafting over here! Today we are excited to bring you a tutorial from Lynn of HellaMadella. She is teaching us how to make resin Christmas ornaments with painted glass. They are so unique and beautiful and we can't wait for you to check them out! When it comes to Christmas gifts, handmade items are always a big hit. When we know that someone has put their own time, talent, and heart into the gift they have given us, we can feel the love come through. Whether it is a card from the little ones in our lives or something more complex, these are the best gifts to get! Which also makes them the best gifts to give. We are learning how to make resin Christmas ornaments with painted glass and these beauties are perfect for gifting and [...]

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How to Make a Light up Christmas Wreath Tumbler

We have an absolutely amazing Christmas tumbler tutorial for you today! Holly from Southern Persuasion Company is teaching us how to make a light up Christmas wreath tumbler. And you read that right, it actually lights up! This tumbler is so fun and festive!  The artists in our community are constantly blowing us away with their creations. This light up tumbler is no exception! It took Holly some trial and error plus lots of creativity and ingenuity to get the design just right. We are so excited that she agreed to teach us how to make a light up Christmas wreath tumbler! Holly said, "This cup has taken lots of trial and error. I know I have shed some tears over it when I did the first one. A huge part of my battle was finding the right consistency epoxy for each step. CCDIY made that so much easier once [...]

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Ask an Artist: Featuring Kaelee Rupell

We are back with another fabulous artist feature for you! This time we got to learn more about one of the kindest and most hard working artists we know. Kaelee Rupell of Kaelee's Kups and Custom Gifts shared some of her story with us and we can't wait for you to get to know her better! Kaelee has been working with resin for four years now. But her creative journey started long before that. Kaelee learned all about creating and running a business from her mom whom she calls her "ultimate goofy craft buddy and inspiration". Kaelee's mom passed away when she was 19 and Kaelee took over her jewelry business which is how she got her start running a business on her own.  Since then Kaelee has expanded her business to selling lots of amazing things! All while working and helping to care for her family. She is a [...]

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How to Make a Hot Chocolate Christmas Tumbler

It is our favorite time of year again! When the weather says fall but our work rooms are beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We are starting out this season strong by bringing you a fabulous Christmas tumbler tutorial! Jessie of Sippin Pretty with Jess LLC is teaching us how to make a hot chocolate Christmas tumbler with an adorable whipped cream topper! Nothing says "holiday season" like hot chocolate and peppermint sprinkles. We are getting the best of both worlds while Jessie teaches us how to make a hot chocolate Christmas tumbler and topper! This Christmas cup has everything tasty. You will learn how to make the beautiful hot chocolate waterslide. See just how to make those fabulous chocolate drips. And how to achieve the scrumptious looking whipped cream topper. With some Culture Sculpt, Nice N' Thick, and a few festive sprinkles you will be on your way [...]

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Counter Culture DIY Glitter Review

By now all of you know that we have some amazing epoxy for your resin projects. But have you checked out our fabulous line of glitters yet? Today we are doing a Counter Culture DIY Glitter review and talking about all that glitters (whether it's gold or not)! Chances are that if you are a resin artist, you are also a big fan of glitter. Typically some of the only projects that our artists make without glitter are flower preservation pieces. Since glitter is such a big part of the resin art community we thought it was time for a Counter Culture DIY Glitter review. That way you can see each of our glitters in action instead of just on the website. Our good friend Meg Epps of Lyndly Grove did a 4 week series of lives where she showed off all the amazing glitters that we have available. You [...]

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How to Make a Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler

October is here and we are wearing pink! As a way of spreading awareness and showing support, we asked Courtney of Add a Bit of Bling Custom Designs to show us how to make a breast cancer awareness tumbler. She delivered with a tumbler that exudes strength and determination!  Breast cancer is something that effects women and their families every day of the year. Not just in October. But this is the month that we come together to raise awareness and offer love and support to the women who have, and continue, to battle. Courtney is showing us how to make a breast cancer awareness tumbler that we can proudly sip from while showing our support.  It is no secret that women are strong and resilient. And, when faced with challenges, we refuse to back down. Courtney's tumbler design says all of that but says it with glitter! For this [...]

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How to Make a Rose Gold Resin Pyramid with Casting Resin

We have a fabulous resin tutorial for you today! Katie from Resin in Bloom is teaching us how to make a rose gold resin pyramid with Culture Cast Casting Resin. This project is absolutely gorgeous, y'all! If you have been wanting to try your hand at preserving flowers in resin, now is the time to dive in! Katie is giving us all the info we need to make amazing resin pyramids with flowers. When you learn how to make a rose gold resin pyramid with Casting Resin, you will open up a whole new world of resin art options!  When we asked Katie if she would be willing to share her process with us, she went above and beyond! Not only was she more than willing, Katie also took great care in writing out all the steps and details. So we are going to turn this post over to her. [...]

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