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Ask an Artist: Featuring Kaelee Rupell

We are back with another fabulous artist feature for you! This time we got to learn more about one of the kindest and most hard working artists we know. Kaelee Rupell of Kaelee's Kups and Custom Gifts shared some of her story with us and we can't wait for you to get to know her better! Kaelee has been working with resin for four years now. But her creative journey started long before that. Kaelee learned all about creating and running a business from her mom whom she calls her "ultimate goofy craft buddy and inspiration". Kaelee's mom passed away when she was 19 and Kaelee took over her jewelry business which is how she got her start running a business on her own.  Since then Kaelee has expanded her business to selling lots of amazing things! All while working and helping to care for her family. She is a [...]

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How to Make a Hot Chocolate Christmas Tumbler

It is our favorite time of year again! When the weather says fall but our work rooms are beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We are starting out this season strong by bringing you a fabulous Christmas tumbler tutorial! Jessie of Sippin Pretty with Jess LLC is teaching us how to make a hot chocolate Christmas tumbler with an adorable whipped cream topper! Nothing says "holiday season" like hot chocolate and peppermint sprinkles. We are getting the best of both worlds while Jessie teaches us how to make a hot chocolate Christmas tumbler and topper! This Christmas cup has everything tasty. You will learn how to make the beautiful hot chocolate waterslide. See just how to make those fabulous chocolate drips. And how to achieve the scrumptious looking whipped cream topper. With some Culture Sculpt, Nice N' Thick, and a few festive sprinkles you will be on your way [...]

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Counter Culture DIY Glitter Review

By now all of you know that we have some amazing epoxy for your resin projects. But have you checked out our fabulous line of glitters yet? Today we are doing a Counter Culture DIY Glitter review and talking about all that glitters (whether it's gold or not)! Chances are that if you are a resin artist, you are also a big fan of glitter. Typically some of the only projects that our artists make without glitter are flower preservation pieces. Since glitter is such a big part of the resin art community we thought it was time for a Counter Culture DIY Glitter review. That way you can see each of our glitters in action instead of just on the website. Our good friend Meg Epps of Lyndly Grove did a 4 week series of lives where she showed off all the amazing glitters that we have available. You [...]

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How to Make a Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler

October is here and we are wearing pink! As a way of spreading awareness and showing support, we asked Courtney of Add a Bit of Bling Custom Designs to show us how to make a breast cancer awareness tumbler. She delivered with a tumbler that exudes strength and determination!  Breast cancer is something that effects women and their families every day of the year. Not just in October. But this is the month that we come together to raise awareness and offer love and support to the women who have, and continue, to battle. Denise is showing us how to make a breast cancer awareness tumbler that we can proudly sip from while showing our support.  It is no secret that women are strong and resilient. And, when faced with challenges, we refuse to back down. Denise's tumbler design says all of that but says it with glitter! For this [...]

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How to Make a Rose Gold Resin Pyramid with Casting Resin

We have a fabulous resin tutorial for you today! Katie from Resin in Bloom is teaching us how to make a rose gold resin pyramid with Culture Cast Casting Resin. This project is absolutely gorgeous, y'all! If you have been wanting to try your hand at preserving flowers in resin, now is the time to dive in! Katie is giving us all the info we need to make amazing resin pyramids with flowers. When you learn how to make a rose gold resin pyramid with Casting Resin, you will open up a whole new world of resin art options!  When we asked Katie if she would be willing to share her process with us, she went above and beyond! Not only was she more than willing, Katie also took great care in writing out all the steps and details. So we are going to turn this post over to her. [...]

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7 Fall Themed Glitter Tumbler Tutorials

Fall is definitely in the air! It's time to bring those fall tumbler designs to center stage. We are sharing 7 fall themed glitter tumbler tutorials that are perfect for ringing in the cozy season! The days are getting shorter and (in some places) the evenings are getting cooler. People everywhere are starting to grab their cozy sweaters and reaching for their fall tumblers. And some of those people are looking for new fall tumblers! We have a list of 7 fall themed glitter tumbler tutorials that will be perfect for your own cupboard or your fall product line. It's time to bring out your Counter Culture DIY Glitters and get those fall cups spinning! 7 Fall Themed Glitter Tumblers If you didn't already know we have a pretty spectacular glitter selection here at CCDIY! And we are showing you 7 ways that you can get your glitter on for fall. [...]

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How to Make a Pumpkin Spice Tumbler and Topper

Eeeek! Fall tumblers are some of our absolute favorites around here. So we are really excited to bring you another fabulous one today. Heather from Countryside Tumblers is teaching us how to make a pumpkin spice tumbler and topper. Heather is really bringing the fall feels with this beautiful set! We know that there are a lot of pumpkin spice fans out there! And even if you aren't much of a fan yourself, chances are that some of your customers are. Whether you make it for yourself or someone else, this set is absolutely adorable! We are so grateful to Heather for teaching us how to make a pumpkin spice tumbler and topper.  This set is a great way to welcome fall back to our land and to look super cute doing it! And the supply list may surprise you. It is actually pretty short for such a detailed design. [...]

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Fall themed Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler

With October coming on quickly we wanted to bring you a fall themed breast cancer awareness tumbler tutorial. Denise of Glitz and Glitter Creations is teaching us how to make this fabulous tumbler with a great cause! This fall themed breast cancer awareness tumbler is one way that we resin artists can help raise consciousness about breast cancer. "In October we wear pink" is definitely a true story. During the month of October, much of the country comes together to support those who have been affected by breast cancer. And most of us have either been directly or indirectly touched by it. Instead of being a time of sadness though, it is a month of strength and empowerment! Denise's beautiful tumbler is a great way to spread awareness and empowerment. We are so glad that she is sharing it with all of us! Fall themed Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler Denise [...]

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Ask an Artist: Featuring Kelley Norris

We are back with another fabulous artist for you! This time we chatted with Kelley Norris of Dixie Darlins. Kelley is a fabulous resin artist who specializes in all types of jewelry and tumblers. She is such a light in our community and we can't wait for you to get to know her better! Kelley sat down and shared part of her story with us. She started her resin journey by making a resin belt buckle and hasn't looked back since. She branched out into other types of jewelry and then got in on the tumbler making fun. Kelley is looking for ways to expand her craft further and to provide a supportive and informative community for artists! Ask an Artist: Featuring Kelley Norris We asked Kelley to tell us a little bit about her family… "I grew up in a small town about 30 minutes outside of my current hometown [...]

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Halloween Inspired Bubbly Cauldron Drip Tumbler

We have another awesome fall tumbler tutorial for y'all today! Laura of Serene Design Company is showing us how to make this amazing Halloween inspired bubbly cauldron drip tumbler. Her bubbly drips are so amazing! This Halloween inspired bubbly cauldron drip tumbler is so much fun. It's reminiscent of striped witch's tights and obviously a cauldron brew. Laura is sharing her whole process with us so that we can make our own fabulous Halloween Tumblers. Laura uses a great method to make her stripes. She uses double sided tape of different sizes. Then the first layer of glitter sticks right to the tape. Gotta love a simplified process! Laura used Nice "N' Thick and Medium Viscosity Artist Resin to get those awesome drips. The half pearls are used to make the bubbles. The whole effect is ghoulishly gross and absolutely fabulous! Halloween Inspired Bubbly Cauldron Drip Tumbler Lauren's double sided [...]

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Fall Inspired Pressed Flower Resin Coasters

We are so excited about the fall projects tutorials we have been able to bring you. Today we have another fabulous one for you! Cathii LaPierre of Cathii LaPierre Art is teaching us how to make fall inspired pressed flower resin coasters and they are gorgeous! One of the things we love about these coasters is that they use flowers in two different ways. Not only does Cathii used pressed flowers in them, she also uses pigmented resin to make the coasters appear to be flowers themselves. And, did we mention those fall colors? They are so beautiful! These fall inspired pressed flower resin coasters are sure to make a great addition to your fall decor or product line. And you will have a way to preserve some of your favorite summer or fall flowers forever! You can absolutely use flowers from your own yard for this project. If you [...]

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Tips to Grow your Business: Pinterest for your Small Business

When it comes to doing business online, utilizing social media is an absolute must. Today in our Tips to Grow your Business Series, Katie Genrich of The Social Save is explaining how to use Pinterest for your small business. It's Pinterest 101, if you will! Katie Genrich is the founder of The Social Save , a social media management company that is dedicated to helping small business and nonprofits make a lasting and lucrative impact with their online presence. Katie is an expert on all things social media related but especially likes working with Pinterest. She is our own personal social media strategist and we are so excited to share what we have learned from her!  What Makes Pinterest so Special? Each social media platform has different aspects that makes it important to your online business. Katie explains all about how to use Pinterest for your small business and why [...]

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