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Mother’s Day Infinity Birthstone Tumbler

We have a fabulous project for you today that is perfect for honoring the mothers and grandmothers in your life! Resin artist Crystal of Majical Kreations is showing us how to make her beautiful Mother's Day Infinity Birthstone Tumbler. This cup is so pretty and oh so special!  Few things in life are more precious to a mother than her children. A good night of sleep or an uninterrupted shower can be a close second but those aren't easy to put on a tumbler! Crystal came up with this wonderful Mother's Day Infinity Birthstone Tumbler as a gift for her own mom and she is generously sharing her design with all of us. Personalized tumblers are always special but this cup takes personalization to the next level. Incorporating the infinity symbol and the birthstones of a mother's babes makes a gift that is sure to be treasured! For her mom's cup, [...]

Making a Resin Coaster Holder

We have had a bunch of fabulous coaster tutorials for you recently. So it only made sense to bring you a post about making a resin coaster holder! Follow along and learn how to make your own beautiful coaster caddy!  We've shown you how to make all types of coasters so far. From squares to geodes, from mosaic to flowers, and all sorts of other fun stops along the way. Today we are making a resin coaster holder that is the perfect way to house your beautiful creations! Meg Epps from Lyndly Grove is back with another great video tutorial to teach us how it's done. And her coaster caddy is absolutely stunning! We can't wait for you to check it out.  Making a Resin Coaster Holder Coasters are some of our favorite resin creations. If you like working with molds, chances are you have made coasters at some point [...]

Preserved Flower Earrings

Resin jewelry is some of the most beautiful resin art out there. Today we are bringing you a tutorial from Kirsten of AlleghenyMoonArts who is showing us how to make beautiful preserved flower earrings. You are going to love these fabulous earbobs!  Making resin jewelry is such a rewarding craft. It is a fun process and so great to watch your creations being loved and worn by others. These preserved flower earrings are especially gratifying. Whether you grow the flowers yourself or gather them, seeing such a beautiful part of nature captured in a fabulous piece of jewelry is awesome! Kirsten (aka Kat) has been working with preserved flowers since 2019 when her grandmother passed her the old flower press that she had used as a child. She began to dry wildflowers and flowers from her garden and use them to create resin art. Her first project was a set [...]

Making Rose Quartz Coasters

We have another awesome project from our coaster series for you! Meg Epps of Lyndly Grove is back and showing us how to make beautiful rose quartz coasters. We can't wait for you to see how they turned out! There are so many different types of coaster molds, and about a zillion different ways you can use those molds. Today Meg is showing us how to use our square coaster molds to make a rose quartz design. This method has such beautiful results! All the layers and dimension give these coasters a marbled look that is so elegant. Meg walks us through every step of the process and gives tips and tricks along the way. These coasters look complex but are actually pretty simple. If you are just starting our with resin or are nervous about trying coasters, this is the perfect project for you! And if you're a coaster [...]

Ask an Artist with Shay Livenspargar

We are back with another Ask an Artist feature. We can't wait for you to get to know artist Shay Livenspargar! Shay is a talented resin artist who is generous in sharing her knowledge and experience with all of us. If you are a part of our Artist Support Page on Facebook you may already know Shay of Shay Livenspargar Art and her wonderful contributions to the artist community. Shay is a full time mom and artist (we know many of you can relate to this!). She started introducing resin into her art a few years ago as a way to finish her canvas art work. Since then she has been experimenting with lots of other ways to use resin. Shay has been making tumblers for about three years now and is amazed by how far they've come in that time. When Shay isn't busy as a mom or creating [...]

The Importance of Positivity in the Artist Community

We are so blessed to be part of such an amazing artist community. We appreciate each and every one of you. Your contributions to our group and your support of one another is why we love this community so much. Sharing positivity with each other is so important to everyone's success and wellbeing and our artist are the best at it!   The online world offers many benefits. It allows us to find information quickly and to connect with loved ones and friends. In our case, it allows us to connect with artists from all over the world which would not be possible without the internet. These relationships are so important for artists and the opportunity to support and inspire each other is priceless. The ability to connect with each other instantly is a great privilege. And, as with any great privilege, it comes with great responsibility. Words are powerful things [...]

Making a Resin Flower Bowl

We have a fabulous project for you today artist friends! Meg from Lyndly Grove is teaching us how to make a beautiful resin flower bowl. This beautiful design starts as a traditional coaster then is molded into a fabulous bowl!  As resin artists we are always looking for new resin creations that we can try. We love this one because you can combine one process into two creations! If you're sitting down to make a whole batch of coasters you can use the same method and add these pretty resin flowers bowls to your line up. In the video below, Meg shows you exactly how it's done. You'll be on your way to making these little pretties in no time. When they are complete, these bowls can be used as trinket dishes, candy bowls, car key holders, you name it!  Making a Resin Flower Bowl One of the best things [...]

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How to Use CCDIY Precious Metals

We are continuing our pledge to bring you a whole bunch of new and amazing products this year. Today, with the help of Misty Leonard of MD Leonard Designs, we are introducing our Precious Metals! These shimmery, shiny pretties are so gorgeous and really fun to use!  When you know you want some bling for your latest creation but mica isn't exactly it and glitter isn't quite enough, chances are what you're looking for are Precious Metals! These babies pack a beautiful punch and have a shine and luster you won't find in any other product. These gorgeous flakes are made from real metals (copper, brass, aluminum, etc.) so their shine is unlike any other. Because they are made of real metal you'll never have to worry about them tarnishing or changing colors  in your creations. We can't wait for you to try these in your art work! How to [...]

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How to Make Resin Pens

We have an awesome tutorial for you today resin friends! Kaelee from Kaelee's Kups and Custom Gifts is showing us how to make resin pens. She gives us three fabulous designs that are perfect for getting you started on your resin pen journey! Resin pens are all the rage right now. Resin artists are selling them like crazy and stores seems to be having a hard time keeping the pens we use for these creations in stock. It's easy to see why they are so popular. First of all, they are adorable! And they are so easy to customize. Just like the tumblers that we know and love, you can add any style and any name to a pen. Kaelee is a talented resin artist who wasn't sure about jumping on the pen train. But the demand for these portable beauties got to be too much to resist. Kaelee is [...]

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How to Make 3D Flower Coasters

Resin coasters are one of our favorite resin crafts. They are so beautiful and so unique. There are a million variations you can try and today we are showing you how to make 3D flower coasters. Karen of MG Creations by Karen is teaching us how it's done and the results are gorgeous! Karen is a talented resin artist who specializes in badge reels and key chains but she has recently branched out into coasters. She has worked hard to perfect this flower style and is grateful to all the artists that she has learned from. The awesome thing for us is that Karen is a teacher by trade. And, being new to coasters herself, also knows what newbie coaster artists want to know. That makes her the perfect teacher for all of us! Karen breaks down this tutorial into easy to follow steps. She explains the hows and whys [...]

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Digging Deeper into Groups: Battle of the Boxes

There are a lot of wonderful groups out there for people who enjoy doing all sorts of things. There are also some amazing groups just for resin artists. Today we wanted to tell you about one of our favorites: Battle of the Boxes. If you're a resin lover and haven't heard about this group yet you are in for a real treat!  When it comes to supplies we resin artists are always on the lookout for a great deal. There's something so fun about snagging some of your favorite products at a discounted price. Christen and Christina of Battle of the Boxes make finding those deals even more exciting! During a Live event on Facebook, each of them has a box of fabulous products to show off and then they battle to see who can sell out of their box first. The real winner, however, are the artists who snag [...]

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Mosaic Style Coaster Tutorial

Coasters are among the most popular resin projects out there. Today we are bringing you a mosaic style coaster tutorial and the results are beautiful! Meg Epps of Lyndly Grove is showing us exactly how to make these pretties.  There are so many ways to make fabulous coasters. So many that we won't even attempt to list them all here. You probably already know the favorites: florals, druzy, geode...the list goes on and on. In the video below Meg shows us how to make a unique mosaic style coaster that is so sparkly and pretty! We love seeing new designs and this one is really fun! For this project Meg is using our painted glass and placing them into Artist Resin to get that mosaic look. She also shows off most of the painted glass that we have available so that you can see all that sparkle close up. Meg [...]

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