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Coating Leaves with Resins

The color-changing leaves are one of the highlights of the Fall season. There is a wonderful feeling walking through the foliage-strewn streets- almost magical to see fallen leaves everywhere! Leaves from Hazel, Oak, and Rowan trees are some of the most gorgeous leaves to collect and preserve for them to last all season. Today, I’m going to show you how to make wonderful leaf resin artwork using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin. Before we begin, have your leaves ready. Clean them first using dry cloth (don’t wash it with water). Take out the stem and put them in between the pages of a book overnight to flatten them out.  Mix together Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin in 1:1 ratio. Pour a shallow part of the resin in a round silicone mold. Torch the resin to get rid of the bubbles. Cover them and let the resin set for 30-minutes. You [...]

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Adding Glitter to Your Art Stamp Craft

Glitter creates a bolder look to any paper project. Today I will show you how easy it is to use glitters to completely cover a stamped image. In this project, you will need the following: –    a paper card with stamp art on it (preferably one with a borderline) –    memento markers(three colors of your choice) –    a quickie glue pen (excellent for applying glue even in tiny spots) –    Counter Culture DIY Glitter- It adds an explosive element to whatever I’m doing. I’ll be using three colors- green, yellow, and pink Now that you have what you need, let’s get started.   First, color the image with markers. You might ask why do we have to color them when you will just cover the picture with glitters?  Well, you want to color first because if you miss a little spot when covering with the glitter, it [...]

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Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder on Ink Clay

In our previous blogs, we have written reviews and ways on how to use the Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder. Mica powders are crystal-like powders that enhance and give shimmer on your artwork, creating more depth and professional-looking finish. For this blog, we will be showing you how to apply Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder with alcohol inks. This is actually a long process since we will be dealing with clays as well. Here are the steps and tips: You will need: -    Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder -    Ceramic Tile -    Polymer clay -    Alcohol ink Steps:   Set your ceramic tile on your work desk. Make sure it’s clean by wiping the tile with a clean cloth and spraying it with alcohol or water.   Get your polymer clay. In our testing tutorial, we used half of a block of polymer white clay. Use [...]

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Artist Resin Craft Idea: 2-Sided Heart-Shaped Project

Hi there! Today I am going to make a 2- sided resin art on a heart-shaped plywood pattern. This project is not for newbie resin artists because it is quite difficult. Despite the challenges, I am so impressed with the outcome that I am excited to share it with you.  First, you need to look for a heart-shaped plywood pattern with a hole at the center. I get mine from a hobby craft shop or an online store. For this project, I want to replicate an ocean pattern on both sides. If you want to have a different image on different sides, you can do that; or make both sides look like a continuation of the other half. The latter is more challenging because you need to create an image which looks like the ocean is running on both sides. In this project, we will do a slightly different image [...]

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Oops, I Overtorched My Resin Art!

When I was new in resin, I experienced overtorching two projects. Over torching means that I kept the torch too close to my freshly-coated rein or I held it for too long in one place. I knew that I made a mess when I saw smoke or burn marks after the artist resin cured. I also noticed the change of color (turning yellowish), dimples, or waves in some spots. It was frustrating to come up with a project different from what I wanted it to look like. Taking note from that experience, I come up with these techniques to avoid overtorching my succeeding projects: -    I always practice torching a sample project first. I do this to test for how long I should torch the real masterpiece. It should also tell you how far your torch should be from the surface. You don’t like to hold the torch super [...]

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Mica powder is an art tool and ingredient that is similar to watercolor or crayons. The difference is that it is a colored powder and is usually tapped over an inked or tacked design just like glitters. It is made up of natural crystals, so it gives out a shimmering effect on your art piece when applied. The Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder comes into tons of colors to choose from and is certified safe for home use. For this blog, we will be showing you three ways to use Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder in your artwork and the steps and tips on doing so. Here are the ways you can use it:   Tapping Counter Culture DIY Mica Powder  This is the easiest of the ways that we will be sharing in this blog. This is just as easy as tapping the powder over your sticky patterned design—more [...]

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What Are The Benefits Of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin?

Well, we cannot claim that our product can save the world from total devastation. But we can say that choosing Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is one of the best decisions that you can ever make.  This is why. Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is created by artists, for artists. It was designed to help you make your work become more stunning and be protected against harsh elements. At the same time, our products are safe to use even without a respirator. There is nothing more frustrating for an artist looking at his work ruined by harsh external conditions. There was a time when even the “best” epoxy resins on the market turn artworks to yellow. This compels us to make our own brand and share it with our artists.  First, we determine the best ingredient for our resins. Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is the result of several qualitative [...]

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Artist Resin Craft Idea: Coat an Acrylic Painting

Today, we are going to teach you how to use Artist Resin on acrylic painting. This is one of the most common applications of epoxy resin for artists. To avoid running on certain issues in the use of the resin, I’m going to teach you certain techniques that will make the process easier and more efficient. First, you need to prepare the painting. Clean it off using dish soap and a wet paper towel. I suggest that you have an extra painting on standby, which is smaller than your main painting. The idea is that you have another painting where you can pour the extra resin after working on the first one. Both paintings must be cleaned before going to the next step. The canvass has the tendency to collect the resin at the center. To resolve this problem, I supported the back of the canvass with a piece of [...]

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Making a Multi-Colored Resin Jewelry Using Artist Resin

Lately, I’ve been wondering what gifts I give to my nieces. They are growing up right before my eyes and I feel like I need to give them something really special. It turns out that they like jewelry, even the cheapest of sorts. They collect bracelets and necklace made from shells, beads, and stones. So I figured why not give them charms made from resin? I’m sure that they’ll go loco over them.  Supply list: Cabochon jewelry pendant silicone mold Cabochon jewelry matched earring silicone mold Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin Counter Culture DIY Dispersion Color Counter Culture DIY Intense Color Mixing cups, stir stix and gloves   Measure and mix 15 ml of Artist Resin Part A and B. Combine the mixture properly for at least 3 minutes.    Split the mixture amongst several cups. Drop Dispersion Color per each cup. Mix thoroughly.   Using a toothpick, add dots [...]

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Painting with Glitters for Kids

Kids love using glitters to add sparkle and shine to their artworks. For them, glitters bring magic to whatever they are doing. Glitters can be used in little amount if they only need some sparkle. If they want to make a bold statement, they need more glitters for their crafts.  In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use glitters in painting. This is a fun project which you can do alone or with your friends.  To begin with, you need to draw your own design. Here, I have a butterfly pattern with “I Love U Mom” writing below. I want to give this to mom for Mother’s Day that’s why I want to make this special. Use a pencil and lightly write the colors that you want for each part of the butterfly. For example, I’ll write pink on the wings, blue for the body, red on [...]

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What’s with Counter Culture: An Artist Testimonial

 “Ever since I’ve started using Counter Culture DIY Resin, my artworks have become more beautiful because its luster never fades”, says Anna Badidis, an artist who was struggling to find the best resin before she had her eye on our product. “I mean, it’s so easy to use and the end-result always amazes me and my patrons,” she added. Like most resin artists, Anna was once looking for a material that could help her protect and glamorize her work. She would always try any new product in the market, hoping that it would be the ultimate solution for all her resin-related woes. “Before using Counter Culture products, I ran through a lot of issues like cracking, gloss-loss, yellowing, etc. I’ve tried using almost all the brands that I could find but none of them worked”, she lamented. After discovering Counter Culture DIY Resin online, she used some of our products [...]

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How Can I Make Epoxy Resin Dry Faster?

There are scenarios when you wished epoxy resin could dry faster. You tried several measures to speed up the curing but some procedures didn’t work as expected.  As a general rule, epoxy resin dries faster in a hot environment. This means that working on a warmer room and letting it cure there will encourage the resin to cure quicker. Take note, however, that you need to keep the room temperature constant for the first 24 hours. A sudden drop of temperature can cause issues like the formation of dimples or fish eyes in the resin.  If you really need to get your artwork finish ASAP, there are safe and effective ways to cure the resin faster. Here are some dos and don’ts in curing the resin quicker! DO:   Increase the room temperature to 75-85 ºF/24-30ºC where the craft is curing. The temperature determines the curing time: the warmer the [...]

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