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How to Make Resin Jewelry: Our Favorite Pieces

Making resin jewelry is one of the most popular resin projects out there.  And that's for good reasons!  These creations are so much fun to make, wear, and gift.  We are sharing our favorite jewelry making projects and tips so you can join the fun too.  Crafting jewelry with resin gives us so many ways to be creative.  You can use glitter, flowers, name it! Sometimes all those possibilities can make figuring out where to start  a bit overwhelming.  To help you decide on your next resin jewelry project we have compiled some of our favorites.  Try one or try them all, each project has so much room for creativity and beauty! How to Make Resin Jewelry: Our Favorite Pieces Narrowing down our favorite resin jewelry projects was reeeally hard.  There are so many fun and creative ideas to choose from.  We know you are going to love these [...]

Resin Art for Beginners: 5 Things you Should Know

Creating with resin can be simple as well as rewarding! Resin art for beginners does come with a learning curve however. We are sharing with you the 5 things we wish we'd have known before starting on our resin art journey. We love working with resin and, most of the time, our projects turn out beautifully. But that hasn't always been the case. We were new at this once too. Many of us learned much of what we know through trial and error. We want to help you avoid the same mistakes we made so you can skip some of the frustration and get right to the joys of creating with resin! Resin Art for Beginners: 5 Things you Should Know 1. Measure, measure, measure! Did we mention measure? One of the most common mistakes that newbies make is not measuring properly. Of course you will thoroughly read the instructions [...]

5 Resin Craft Ideas: Perfect for keeping or gifting

There is no time like the present to get creating with resin. Whether you are new to resin art or a veteran looking for inspiration, get ready for some fabulous resin craft ideas!  Those of us who have been working with resin for awhile all have a go-to resin project. We love it, we have perfected it, and we will keep on creating it. But, we are also always looking for something fun and new to try and enjoy swapping ideas. The possibilities of creating with resin are nearly endless. This means it can also be a bit overwhelming. So, to help narrow it down for you, we have assembled five of our favorite resin craft ideas. 5 Resin Craft Ideas There are so many amazing things that you can do with resin. You can create beautiful jewelry and tumblers (those are whole other posts in themselves!) or use Artist [...]

The Difference between Artist Resin and Casting Resin

Have you found yourself with the perfect tumbler design or jewelry sketch in mind but get stuck deciding if you should use artist resin or casting resin to bring your ideal creation to life? We are here to help you determine which resin is just right for you to see your vision come to fruition! One of the questions we get asked the most is “What is the difference between artist resin and casting resin (Culture Cast)?” There are a few differences between the two resins and once you understand them you’ll be able to decide which one is best to use for your project.  Sometimes deciding between artist resin and casting resin has to do with personal preference but more often it has to do with which one is best suited to the project you have in mind. Both resins are FDA compliant and VOC free but you’ll need [...]

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Cloudy Resin – Why it happens and What to do About it

Whether you call it cloudy, milky, or foggy; you know something is off when your resin looks this way and it can be concerning. Don't worry, it is ok! We are going to tell you why it happens and what you can do about it. First of all, know that cloudy resin is totally normal so don’t worry! It can happen at different stages of use and for different reasons but most of the time the cloudiness can be reversed. Why it happens: Resin can look milky if its temperature is too low, there is any moisture in it, or if there are a lot of air bubbles from over stirring. When you mix the two part resin together it will often look cloudy in the beginning but will start to clear toward the end of mixing. What to do: You’ll want to keep the resin at its desired temperature. [...]

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Rick’s Mix from Counter Culture DIY Product Review

In the world of paint pouring, additives that enhance flow characteristics and aid in cell creation are plenty, and plenty confusing for beginner and inexperienced fluid artists! Pouring mediums can also get very expensive as you experiment with creating the perfect mixture through trial and error. Rick’s Mix is a one stop shop for fluid artists, beginner or advanced!  I wanted to test this product without any additional tools, such as acetate ( a flexible sheet of plastic used to swipe one color over another), that would promote cell creation. I wanted to see how Rick’s Mix worked with minimal effort and set up, and let me say, it was effortless!  Materials used:  Rick’s Mix: Cherry Blossom Red, Daffodil Yellow, Lapis Blue, Coal Black, Alabaster White Canvas board Two plastic cups Plastic tray for spillover paint  Paint brush (for edges) Tablecloth to protect surface underneath First impressions: I chose to [...]

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Acrylic Pouring Artist Rick Cheadle Spotlight

  We recently got a chance to sit down and talk to one of our favorite artists, Rick Cheadle. If you aren’t familiar with Rick, and his incredible artwork, you’ve been missing out. He describes himself as a life-long artist, who, like many of us, let life temporarily sidetrack us away from our passion, but ultimately has made art the center of his life. Here’s the full interview: Q. Why do you do what you do? A. Being creative has always been a driving force. It is what fuels everything in my life. Q. How do you work? A. Very erratically. I have wide intervals that can range from 12 -14 hour work days to 12-14 days off. Seriously. Because of my curious nature and love of learning new things, I get easily distracted & I'm not always mentally ready or inspired to paint. I also publish music and this is my muse at times. As far as painting, my motto is [...]

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The Importance of Art in Times of Crisis

There have been so many changes to our lives recently. All of us are finding ourselves needing to adapt to new ways of living, working, and communicating. We are also searching for ways to unwind, de-stress, and find a bit of peace as a way to combat the levels of stress that have become our new normal. While there is currently a lot of uncertainty and fear in our world there is also a lot of goodness and hope to be found. People all over the world are coming together to support and take care of each other in ways that are just as unique as the times we find ourselves living in. People in Italy are coming out nightly onto their balconies to sing together in a beautiful voice of unity. Others step out to applaud their healthcare workers who are bravely and selflessly caring for the sick. And [...]

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Why Artists Love 3D Crete by Counter Culture DIY

Are you looking for an easy way to add texture and interest to your art pieces? Do you long to add that something special? Are you ready to take it to the next level? Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. More and more artists are turning to 3D Crete because it’s easy to use and creates dozens of textures and unique effects quickly and easily. From resin geodes, to seascapes to creating barriers to keep your resin where you want it, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  So what is Counter Culture DIY 3D Crete ? It’s is a high strength, fast setting white concrete made to accept stains and topcoats with only a few hours of dry time.  3D Crete works great for sculpting, solid pours and creating natural elements like stone or wood.   Are you ready to learn more?  Let’s start by collecting the [...]

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How to Coat your Colored Pencils with Artist Resin

Coating your colored pencil art with Artist Resin is so easy!  It will also help preserve your artwork and gives it a beautiful glossy finish suitable for display. Let’s get started: Supplies:     Cradled Wood Panel     Colored Pencil Drawing     Spray sealer     Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin     Nitrile gloves     A Level     Measuring Cups     Mixing Container     Stir Sticks     Torch     Toothpicks Steps: Complete your colored pencil drawing.  Trim it to fit your cradled wood panel.   Seal your artwork using a spray sealant. Adhere it to the cradled wood panel with your preferred adhesive, let dry. Go to our Resin Calculator to determine how much Artist Resin you will need. Wear your gloves, and accurately measure part A & part B into a mixing container.  Mix for about three minutes, making sure [...]

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How to Coat Modeling Clay with Artist Resin

Coating modeling clay with artist resin is so easy!  In fact, you can also use Artist Resin to create a glass-like finish on many types of textured artwork. The cool thing about artist resin when used in modeling clay is that it take your 3D effect to the next level. It helps preserve your clay artwork to make it last for years to come. At the same time, it enhances the texture, color, and creates that glossy finish that is very pleasing to the eyes and to touch. So, let’s get started. Supplies:     Cradled Wood Panel     Modeling Clay     Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin     Nitrile Gloves     A Level     Measuring Cup     Mixing Container     Stir Sticks     Handheld Torch     Toothpicks   Assemble the clay art on the wood panel. You may want to draw [...]

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How to Make an Ombre Glitter Tumbler

Doing an ombré glitter effect on your tumbler is easier than you think.  The most important thing is to get a nice, smooth transition between your colors. Let’s get started.  Make sure your tumbler is clean and prepped. Put tape on the lower and upper rim of the cup if needed.   Apply your preferred adhesive. Now use two different colors of glitter, Very Cherry and Gold Rush, both can be found on the Counter Culture DIY website. Here are the steps on how to make ombré glitter tumbler: Position your cup in your hand and make it parallel to your working surface. Put a clean sheet of paper underneath to catch loose glitter. Sprinkle Gold Rush along the bottom portion of your tumbler. Tilt your tumbler at about 45° angle with the bottom of the tumbler tilted up. Sprinkle some more glitter. The angle will encourage the glitter to fall [...]

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