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How to Make Halloween Lights with Resin

The spooky season is right around the corner and we are having fun with Halloween projects. Today we are teaching you how to make Halloween lights with resin. This is a super fun project with adorable results! When it comes to Halloween decor there are so many great resin projects that you can do. We have seen our customers posting some of their amazing results online and we are loving them! We've seen adorable tumblers, creepy trinket trays, and spooky jewelry. Today we want to get crafty with some battery pack lights and our Casting Resin. The supply list for this project is pretty short and the finished product is so spooky and fun! Read on to learn how to make Halloween Lights with resin...    How to Make Halloween Lights with Resin We are giving you the basic instructions for this fun idea but there is a lot you [...]

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Introducing our Canadian Distributor: Em & Kat Glitter Factory

We are so excited to announce that, thanks to our new Canadian Distributor Em & Kat Glitter Factory, we are now able to offer our products to the amazing resin artists of Canada!  We are thrilled to be teaming up with Aimee of Em & Kat Glitter Factory and we want to introduce her to all of you. Aimee's company is named after her twin girls, Emily and Katie. They, along with Aimee's husband Richard, live in British Colombia Canada. Aimee has been a crafter for years but had a hard time finding quality craft supplies where she lived. Aimee's solution: find those craft supplies for herself and also offer them to her fellow Canadian creatives. Introducing our Canadian Distributor: Em & Kat Glitter Factory Like us, Aimee is committed to bringing high quality products to her customers. The customers of Em & Kat Glitter Factory range from the at [...]

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How to Make a Halloween Peekaboo Tumbler

Fall is coming on quickly and with it comes Halloween. We are showing you how to make a Halloween Peekaboo Tumbler that is perfect for the spooky season! Whether you gift it, sell it, or keep it this fabulous tumbler is sure to please.  Halloween is such a great holiday to create for. The themes, colors, and characters are so much fun to work with. This "Bad Witch Vibes" tumbler is a great example of that. Chrissy from Sugar and Spice Glitter Co. is one of our brand ambassadors and she is showing you how to make her Halloween Peekaboo tumbler. In the video below you will get the step-by-step instructions you need to make one of these beauties for yourself. Chrissy @sugarandspice.glitterco is a talented resin artist who has many other amazing resin tutorials you can check out on her YouTube channel.   How to Make a Halloween Peekaboo [...]

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Chad Booth Artist Feature

  Art is expression. Art is therapy. Some artists express themselves through texture, some through form, some through color! Some artists speak through a combination of the elements of art. Why do artists create art at all? It could be the process, the outcome, the reactions and/or recognition! For each artist the answer is unique. We asked long time artist Chad Booth his reason for creating art and his answer was nothing short of passionate: “I have always been creative with one medium or another. For me, color is the easiest and most best way for me to express myself emotionally and physically. For me, art has been an expression of my emotional growth” Chad’s beautiful artwork starts with color and then progresses as his creative mind visualizes the composition and design. He finds his inspiration from his environment, jewelry, nature and his personal thoughts and emotional connection with color [...]

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Ways to use Rick’s Mix

Rick’s Mix, a magical ready to pour acrylic latex paint with endless possibilities! Let me tell you about a few ways you can use it… On furniture! That outdated, hand-me-down end table that your conscious won’t let you part with, could use a budget-friendly makeover! Turn it into a statement piece with all of the colors of your choice, using Rick’s Mix. Not only is it therapeutic as you watch each color interact, creating abstract and whimsical designs, it’s also easy enough for any beginner! Rick’s Mix on furniture by Rick Cheadle Rick’s Mix on furniture + glitter by Rick Cheadle 2. On wood! 2019 was the trendsetter for hand-painted or printed, wooden signs that hung lovingly in your cozy household. Let’s kick it up a notch! Paint pours can create such an aesthetic background to paint on top of and Rick’s mix is a wonderful candidate for mixed media [...]

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Coating Leaves with Resins

Fall inspires so many creative art project ideas. The beautiful colors and textures lend themselves to amazing artwork. Today we are showing you how to make a beautiful fall project by coating leaves in resin.  As artists we can appreciate that nature is truly art in itself. Watching the leaves change from green to their autumn shades is truly a magical experience. For that reason, fall art creations always lend that comfy, cozy, magical feeling. Seeing those gorgeous colors while they are at their peak can be tricky. By coating leaves with resin, however, you are able to preserve those beautiful fall colors for seasons to come. We give you the step-by-step instructions you'll need to capture the beauty of your fall leaves in Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin. We have also included a video tutorial from one of our brand ambassadors: Heather of @artsymadwoman. Heather shows you how she [...]

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How to Make a Basic Epoxy Coaster Mold

If you’ve never worked with epoxy before, I know it can feel intimidating, but today I’m going to walk you through exactly how to create a fun – and super easy – project that is perfect for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros! So, grab your glitter, settle in, and let’s learn how to create a gorgeous epoxy coaster, sis. One of the really neat things about working with epoxy is that you can customize the look as much or as little as you’d like. Today I am going to be showing you how to create a coaster using a single color of glitter, but you can truly customize these to your heart’s content! Ready to get started? Let’s do this! Here’s what you’ll need: Epoxy (I’m using Counter Culture DIY’s Fast Set Epoxy) Glitter (I’m using Counter Culture DIY’s Pink Power Glitter) Silicone Mold (I’m using the Geode 3 [...]

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How to Make a Glitter Wine Glass

When it comes to resin art, glitter is king. You can use a little or a lot to add beauty and depth to your projects. Today we are sharing how to make a glitter wine glass that is sure to make your day!  Many artists prefer to give handmade gifts to the people they love. If this is the case for you, it is never too early in the year to start thinking about creating holiday gifts! That resin takes awhile to cure right? Today we are sharing how to make a glitter wine glass that would be perfect for gift giving. Whether you make one glass or a whole matching set, this is a beautiful and thoughtful creation! How to Make a Glitter Wine Glass There are so many reasons that people enjoy drinking wine. To celebrate, to pair with a delicious meal, to unwind after a long day, [...]

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Preserving Flowers in Resin

There are so many beautiful things that you can create using epoxy. One of our favorites is preserving flowers in resin. Today we are giving you the how-to on creating fabulous floral resin art! In the video below our Counter Culture DIY brand ambassador Heather (@artsymadwoman) shows you how she preserves flowers in resin. Heather creates all sorts of beautiful resin art but the medium she likes working with best is dried flowers. Heather gives simple step-by-step instructions that will teach you how to use dried flowers in your resin artwork.  Preserving Flowers in Resin One of the reasons that we love preserving flowers in resin is that, once you learn this skill, you can create so many different types of items with it. There is a growing trend of resin artists preserving sentimental flowers for their clients. Having your wedding or graduation bouquet preserved in resin has become very [...]

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Making Jewelry with Resin: Tips & Tricks

One of our very favorite epoxy projects has to be making jewelry with resin. There are so many types of jewelry and so many design variations to try. Today we are giving you some of our favorite tips and tricks for making beautiful resin jewelry.  When it comes to making jewelry with resin, there is no limit to what you can create. You can add all sorts of beautiful items and colors to your creations and design the to match any outfit imaginable. It is so much fun to wear jewelry pieces that you have created yourself. Gifting unique pieces that you have crafted with your own hands is also heartfelt and rewarding. Here are some of the things that we have learned along the way about making jewelry with resin:  Making Jewelry with Resin: Tips & Tricks Choose the Right Resin The depth of your jewelry project with determine [...]

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Uses for Mica Powder: Art Ideas

Mica powders are gorgeous, which is probably why they are rising in popularity among all types of artists. More and more often we are being asked about the uses for our mica powders. We have compiled some fabulous ideas for ways you can incorporate this natural shimmery powder into your art projects!  Mica powder is a glittery powder that is mined from mica stone. It's inherent colors are beautiful by themselves but often oxides will be added to obtain some brilliant shades. It can be added to a variety of mediums to give a look of shimmer and shine. Epoxy resin is obviously our area of expertise and we love to use mica in our resin projects. However, there are many other artistic uses for mica powder that you may want to explore. These beautiful powders provide a way to enhance your art projects no matter which medium you prefer! Uses [...]

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How to Make an Ombre Glitter Tumbler

Creating tumblers is one of the most popular DIY projects right now. Using glitter is a fun and beautiful way to make your tumblers unique. Today we are sharing how to make an ombre glitter tumbler, we know you will love the results!  It's easy to see why tumblers are so popular. Not only are they useful but there is no limit to the designs you can create! Here at Counter Culture DIY we love all things glitter so we wanted to share with you the step-by-step instructions to make your own glitter tumbler with an ombre flare.  How to Make an Ombre Glitter Tumbler Choosing the right type of tumbler to use for your project is very important. Stainless steel tumblers are your best bet because they will insulate your resin from the heat of hot beverages. Resin also adheres well to stainless steel and won't flake or chip [...]