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Tips in Packing Resin Art for Shipping

Many of our artists create a piece to give as a gift or sell to their patrons. When packing the item, it is important to use the correct materials to prevent the artwork from being damaged. Before packing your piece, keep the following tips in mind:   Ensure that the resin is fully cured (72 hours after the coating).   Work on a cushioned surface. Always wear gloves when handling your artwork (you don’t want your fingerprint to be shipped together with your piece!)   Use any of the following paper to wrap your piece: Glassine paper, parchment, butcher or kraft paper.   Wrap your artwork with padding material like polyfoam or cloth.   Put in a box and send. Check out these more detailed tips in packing small and medium pieces of resin art: Step 1: Wait for 72 hour curing time before wrapping the item. This is to [...]

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How to Make Glitter Tumblers

Tired of staring at your boring tumblers? Or you want to create a personalized glitter tumbler as a gift? Don’t worry, creating glitter tumblers is easy. Here is the step-by-step to have your own glitter tumbler: (Note: Estimated time working: 30 mins. Additional time for curing: 10 hours)  What you need:  Stainless Steel Tumbler Mod Podge Glitter Spray Paint Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin Electrical or Painter's Tape Rubber gloves, stir sticks, plastic cups Tools Instructions   Wash tumbler with soap and water. Dry it with a clean cloth. Make sure it’s dry before you go to step #2.   Apply tape on top and bottom edges.   Spray paint with your favorite color if you want to.   Apply a layer of Mod Podge glue on the surface. Make sure that all sides are coated.   Sprinkle glitters on the tumbler while the glue is still fresh.  Turn the [...]

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How to Redo a Glitter Tumbler

We are in unison in saying that the most frustrating part about being an artist is if you need to redo your work. Sometimes you need to your glitter tumbler because the item looks so ugly. Don’t worry; this happens to many new resin artists so you really don’t have to feel so bad about it. Stripping the coating in the cups can be very tiring especially if you don’t know the correct process. It feels like forever stripping the grease because they just won’t let go of the surface easily. Hopefully, these tips will help strip your cups in a breeze. Step 1: Set up the cup in front of a space heater for 5-10 minutes. Depending on the materials that you want to get rid of, you can extend heating the cups a little bit longer. Cups that are coated with paint, glitter, and epoxy need to be [...]

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How Artist Resin Protects Your Artwork?

When looking for a resin to protect your painting, photo, puzzle, or any other craft, you may be tempted to choose the most affordable brand. This may not be the best decision, as what you think is inexpensive could end up costing you a ton over time! Epoxy resin has the tendency to change once exposed to UV light (which cannot be avoided in the first place!). Even when you display your work away from direct sunlight, artificial light sources like fluorescent light still emit UV rays. When UV light reaches the resin coating, it destroys the epoxy polymers, causing it to turn to yellow color. A lot of resins tend to follow this procedure unless they are processed to resist this natural phenomenon. What is a UV Stabilizer and How Does It Work? Many brands of epoxy resins in the market today contain UV stabilizer (aka UV inhibitor) which [...]

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Common Problems in Using Artist Resin

Using our Artist Resin (and other resins in the market) can be frustrating at first. You might face certain issues with it and you don’t know how to go about them. Here we will tackle the five most common issues in resining that people run into.   Uncured, Sticky Resin There are times when the resin doesn’t settle in hard enough. It can happen to a few spots or to an entire surface. Most likely, the resin and the hardener are not catalyzing properly. Solution: Mix equal parts of resin and hardener (1:1 ratio). Mix them properly for at least 3 minutes, making sure that all parts of the container are scraped. Use fresh resin. When you order Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin online, we guarantee that our product is fresh. Its shelf life is 1 year if unopened and six months once opened. To fix curing problems: Scrape off [...]

How To Apply a Second Coat Of Epoxy Resin

In using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin, there are cases when you need to apply a second layer. The most common reason for a second coat is when your initial attempt is not good. It’s just frustrating to look at your artwork that is wrinkled, with fish eyes, and bumps here and there.  A second coating is necessary not just in repairing the damage but also when you want to make the coating thicker. When you realized that the first coat is too thin, you may want to let it cure first overnight before you finish it off with a second coat.  Whatever the reason is, whenever you’re applying a second coating, you need to sand in between coats. In technical term, sanding creates intercoat adhesion, which allows one coat of epoxy to adhere properly on another coat. If you don’t do the sanding, the two coats will not have [...]

Can You Be Creative?

Remember the protagonist in the movie “Ratatouille” who thinks he can’t cook until he sees a rat cooking? Sometimes, we are that pessimist cook. We think that we can’t be creative. For many, creativity is a give given to a special set of people only.  While it is true that some people are better in arts that the others, it doesn’t mean that creativity is an exclusive skill. In fact, psychologists point out that being artistic can be learned and honed. Here is what they say about the creative process: Step 1: Preparation At this stage, you encounter a problem. Then you think of specific plans on how to solve the problem. For example, you are given a blank sheet of paper. You realize that you want to make it attractive so you analyze what to draw, how to draw it, what colors to use, etc. Step 2: Incubation Here, [...]

How to Use Artist Resin in Making Earrings

Yes, you can make stunning earrings using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin and it is very easy. Imagine making your own golden earrings for less than $5.00 a pair! You can create geometric-shaped earrings by using small circle shaped rings and add embellishments using resin and metallic powder. Here are the steps in making your own earrings using Artist Resin: Step 1 Look for silver soldered jump rings. I prefer using 8mm in diameter posts and 10mm rings. To make sure that the base of the post is hidden from the front, use posts with pads smaller than the rings. Step 2 Use a translucent sealing tape where you can place the ring, push the rings firmly to make sure they adhere firmly to the tape. This is to make sure that the resin will not leak out. You can also fold the edges of the tape so that you [...]

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Glitter a Tumbler: Step-by-Step Procedure

It’s mesmerizing to look at a tumbler covered with sparkling glitters. If you think that only pro artists could do it, let me show you how easy it is to glitter a tumbler using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin. Here is the step-by-step process:    Using a one-inch silicon brush, apply a first coat of Mod Podge on the tumbler heavily. Then go back over it and take the excess off to have a thin, even layer.    Now, it’s time to apply the glitter. Start at the top and bottom edges since they are the parts where the Mod Podge dries quickly, then work your way to the middle. Tap off the excess glitters before allowing it to dry.    Before doing the second coat, brush off the glitter that did not stick to the cup. This is important because if you don’t do this, the Mod Podge will stick into the [...]

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Artists Resin Craft Idea: Resin an Aluminium Print

A metal aluminum print is already beautiful by itself, but when you coat it with Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin, the result is spectacular! The resin elevates the level of glossiness of the piece and makes it look like a million bucks! Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is the best resin that you can find in the market for the following reasons: -    It gives a very clear epoxy resin effect on the artwork -    It protects the piece from yellowing (unlike all other brands. Yup, we’ve tested them all!) -    Safe for home use even without a respirator Here are the steps on how to coat an aluminum print with Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin:    Clean the artwork using a dry cloth-you don’t want to start with a dusty piece!    Raise artwork using cups or wood block. Make sure to level it.    Mix Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin in [...]

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How to Glitter and Resin a Tumbler

There is always something magical about glitters that command attention. If anything that sparkles is your thing, then what a better way to glitter and resin stainless steel! In this tutorial, you will need the following: -    a not so expensive tumbler (since you’re just experimenting on it on the first try) -    Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin -    clear drying white glue -    foam brushes -    silver halo glitter ( this usually looks like a disco ball in a bottle) -    painter’s tape To begin, wash the tumbler with soap and water to remove the grease and dirt. You want to start with a clean surface. Put painters tape on both ends of the tumbler. The tumbler has ridges that can serve as your guide when taping the edges.   Start working with the tumbler facing horizontally. You can use wood blocks or Lego blocks to keep the bottle [...]

How to Make Your Photos Last Longer with Artist Resin

Photos bring great memories, which is why you want them to last almost a lifetime. Getting married or having your first baby is a milestone. What better way to celebrate life at these exciting times than to capture them through pictures. However, you realized that hanging your favorite images on the wall with frames is too boring. Not only that but the image quality deteriorates over time. For some reasons, you can see that the colors fade way too fast and there are tiny little dark spots taking over the entire photo. We hear you, this is quite frustrating. Let Artist Resin save your wonderful photos from now on. Here is how we can help you: First, clamp the print on a wood panel to hold on its place. Spray or spread adhesive on the panel. Make sure that you put enough glue on the wood so that the print [...]