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How to Make DIY Beach Themed Glitter Tumbler

I’m such a beach bummer…me lying on the sand, swimming for hours, reading my favourite book, munching light snacks while sipping lemon juice in my glitter tumbler! That’s my kind of weekend goal- so chill and gets me charged for the next days. Talking about glitter tumbler, I did an awesome beach-inspired cup a few months back. I want to make one more and this time, I will show you how to do it. Here are the things that you need: a tumbler (get yours online or at Wal-Mart) spray paint tumbler spinner ( you can make your own or buy an automatic spinner online) Mod Podge  Counter Culture DIY Resin Counter Culture DIY Glitter (three to four different colors) spray sealer brush  Let’s start doing our project.  Get your tumbler ready. Wash it with warm water and mild soap. Wipe the surface with tissue paper dabbed with alcohol. Add [...]

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How Will Artist Resin Improve Your Craft?

As an artist, how will Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin make your artwork more beautiful?  You have probably seen other artists coating their paintings or photos with epoxy resin and you marvel at the result. Their resin arts look vivid in a crystal-clear glass trapped in their own world - breathing life and timelessness. If you think that only seasoned pros can do that effect, you are missing on something. Creating artwork with a glossy finished can be done by anyone…including you. With the help of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin, you can transform your product into a higher level of workmanship. A coat of our Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin instantly increases the value of your work because the finish creates a more expensive appeal.  Aside from the aesthetic benefits, the coating keeps the colors underneath vibrant. The result is similar to an expensive looking UV glass that framers [...]

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How to Clean Epoxy Resin

This is one of the most common questions that our customers would ask us. To clean your artwork and maintain its luster, you need to treat the resin like a glass. Meaning, all you need is a clean cloth (chamois-a fabric used for cleaning cars is great!) and a glass cleaner (Mr.Muscle, Windex,etc.) Spray Windex to the cloth and use it to wipe your artwork.  If you want to know how to clean your tools (spreader, mixing sticks, and mixing containers) after use, just wipe the crap out with a paper towel. It is important to clean them off while the resin is still soft. It will be harder for you to take them off when they already settled in longer. In this case, you may need extra steps to get rid of them. First, you can go to a hardware store and ask for a special soap that can [...]

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Tumbler Tips: What You Need to Know

First of all, let me tell you that I’m not a tumbler professional. What I’m going to teach you are results of some failed test runs. I did a lot of research and watched many videos before I finally gotten myself into the groove.  Today I want to share with you important tips before we make the project. These pointers really helped me a lot. I never knew about them initially, maybe that’s why I messed up on my first attempts. Here are some of my tips:   Have your own working area. If you have a free space in your garage or somewhere else, that’s fine. However, you need to make sure that the room is well-ventilated. You need to let the air in but not a lot of sunlight. A warmer room helps in curing the resin perfectly.   Paint the surface of the tumbler with white or [...]

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How to Get a Thicker Resin Coating

There are times when you want to coat your artwork thicker for protection and for aesthetic reasons.  Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is self-leveling, meaning it can level by itself to 1/8” coating (that is way thicker than varnish!). But sometimes, this is not good enough. You might want to create a thicker coating if you need heavy-duty protection (for shipping) and if your client requests for it. The first thing that you have to do is to make a barrier along the edges of the canvas. This will prevent the resin from spilling over the edges and letting it level naturally on the surface of the piece, creating a thicker pool than it normally does. A metal tape as a barrier is highly recommended- the thicker the barrier, the better. Apply about one-fourth of the tape’s width at the sides of the piece, allowing the other three-fourths to stick [...]

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Chameleon Pigment | Counter Culture DIY

Looking for the best chameleon pigment for your artwork? Check out these amazing chameleon pigments from Counter Culture DIY.  What is Chameleon Pigment? Chameleon pigments are also known as color shift pigments as they can change their color depending on which angle you are looking at the item. Light reflection also makes the color appear lighter or stronger.  Chameleon pigments have a higher concentration of transparent flakes crystals coated with Titanium Dioxide.  Chameleon Pigment Uses There are so many applications of chameleon pigments and color shift powder to different industries, like the automobile, cosmetics, appliances, plastics, printing, synthetic leather, and publication of relevant documents such as banknotes, passports, etc.  A special type of pigment is popularly known as “Glow in the Dark” because they literally can glow in the dark. Not all dyes can light up in the dark though. As a tip, buy a small quantity [...]

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Tips on How to Coat Tumblers with Artist Resin

While we have articles suggesting the steps in applying epoxy resins, some of our customers want to share their tips on how they use our product properly. While using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin is easy, we acknowledge that many artists have various ways of making using it more effectively.  Here are some tips on how to coat tumblers with Artist Resin: Tip #1: Jefferson It looks like the resin adheres better when the room is warm.  Therefore, avoid turning on your air conditioning unit while working on your piece. If you will be working on a large number of tumblers, better invest in spinner that can hold them better. This way, it will be easier for you to work on different sides of the tumbler. Measure equal parts of resin and hardener. Stir the mixture slowly to prevent bubbles. Use a heat gun only as needed (when there are [...]

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Using Artist Resin to Display Instagram Pictures

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites where you post your favorite photos. These pics are beautiful as is but using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin can add more value to them.  Excited resining your most-liked pic in Instagram? You’ll need:   Counter Culture DIY 5x5 cradled wood panel   Your favorite photo   Ann Upton E-Course/Project Kit   Mixing container   Stirrer   Spreader   Paint (optional, to paint the sides of the panel) Print your picture in 5x5 size so that it could fit perfectly well with our Counter Culture DIY 5x5 cradled wood panel. If you want, you can paint the edges of the panel with a color that makes your picture stand out.  Using a glue stick, attach the print to the panel and press it firmly in place. Make sure that there is no air trapped at the back of the photo. [...]

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Artist Resin Craft Idea: Resin a Plaque

Okay, so you received tons of plaque recognizing your good deeds while you’re still at school. Good job on that!  Because of the great memories they bring, you want them to always look good as new. But do you see those cracks? They are starting to deteriorate unless you seal them with Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin. Give them some love and care by following these easy steps:   Clean the plaque with a dry cloth to remove the dust.     Use whatever you can find to raise the plaque above the table surface (plastic cups or wood blocks can do the trick). Make sure that the piece is leveled.   Measure 1 oz. each of Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin and hardener. Mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes. Make sure you scrape off the bottom and the sides of the container to incorporate the solutions properly.   Pour [...]

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5 Ways to Clean the Edges of Artist Resin Piece

One of the most overwhelming concerns we receive from our artist is how to clean the edges of an artwork. Over the years, we at Counter Culture DIY have developed five effective ways to smoothen the edges of a craft. Let’s check out these techniques and see what’s applicable to your situation:   Let the Resin Flow Down the Sides and Rub It In This is the most common technique and the easiest, too. Simply let the Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin run over the edges and rub it in and smooth it out using a gloved hand. We suggest that before starting with your work, it is a good idea to tape off the underside so that it will collect the drips which can be pulled off later on.  Make sure that when using this technique, your piece is elevated off the table so that the resin will not [...]

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Making a Resin Waterfall

Creating a miniature waterfall can be a beautiful addition to your desk. Or it can be a great gift for a friend as a keepsake.  For this project, you will need: Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin Mixing cups and stir sticks Gloves Scallop or cockle shells Clear plastic wrap Small rocks and pebbles Pipettes Hot glue gun Step 1 Choose three shells that are different in sizes. Using a glue gun, attach the biggest shell to the second largest shell, and wait to dry before you glue the smallest shell. Wait for the glue to dry then clean-up any extra threads of glue. Step 2 The pebbles and small rocks will act as your base. Start gluing them at the bottom of the biggest shell one by one.  Also, put some pebbles at the back of other shells to support the structure. Add pebbles into the empty spaces. Wait for [...]

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Tips in Packing Resin Art for Shipping

Many of our artists create a piece to give as a gift or sell to their patrons. When packing the item, it is important to use the correct materials to prevent the artwork from being damaged. Before packing your piece, keep the following tips in mind:   Ensure that the resin is fully cured (72 hours after the coating).   Work on a cushioned surface. Always wear gloves when handling your artwork (you don’t want your fingerprint to be shipped together with your piece!)   Use any of the following paper to wrap your piece: Glassine paper, parchment, butcher or kraft paper.   Wrap your artwork with padding material like polyfoam or cloth.   Put in a box and send. Check out these more detailed tips in packing small and medium pieces of resin art: Step 1: Wait for 72 hour curing time before wrapping the item. This is to [...]

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