How to Make Silicone Molds
How to Make Silicone Molds
how to create your own molds

How to Make Silicone Molds

No matter what type of resin art you specialize in, chances are you have worked with molds. How cool would it be if you could make a mold of absolutely anything you wanted? Well now you can! Kaelee of Kaelees Kups is showing us how to make silicone molds using Casting Silicone. There will be no end to the fabulous molds you can create!

One of the problems that resin artists tend to run into is that they envision something amazing, but can’t always figure out how to bring it into existence. Using a 3D medium like resin means that the tools you need to bring your vision to life aren’t always available on the market. But, that is where the ingenuity of artists works hand in hand with their creativity.

We have seen you all come up with genius ways of fashioning everyday objects into the tools you need! Artists are a resourceful bunch who never let a lack of something get in the way of their creativity! We designed Casting Silicone as a way to help you create the exact tools and molds that you need to bring the project you’ve envisioned into being.

In the video below, Kaelee shows how to make silicone molds in a very simple process. She takes the chocolate sandwich cookies that we all love and makes a mold so she can recreate them, time after time. Wait until you see how awesome these turn out!

how to create your own molds

How to make silicone molds

Whether you are a coaster artist who is looking for a unique coaster shape. Or one who does flower preservation and have had a special request. Or a tumbler artist looking to make a topper that perfectly matches your latest tumbler. Making your own silicone molds will change your art and your world!

And it is so easy to do! As resin artists we are used to resin projects that take loads of steps to complete. Your hands will be confused by how few steps it takes to make your own molds. Which leaves more time for dreaming up the next molds you will make! All you do is combine equal amounts of Part A and Part B of the Casting Silicone, add colorant if you want to, and then mix well. Pour it over the object you are molding and simply walk away. Easy Peasy!

What Can I Use to Make Molds?

Actual Objects

There are sooo many things that you can make molds of. If it can sit still and solid for 48 hours, you can make a mold of it! Kaelee made her adorable cookie molds using the actual cookie that she wanted to replicate. It comes out a little crumbly during demolding. But the silicone molds can easily be cleaned!

That means you can make molds of most of candy and food items that you want to use in tumbler toppers and other projects. Just make sure the items aren’t too delicate or water based. For example, a fresh apple will likely hold its shape and size for 48 hours.

But a ripe banana may squish or shrink during that time. And a raspberry wouldn’t be strong enough to hold up to the mold making process. Anything that is strong enough to hold up to the process can be used though!

If you really want molds for berries or other similar foods, don’t forget about the toy aisle at your local dollar store. You can usually find small plastic toy versions of those foods. They are perfect for making for making molds!

how to create your own molds, make your own molds

Building Materials

For artists who want to make their own coaster, geode, or floral preservation molds building materials will be the way to go. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Solo cups, painter’s tape, and other household items can be used to form this type of mold. It may take some trial and error to get the exact set up you need. But you can mold anything that you can build!

Somethings to Keep in Mind

When looking about for things to make molds of, just keep in mind that you don’t want to use silicone items. Plastic is perfection and so many other materials will work too. But silicone will resist itself so steer clear of those items.

Other than that, the sky is the limit! Bits and bobs, small toys and jewelry… you name it, you can probably mold it. you will start to see possibilities everywhere you go. Just remember how much room you will need to store each mold before you start going nuts 😉

how to create your own molds, make your own molds

Also decide what medium you will be using your mold for before you start. Kaelee explains in the video that she uses wax melts with these cookie molds. That means her mold can be a little more rough since she can easily clean up the finished wax product.

If you will be using your molds with resin, you will want them to be more precise. Kaelee suggests using a deburring tool to clean up your finished mold. That will give you cleaner lines than using an exacto knife to do the trimming.

How to Create Your Own Molds

Learn how to create your own unique molds with Casting Silicone!



  • Start by hot gluing the sandwich cookie to the plastic container.
  • Add 2oz of Part B into your mixing cup. Then add 2oz of Part A. Next, add the Dispersion Color and then mix well to combine.
  • Then pour the combined silicone over the cookie and into the containers. You want the cookie to be completely covered.
  • Leave your molds on a level surface to cure.
  • After 4-5 hours at room temperature, you can demold your molds. Use a stir stick to loosen the silicone along the edges of your plastic container.
  • Once you can get your fingers into the edge, you can work the rest of the mold free and pop it out.
  • Next, use the exacto knife to cut a rough shape of the cookie. Don't go all the way to where you want your edge to be because you still need space to clean it up.
  • Then, if you are using your molds with resin, use a deburring tool to clean up the edges. If you will be using wax melts, you can use an exacto knife to do this since you will also be able to clean up the edges of your wax cookie.
  • Let the molds cure for the full 48 hours and then clean them well to remove any of the cookie that was left over.
  • Before using them on a project, do a throw away pour of resin or wax melts. This will make sure that any tiny bits that may be left will come out on your first pour. That will ensure that any future pours will be perfectly clean!

The Finishing Touches

And that’s it, y’all! The mold making processes is possibly the simplest we have ever shared with you. As Kaelee demonstrates, this silicone captures the detail of each cookie, creating a life-like mold perfect for making tumbler toppers with! Using CCDIY’s Casting Silicone, the possibilities for creativity are endless!

A big thanks to Kaelee for sharing her time and talent with us again! If you want to see what Kaelee is up to and see more of her beautiful creations you can find her on Facebook and TikTok. You can also join her VIP Facebook group and head to her Etsy Shop.

how to create your own molds

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