The color-changing leaves are one of the highlights of the Fall season. There is a wonderful feeling walking through the foliage-strewn streets- almost magical to see fallen leaves everywhere! Leaves from Hazel, Oak, and Rowan trees are some of the most gorgeous leaves to collect and preserve for them to last all season.

Today, I’m going to show you how to make wonderful leaf resin artwork using Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin.

Before we begin, have your leaves ready. Clean them first using dry cloth (don’t wash it with water). Take out the stem and put them in between the pages of a book overnight to flatten them out. 

Mix together Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin in 1:1 ratio. Pour a shallow part of the resin in a round silicone mold. Torch the resin to get rid of the bubbles. Cover them and let the resin set for 30-minutes. You don’t want it to be fully cured; you just need a jelly-like consistency to hold the leaves. 

After 30 minutes, put the leaves in top side first. Using a toothpick, push the leaves down until all parts are submerged into the resin. Then do a second coat. After pouring the resin, remove the bubbles using a torch. Cover your work and let it cure for 24 hours.

Take the pieces out of the silicon mold. You will be amazed that the leaves are a beautiful 3D object due to the resin. By this time, the discs are still pliable but after a few days, it will be as hard as a rock. 

This artwork can be used as napkin rings during Thanksgiving or any other occasions with a rustic theme.