How to Use Mica Powder
How to Use Mica Powder

How to Use Mica Powder

Mica powders are gorgeous, which is probably why they are rising in popularity among all types of artists. More and more often we are being asked about the uses for our mica powders. We have compiled some fabulous ideas for ways you can incorporate this natural shimmery powder into your art projects! 

Mica powder is a glittery powder that is mined from mica stone. It’s inherent colors are beautiful by themselves but often oxides will be added to obtain some brilliant shades. It can be added to a variety of mediums to give a look of shimmer and shine. Epoxy resin is obviously our area of expertise and we love to use mica in our resin projects.

However, there are many other artistic uses for mica powder that you may want to explore. These beautiful powders provide a way to enhance your art projects no matter which medium you prefer!

mica powder in epoxy resin

Uses for Mica Powder

Epoxy Resin

All of us here absolutely love using resin to create our art! There won’t be enough room in this post to talk about all the ways that you can use mica powder in resin art. We did want to mention some of our favorite projects though…


For many people who love resin art, tumblers are their favorite projects to make. The design options are limitless! Adding mica powder to your Artist Resin produces some of the most beautiful tumblers we have ever seen. You can create your tumblers in all one shade, swirl them together to add depth and beauty, or even go for an ombre look that seamlessly blends your favorite shades. 


Geodes are so fun to make and so beautiful when they are finished! They look beautiful on display and are also perfect for gifting. Since a real geode is full of sparkle and shimmer, mica powder is the perfect addition to this project. Simply add it to your combined Artist Resin, pour it into your geode frame and watch it shine. 


We loooove making resin jewelry! And what could be better than jewelry with shimmer and shine? Mica powder adds depth and beauty to earnings, pendants, bracelets, and rings. Each piece of resin jewelry is unique and beautiful. Mixing mica into your Artist Resin  enhances these characteristics ten fold! 

uses for mica powder: resin jewelry

Like we said, there are too many options for adding mica powder to your resin art to discuss them all individually. You can also use it when making resin pours, coasters, home decor, wall art, and even furniture finishes! Looks like we need to have a followup blog post! 

uses for mica powder: resin pours

Acrylic Paint Projects

Mica powder gives a metallic sheen to acrylic paint. The artistic possibilities for this duo are nearly endless. Here is a list of project suggestions that we have either made ourselves or have seen other talented artists display:

Picture Frames 

Here is a project that has us really excited! This could be one of our new favorite uses for mica powder. Many of us have picture frames displayed throughout our homes. But, it is often hard to find the right style frame in the right shade to match our decor. When you are able to customize your own shades, however, you are able to get exactly the look you want!

You can even keep an eye out for frames at thrift stores and garage sales. Grab them at a discounted price and then give them some simple rehab! Apply your paint and mica powder combo and you will have beautiful frames that coordinate and look brand new. What a fun gift idea this would be too!

(P.S. If shimmery picture frames aren’t your favorite you can still achieve all the benefits of this simple project. Our pigments are also fabulous for mixing with paints and will give you beautiful color with out the metallic look.)  

blue mica powder

Vintage Crafts

The metallic look of mica powder adds a vintage feel to projects of a certain type and shade. Choosing copper or brass tones can transform a simple item into a work of vintage looking art. You could do this with any item that is common to vintage decor. Picture frames, keys, filigree, and wooden pieces are just a few examples.

Painting these items with added mica powder will give an them a beautiful antique look! You could also play around with slightly distressing them with sand paper after your paint has dried. This would give them a more “aged” look that would contribute to the vintage feel. 

ring of fire mica powder 


Christmas Ornaments

Hand painted Christmas ornaments are such a special gift to give your loved ones. They are also among the top sellers at craft shows. For many people, holiday decor is all about the bling! The more shimmery the better. You can transform your simple painted ornament into one that will catch all the lights on a tree by adding mica powder to your paints. No matter what Christmas color scheme you chose, there will be a mica powder that will match. 

There are several retailers who sell ornaments that are ready to be painted. Another option would be to take a plain bulb ornament and add your own embellishments. If you are really crafty, you could mold your own ornaments from clay and then paint them. Whichever base you choose, the results are sure to be beautiful!

Quick Tip: When mixing mica powder with acrylic paint choose a paint color that will help you achieve the look you are going for. If you want your finished project to look just like the shade of mica you chose then use a neutral shade of base paint. If you love the shade of paint you have picked out then chose a mica powder that will blend well while adding its shimmer. 

Paper Crafts

There are several ways to use mica powder to add depth and shimmer to your paper crafts. Many artists create some of the most beautiful work on paper or canvas. Here are a few suggestions of projects that you can try:


Painting (sadly) is not a skill that all of us share. For those of you that love it and/or are wonderful at it, however, adding mica powder to your paints could add a whole new layer of beauty to your art work. We can’t pretend to be experts in this department but we have seen some beautiful examples of it! Depending on the type of paint you prefer to use, this could be a really fun medium for you to play around with. 


Hand painted journals are another example of a gift you can give that would be cherished. We know that some of you are talented enough to create your own books but you could also purchase a simple journal and then give it some love. The cool thing about this project is that you can add beauty to both the journal cover and its pages. Mix the mica powder with a more substantial paint like acrylic for the cover. Then, add it to your thinner paints to lightly detail the inner pages.


This is a project that gives you lots of different opportunities to use mica powder! Depending on how you like to scrap book, you are sure to find ways to incorporate it. If you like to use stamps, simply stamp your page and then sprinkle the mica powder onto the wet ink. Next, allow it to dry and then shake to remove the excess powder.

If you like to use paint to beautify your scrapbooks, mix the powder in with your paint of choice to add sparkle to those details. 

Do you decoupage your pictures into place? You can add mica powder to the decoupage and brush over your snap shots or paper embellishments! Really, when you get going, you start to see places you can add shimmer all over the place! 

Greeting Cards

If you enjoy making your own holiday and birthday cards, this is a great project for you! You can use all the methods we mentioned about scrap-booking to create beautiful cards for your loved ones. Paint, stamps, and decoupage work equally well with cards and their envelopes! You can find blank cards to purchase or grab some pretty card stock at your local craft supply store. 


That’s a Wrap!

We hope these project ideas have given you some inspiration about how you can use mica powder in your artwork. If you would like to know more about the basics of mica powder: what it is, where it comes from, etc…Check out our blog post; Mica Powder Explained: What you Should Know. We would love to see what you create using mica powder! And we also can help if you have any questions. Email us your pics or questions at [email protected]

If you want more inspiration and information we have a Facebook group for that. Join us in Counter Culture DIY Artist Support where we, and other artists, offer ideas, answer questions, and support each other!

Do you have an art project using any of our products that you want to share? Send it to us at [email protected], and we can feature them here!

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