Digging Deeper into Groups: Battle of the Boxes
Digging Deeper into Groups: Battle of the Boxes

Digging Deeper into Groups: Battle of the Boxes

There are a lot of wonderful groups out there for people who enjoy doing all sorts of things. There are also some amazing groups just for resin artists. Today we wanted to tell you about one of our favorites: Battle of the Boxes. If you’re a resin lover and haven’t heard about this group yet you are in for a real treat! 

When it comes to supplies we resin artists are always on the lookout for a great deal. There’s something so fun about snagging some of your favorite products at a discounted price. Christen and Christina of Battle of the Boxes make finding those deals even more exciting! During a Live event on Facebook, each of them has a box of fabulous products to show off and then they battle to see who can sell out of their box first. The real winner, however, are the artists who snag the boxes! The boxes sell at quite a discount and who doesn’t like snagging pretty things on sale? Read on to learn more about Christen and Christina and get more details on how the battles work! 

Digging Deeper into Groups: Battle of the Boxes

We wanted to let you all know more about this fabulous group so we asked Christen and Christina a whole bunch of questions! These ladies are talented resin artists themselves. They met when Christen’s mom introduced them about 2 years ago. Christina started with resin first and the Christen quickly decided that Christina needed to teach her…and there’s been no looking back! They started the group as a way to consolidate live sales that they were doing as admins in a few other groups. They now support about 20 vendors (including us!) and are able to feature some amazing products for their community.

We asked Christen and Christina to explain exactly how Battle of the Boxes works…

“To clear up a common misconception, the battle is between US, not vendors. We battle to see who sells out first. So on our scheduled battle nights we go live for a vendor, lets say CCDIY. Christina shows off everything in box 1 and Christen shows off everything in box 2. The items are selected by the vendor, but we do make suggestions if they ask for it. Once we have shown off everything in the boxes we announce the price, the quantity available, and how to claim the boxes. The boxes are sold at a discounted amount off of retail, usually $10-15 off, including shipping, are ready to ship immediately (unless otherwise specified during battle), and at a limited quantity.”  

This was Box 1 in one of CCDIY’s battles 

What they do when they’re not running the group…

“We are both available almost 24/7 for our battle vendors, however, we do both have 3 kids & husbands that require some attention. Apparently resin crafting isn’t as much fun to all of them…..who knew! Both of us work a full-time job, with Christina’s demanding quite a bit more sometimes. We also spend some time volunteering in our community, and taking care of our many pets.”

Their favorite thing about Battle of the Boxes…

“We both love the community that has come together in this group. The group is always willing to help fellow crafters. We often have people reach out and ask who might want or need a box but can’t afford to purchase it. Everyone is willing to teach others, to help them overcome their fears of new techniques, and to encourage others to push through when they’re having a low.”

Their favorite resin project…

“Do we really have to pick just one?

Christen: I think one of my favorites was working with dried rose petals. A friend of mine wanted them preserved on a cup. The roses were sent to her by her family. One cup grew to 3, and then a mug was added, and even a dog bowl! It was difficult for me but I really loved being a part of this gift she gave to her family.

Christina’s first cup. Talk about over achieving!

Christina: As frustrating as it was, my 1st completed cup. It’s a mama bear cup with honeycombs and a beehive. I made a peek-a-boo. Why on earth I started there I will never know.  It has some MAJOR flaws. I’ll have to share a picture of the disaster. LOL! I’m not a crafty person. I’m not artistic. I struggle with stuff like this. But these cups and molds and trinkets… I love these. Finishing that cup was an awesome feeling.”

And their least favorite resin project…

Christen: The rose petal project LOL! No, it’s honestly not my least favorite. There is a cup that I have had to remake for my husband 3 times. Yes, three times….


Christina: I’ve stared at this question for at least an hour now. I don’t have a response. I have several that really worked my nerves. I was screaming mad with them. Then I finished them. And it was worth it. So, I’m not sure what to say for that. 

Their favorite CCDIY product…

Christen: I’d have to say Fast Set. I use it religiously until I’m at the final layer(s) and then I switch to Medium Viscosity Artist Resin. I love how well the Fast Set covers everything-including that pesky chunky glitter we all love and hate at the same time.

Christina: While I agree that the Fast Set is AMAZING…. Quick Coat is currently a favorite of mine. This stuff is gold! You can use it for tons of stuff! But I did just get my Prime Time in so… I may be asking this to be updated soon. 🤣

Their tips for beginning resin artists…

Christen: Be patient with yourself. Be careful. Do your research. Listen when someone tells you something new. HAVE FUN.

Christina: Slow down. A lot of us have turned this into a business, and that’s wonderful. But, don’t rush it. Also, have fun! We really can’t say that enough. Make time to do the projects you’re excited to try. Those projects keep you going.

Their must have tool for resin art…

Christen: Does an apron count? HA! My true must have tool is the torch from CCDIY. The difference in the quality of the finish is just unreal.

Handmade resin mixer!

Christina: I have 2. I stir my epoxy like a mad woman. My husband made me a mixer so I can quit that. Which leads me to my 2nd must have… the torch as well. I haven’t got my hands on CCDIY yet but I plan to order that one soon! 

Anything else we should know about the group…

We really have an awesome support team with our Admins and we couldn’t keep it going without them-Arin Loomis & Priscilla Alfred help us daily, and Melissa Carlo helps us mod comments and content. They really deserve all the praise and thanks we can give!

Christen and Christina battling it out!

The Wrap Up…

What a fun couple of gals y’all! And who else wants one of those mixers that Christina’s husband made? Not only does this group offer a lot of fun and discounts during the battles, they are also a great community of resin artists who support one another and help each other out. It just doesn’t get any better than that! When you’re ready to join in the fun head over to Facebook and join the Battle of the Boxes group. 

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