DIY Fall Door Hanger
DIY Fall Door Hanger
DIY Fall Door Hanger

DIY Fall Door Hanger

We have a really fun fall craft project for you today, friends! And this one you can even do without resin. Meg of Maker Magic with Meg Epps is showing us how to make an adorable DIY Fall Door hanger. The process is pretty simple and the results are adorable! 

Y’all know that we are resin obsessed. We love all projects (big and small) that are resin related. But we also love other types of crafty projects too. Today we are diverting from resin a bit and learning how to make a DIY fall door hanger that is too cute to resist.

Meg uses stencils, Pop of Color Paints, and a super cute bow to tie her fall design together. In the video below, she shows us step by step how it’s done. Door hangers make thoughtful gifts. They are also a great addition to the products you offer in your shop.

Don’t want to skip the resin? No problem! A coat or two of Artist Resin on this cute project and you have yourself an adorable fall serving tray. As always, this tutorial gives you a jumping off point. Where you take it is entirely up to you and your creativity! 

diy fall door hanger

DIY Fall Door Hanger

What’s not to love about gorgeous fall colors, some cheetah print, and a cute fall themed saying? Meg combines them all to spruce up her fall door decor! You can use the same ‘Hello Pumpkin’ phrase, or you can go with anything you like. You can also switch up the color combos. We have so many fabulous colors that are perfect for the cozy season! 

Stencil Options

 Meg used an SVG that she purchased on Etsy for her door hanger. She downloaded it and then used her vinyl cutting machine to make the stencils. You can find tons of options on Etsy. There are artists who will sell you the file to print on your own machine. And you can even find free ones to download!

Or you can create your own decals if you have the software and know how. Many of you do this for your tumblers already. This is just on a larger scale.

You could even go to the craft or dollar stores and find decals or stickers that you can use. Add them to your prepped wooden blank and then seal them in. Add a cute bow and you are ready to rock.

DIY Fall Door Hanger

Painting with Stencils

Painting with stencils is a fairly simple process. But Meg shares a few tips that will ensure our stenciling is a success. If you don’t have a lot of experience painting, don’t worry!

Working with chalk paint is easy. It is also very forgiving of any mistakes. Pop of Color paints are water based. Which means that cleaning up little blemishes with a baby wipe is often all you need. If there is dried paint where you don’t want it, the superior coverage of our Shock Paints means you can simply paint right over them.

You will never know there is another color hiding underneath. No matter how dark that color is! Meg shows us how to use a fine tip brush to do touch ups. There were a couple of spots where paint had bled under her stencils. All she needed to do was clean up those lines with more paint. The results are perfection!

DIY Fall Door Hanger

How to Keep your Paint from Bleeding

Meg shows us a really cool trick that helps prevent paint sneaking under your stencils where you don’t want it. She uses Mod Podge to create a paint barrier on her stencils. To do this she brushes Mod Podge over her whole stencil. She works the brush back and forth going in all directions. When the Mod Podge dries, it forms a barrier that keeps almost all the paint where it is supposed to be! 

DIY Fall Door Hanger

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

DIY Fall Door Hanger

Yield: 1 Door hanger



  • Start by giving your wood blank a coat of White Prime Time and then allow it to dry.
  • Use the tape to section off three separate areas on your wood panel. One part for each stencil. The pumpkin top, the words, and the cheetah print.
  • Then put your pumpkin and cheetah print stencils in place one at a time. Make sure that your are smoothing them down really well so that no paint can get in underneath them.
  • Now use a paint brush to brush Mod Podge over the entirety of your stencils. This will seal them which prevents any paint from bleeding through under your stencils. Let the Mod Podge dry and add a second coat if you think you need to.
  • Next, paint the pumpkin portion of your stencil with the Terra Cotta. Then use the Beary Brown for the stem. And Jade for the cheetah print. You can use your heat gun to speed the drying process.
  • Once the paint is dry, gently remove the stencils.
  • Then tape off the section that you already painted. You don't need to cover them completely. One strip of tape covering the portions that butt up to your middle section will be enough.
  • Use the Wet Sand to paint the middle section of your door hanger. Then let it dry. Remove the tape once the paint is dry.
  • Then apply your word stencil to the center portion of your door hanger. Use the same Mod Podge process as you did with your first stencils. Then use the Black to paint the words.
  • While the paint is still dry, sprinkle on the Obsidian glitter. Then shake and tap the excess onto a piece of paper so you can pour it back into the container.
  • Next, make a bow with your deco mesh or ribbon. Then use hot glue to attach it to the door hanger.
  • Finally, use the thick jute and hot glue to make a hanger on the back of the door hanger.

The Finishing Touches

And that’s how you make a DIY fall door hanger! If you are going to hang your door hanger on an inside door or between a storm door and main door, you don’t need to seal it. But, if your fall door hanger is going to be exposed to the elements, a couple coats of sealant will keep it from being damaged. Pop Coat is a fabulous sealer that was designed to work beautifully with Pop of Color Paints. So it is the perfect option for finishing this project. 

As always, a big thanks to Meg for sharing her time and talent with us. If you loved learning from Meg and want to see more of her creations and tutorials you can follow her on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube, and you can check out her Facebook group, Curious Crafters. You can also join her mentoring group, Maker Magic for extra information and support from two amazing resin artists!

You can also find more fun fall project tutorials like this one here on the blog. Check out our posts Fall Inspired Pressed Flower Coasters, and 7 Fall Themed Glitter Tumbler Tutorials for more inspiration! We can’t wait to see what you create next. Happy crafting, friends! 

DIY Fall Door Hanger

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