DIY Glitter and Acrylic Paint Christmas Ornaments
DIY Glitter and Acrylic Paint Christmas Ornaments
glitter and acrylic paint christmas ornaments

DIY Glitter and Acrylic Paint Christmas Ornaments

We have been like little elves over here, having so much fun making handmade holiday ornaments! Today Karen of MG Creations is back to show us how to make DIY glitter and acrylic paint Christmas ornaments. They are a simple and beautiful addition to our DIY ornament collection. 

We artists are creative every day of the year. But there is something about the holiday season that tends to really bring inspiration. We are so grateful to all the artists who have been sharing their holiday craft ideas with us! Today we are learning all about DIY glitter and acrylic paint Christmas ornaments.

But we have also seen other fabulous holiday craft tutorials! Like how to make alcohol ink ornaments. Making DIY resin gift tags for Christmas was a lot of fun. And we loved learning how to make a holiday serving tray.So many awesome DIY Christmas decorations and gifts to make. So little time. But we sure are going to try to make as many as we can!

DIY Glitter and Acrylic Paint Christmas Ornaments

DIY Glitter and Acrylic Paint Christmas Ornaments

Blurb Karen explains that for years she used polyacrylic to glitter her ornaments. But she wasn’t getting full coverage with her light colored glitters. It required a second coat and 24 hours of drying time. Karen also struggled with using the polyacrylic with chunky glitters. It would clump up is some areas and leave others bare.

But then she found Quick Coat and the game changed! When she uses Quick Coat to glitter her ornaments, she only needs one layer and the dry time is less than 20 minutes. And no matter what type of glitter she wants to use, the Quick Coat gives her full coverage every time.

DIY Glitter and Acrylic Paint Christmas Ornaments

What Type of Ornament Should I Start With?

You can use any type of clear ornament for these projects. And there are lots of options to choose from. Karen prefers to work with plastic ornaments because she likes the way the Rick’s Mix acrylic paint goes onto them. But you can also use glass if that is what you have or prefer.

Karen also prefers the disk shaped ornaments over the round when making the glitter ornaments. This is because she personalizes all of her ornaments and it is much easier to apply decals to the flat disk than the round ball. Karen also uses cute Christmas light shaped ornaments when using the glitter.

For the acrylic paint ornaments, however, she prefers the round ornaments. The paint just flows better in the round shape and it is easier to get the effects that you want from the paint. You can still use the disk shaped ornaments with the paint. It’s just a little trickier. 

You can really use any shape you want. Just make sure the ornaments are clear so that your glitters and paints can shine through. 

DIY Glitter and Acrylic Paint Christmas Ornaments

Personalizing your Ornaments

These glitter ornaments and acrylic paint ornaments are both gorgeous all on their own. Their unique beauty stands up all on its own. But the holidays are all about sentimentality and heartfelt gifts. So Karen personalizes all of her ornaments. Either with initials, names, or an image that means something to the recipient. If you have a vinyl cutter, they sky is the limit as to the personalization options you have.

The fonts, sizes, and images you use are all up to you. The font that Karen used for the handmade ornaments in this video was Samantha. And the cardinal file she used on the memorial ornament is from designbundles. You would have to purchase those to use the same things Karen did. Or you can go with something you already have or can find online and print for free. 

DIY Glitter and Acrylic Paint Christmas Ornaments

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Learn how to make your own handmade Christmas ornaments with glitter and Quick Coat!


  • Set out one medicine cup for each ornament that you will be glittering.
  • One at a time, pour Quick coat in and swirl it around to cover the whole inside of the ornament. Then set it upside down on a medicine cup to let it drain. If you are making multiple ornaments, repeat this in an other ornament.
    Quick Coat dries very quickly so only do a couple at a time.
  • Use a small funnel to pour your Violaceous glitter into the ornament. Put your finger over the whole and shake it up. The glitter will adhere to the Quick Coat.
    Dump the excess glitter back into your glitter container. Repeat the process with the second ornament and the Sparkling Waters glitter.
  • Add Quick Coat to the next ornament. Then put a plate under your ornament and use a spoon to add the chunky Through the Clouds glitter. Swirl then pour the extra glitter back in it's container.
  • For the last ornament, repeat the process with the Show Time glitter.
  • You can add any decals you want right away. But wait 24 hours before carefully putting the ornament top back in. That way the glitter will be completely dry and you won't scrape it off when putting the top on.

DIY Glitter and Acrylic Paint Christmas Ornaments

DIY Acrylic Paint Christmas Ornaments

Learn how to make your own handmade Christmas ornaments with acrylic paint.



  • Start by sticking two popsicle sticks (close together) all the way down into a foam square. Flip the square over and brush away any foam that came loose from the sticks. You want the surface to be nice and level. Place the block on a disposable plate.
    Make one of these for each ornament that you are going to make. They will be a stand for the ornaments while they drip and dry. Place your ornament down onto the sticks so they go inside it and hold it up.
  • Lightly sand the outside of your ornaments. This will help the paint to really grab on.
  • Now it's time to prep a dirty pour. To do this, layer your paints into a medicine cup twice and finish with a bit of silver.
    Karen's paint sequence started like this: White (a decent amount), blue, purple, blue, purple, white, silver, white...just keep going with the layers until you fill the cup.
    Next, pour the paint onto the ornament in circular swirls until you are happy with the coverage.
    There will be areas on the side of the ornament where the paint won't hit. Use a popsicle stick to scoop paint from your plate and apply it to the bare spots. You can also use a gloved finger to help with this.
  • Set the dirty pour ornament aside and let it dry for at least 24, if not 48 hours. When it is dry, coat it with the UV resistant gloss sealant to protect it.
  • Once the sealant is dry you can add your decals, bows, and anything else you want to use to dress your beautiful handmade ornament up!
  • Pour the paint on in the same way that you did for the soft look. Then add 5 dots of the pink onto the ornament. Add a drop of blue right on top of that. Then the white. Repeat this sequence once more.
  • Then start with the blue and add the dots between where your first set was. Layer your paint like you did in the last step. End with silver on all the spots.
  • Finish this ornament in the same way you did the softer looking one.

And that’s how you make DIY glitter ornaments and dirty pour acrylic paint ornaments! They are really simple which makes them perfect for large batch making. You can gift or sell your ornaments as sets or individually!

The glitter ornaments are gorgeous and sparkly. They make the perfect backdrop for personalization. And, whether you prefer the soft look with the acrylics or the more defined pour, you are sure to have fun with the acrylic ornaments. And the results are guaranteed to be uniquely beautiful!

We want to give a big thank you to Karen for sharing her skills and knowledge with all of us again. If you loved learning from her and want to see more of here work, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram. And you can find more awesome video tutorials like this one on our YouTube channel

DIY Glitter and Acrylic Paint Christmas Ornaments

You can find more awesome video tutorials like this one on our YouTube channel!

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