Making a Holiday Canvas with DTF Transfers
Making a Holiday Canvas with DTF Transfers
Making a Holiday Canvas with DTF Transfers

Making a Holiday Canvas with DTF Transfers

Hey there, craft enthusiasts! Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? Because I sure am! And what better way to embrace this jolly season than by creating your own holiday-themed art? Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of DTF transfers and how you can use them to make an enchanting holiday canvas.

Meg of Maker Magic with Meg Epps by Lyndly Grove is making a holiday canvas with DTF transfers and showing us how it’s done. She uses fabulously festive supplies from our CCDIY Everything Christmas Box. From DTFs to glitter, and with 5 gorgeous shades of Sparkle Paint in between, we have you covered for so many holiday crafts!

So, grab your hot cocoa, put on some festive tunes, and let’s get crafting!

Making a Holiday Canvas with DTF Transfers

Making a Holiday Canvas with DTF Transfers

For a lot of us resin artists, the Christmas crafting season is hands down our favorite time of year. There are so many fun and festive themes for us to choose from. And the season never seems long enough to get to all the projects that we want to try. One of the great things about crafting with DTF transfers is how quick it can be.

All you need is a heat press and a flat surface and you can create amazing things for your loved ones or your shop. In just a few minutes, you can have a custom shirt made, a canvas started, or your cheery personalized gift bags done!

So What is the Everything Christmas Box?

We are so excited to tell you all about the Everything Christmas Box! We put some of our favorite holiday crafting supplies into this box and there are so many things that you can create with its contents! In the video below, Meg unboxes the Christmas Box and shows off all of it’s goodies. But here’s a short list of what you will find…

  • Several DTF transfers
  • Printed vinyl sheets
  • UV DTF decals
  • Sprinkles and nuts for your holiday tumbler toppers and more
  • Precious Metals Gold Foil
  • Epoxy Mattifier
  • Leopard print silicone mat
  • Our infamous Sterling Snow glitter (the potential mess is worth it, ask any resin artist who’s tried this beauty!)
  • Artist Resin
  • 5 amazing Christmas shades of Pop of Color Sparkle Paint that we created for this holiday season!

Pink Christmas watercolor UV DTF transfer green sparkle paint Christmas DTF Gang Sheet candy cane sparkle paint

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this box! And the best part (well one of them) is that we have coordinated everything in the box for you. The decals match the transfers, match the vinyls…and the sparkle paints go with all of them! So you won’t need to go searching in your craft room or favorite stores to find what you need for your projects. It’s all right there in the box!

With all that coordination you will be able to make some matching sets if you want to. A matching shirt and tumbler, or serving tray and mugs, a festive sign with a fun holiday cup…there are so many possibilities!

And, if you are having trouble deciding what to do with the contents of your Christmas Box, we have you covered there too! Our brand ambassadors are going live in our Artist Support Page with fun and fabulous tutorials for projects they are doing with their holiday supplies! So grab your Everything Christmas Box, head to Facebook, and let’s get glittery!

Making a Holiday Canvas with DTF Transfers

What are DTF Transfers?

First things first, let’s talk about DTF transfers. DTF stands for Direct to Film, and it’s a revolutionary printing technique that allows you to transfer intricate designs onto various surfaces, including canvas! The best part? The colors are vibrant, the details are sharp, and the process is surprisingly easy. Sounds like a holiday miracle, right?

You might be wondering, “Why choose DTF transfers for my holiday canvas?” Well, the answer is simple: it’s all about the quality and versatility. With DTF transfers, you can achieve professional-level results at home. Whether you want a snowy winter scene, a cheerful Santa Claus, or a festive quote, you can bring it to life with vibrant colors and crisp lines.

Making a Holiday Canvas with DTF Transfers

DTF transfers adhere well to canvas, ensuring your art will last long after the holiday season is over. AND they aren’t just for canvases! DTFs can be used on clothing, wood, gift and tote bags…you name it! If you have a flat surface, chances are that you can add a fun DTF to it!

And let’s not forget, a DTF transfer holiday canvas makes the perfect gift! Imagine the joy on your loved ones’ faces when they receive a beautiful piece of art made by you. It’s personal, thoughtful, and filled with holiday cheer – the ultimate trifecta for a memorable Christmas gift!

Making a Holiday Canvas with DTF Transfers

Personalizing Your Holiday Canvas

As with all of our projects, you can add your own changes and touches to make this holiday canvas your own. Meg walks us through each step of her beautiful ombre look and Christmas touches. You can go the same route or try something totally different!

Use different Sparkle Paint colors. Try a different DTF. Add your own fun details. Whatever feels fun and festive to you is the way to go!

You can also take your project a step further than we did with Meg. You can add rhinestones, sprinkles, bows, or gold foil to set your holiday canvas off. Add a family name or the year for a personal touch. Whatever your style or purpose, this Christmas Box will give you so many beautiful and sparkly options!

Looking for more fun holiday craft ideas? Check out our posts, DIY Christmas Doorhanger and How to Make a Winter Garland. Meg shows us how to make both and (just like with all of our blog posts!) we give you the video tutorial, supply list, and step by step instructions for these beauties too!

Making a Holiday Canvas with DTF Transfers

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Making a Holiday Canvas with DTF Transfers

Learn how to make a holiday canvas or canvas bag using DTF transfers!


  • Start by applying painter's tape to your canvas to protect it from paint while you are working on the frame.
  • Next, apply a line of Jingle All the Way to half of each side of your frame. You just need a thin coat for this step.
  • Then paint the Candy Cane right next to it.
  • After this first layer, add a thicker second coat of the red and green to one side of your frame.
  • Using a dry brush, start to blend the two colors together for an ombre effect.
  • Continue to blend, using a sponge brush and/or adding small amounts of paint if needed. Then repeat the same process on the remaining sides of your frame. Then remove the tape from your canvas.
  • While your paint dries, cut your Christmas Cookie UV DTF into individual cookies.
  • Once the paint is dry, remove the white backing from your cookie DTFs and apply them to your frame, one at a time.
  • Use a smoothing tool to press down and smooth the decals, being careful not to scratch your paint.
  • Then use a dot making tool to add groups of three dots between your cookie DTFs.
  • Then add a few groups of smaller dots, red on green and green on red.
  • Make sure you have the canvas sitting on a heat proof surface. Now center your Christmas UV DTF on the canvas.
  • Once it is in the correct spot, cover it with parchment paper and use a heat press to apply the DTF. Wait for everything to cool and then remove the sheet from the DTF.
  • Replace the parchment paper over the image and then use the heat press for another 30 or so seconds.
  • Add any final details like sprinkles, rhinestones, or bows.

The Finishing Touches

Crafting a holiday canvas with DTF transfers is more than just a fun DIY project; it’s a way to embrace the holiday spirit. As you work on your canvas, you’re not just creating art; you’re making memories, spreading joy, and adding a touch of homemade love to the holiday season.

So, are you ready to create a holiday canvas with DTF transfers? We can’t wait to see what festive designs you come up with! Remember, the holidays are all about love, joy, and creativity – so let those be your guide as you embark on this crafting adventure. Happy Holidays and happy crafting!

As always, a big thanks to Meg for sharing her time and talent with us. If you loved learning from Meg and want to see more of her creations and tutorials you can follow her on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube, and you can check out her Facebook group, Curious Crafters. You can also join her mentoring group, Maker Magic for extra information and support from two amazing resin artists!

Making a Holiday Canvas with DTF Transfers

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