Acrylic Pouring Artist Rick Cheadle Spotlight
Acrylic Pouring Artist Rick Cheadle Spotlight

Acrylic Pouring Artist Rick Cheadle Spotlight


We recently got a chance to sit down and talk to one of our favorite artists, Rick Cheadle. If you aren’t familiar with Rick, and his incredible artwork, you’ve been missing out. He describes himself as a life-long artist, who, like many of us, let life temporarily sidetrack us away from our passion, but ultimately has made art the center of his life. Here’s the full interview:

Q. Why do you do what you do? A. Being creative has always been a driving force. It is what fuels everything in my life.

Q. How do you work? A. Very erratically. I have wide intervals that can range from 12 -14 hour work days to 12-14 days off. Seriously. Because of my curious nature and love of learning new things, I get easily distracted & I’m not always mentally ready or inspired to paint. I also publish music and this is my muse at times. As far as painting, my motto is “When creating, be relaxed, carefree, and in the moment.” I have tried painting while in a bad mood and it never works out. Lol

Q. What’s your background? A. The quick answer is Artist/Musician/Nice Guy. But a better answer would be, after graduating from High School, I started a carpet cleaning business. I have always been an art lover, and a drawer, and doodler and a BIG fan of mid- century Abstract art and design. I did my first furniture makeover in 1991. I didn’t consider making art a career until 1997 when I sold my first piece (very exciting). I did art part time from 1997-2008, along with the carpet biz. That’s when the economy went bad because of the housing crisis. At that time, I was making more revenue from furniture flipping and art than cleaning carpets, so I decided to go all in with the Art. That was Dec 2008.

Q. How long have you used CounterCultureDIY products? A. This is my 2nd year.

Q. What is your favorite product that we carry? A. Artist Resin!

Q. Tell us about the new paint line (add link to the words “new paint line”). When you did you start formulating it? A. The paint line has been in the works since April 2017. I noticed early on that a lot of people new to acrylic pouring art were struggling getting the correct consistency of their paints. I have tried many formulas & variations and FINALLY got it right!

Q. What is your favorite part about this line? A. The archival/quality pigmentation with a fluidity of this acrylic pouring paint line is spot on!

We’d like to thank Rick for taking time out to visit with us, and we’d like to invite him back to demo his new paint line!


We’re so impressed, not only with Rick, but in his vision to provide a quality product for acrylic pour art that even a beginner can pickup and get great results that we’ve teamed up with him to bring his vision to life. We’re proud to be part of this collaboration. We’d like to invite you to try his new line, available exclusively from Counter Culture DIY!

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