Rick’s Mix is here *shouts from the rooftop*!
Rick’s Mix is here *shouts from the rooftop*!

Rick’s Mix is here *shouts from the rooftop*!

We have seen Rick Cheadle’s videos using Rick’s Mix from Counter CultureDIY on multiple surfaces, read a review, and witnessed before and after photos. How does the rest of the world feel about this all in one, acrylic latex paint? How easy is it to use for artists just beginning their fluid art journey? Is there a learning curve for more experienced artists? What do Youtube viewers think about the process and finished products?

Comments from viewers:

“Beautiful!! Amazing colors 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜”

“Was not expecting that!”

“Love those unique cells that popped up out of nowhere.👍👍”

“Looks great! Very smooth indeed, you can tell it’s developed by someone who knows pouring. Love Rick’s art🤗”

“I purchased his paints and they delivered very quickly. I will try the traveling ring pour with them after watching this. I have one painting that looks similar to your first one, I like it, but think it needs embellished.”

As with every new product being tested and artists that are loyal to their current process and brands, viewers did have some critiques and suggestions. Side coverage and consistency when drying were a slight concern. A few factors could impact the results of side coverage and consistency when drying, such as the substrate being used (i.e, canvas, wood panel, record), as well as the lack of priming of the substrate being used. Rick’s mix has a basecoat to apply to your substrate,> Heavy White <, to promote even coverage! See Rick using an Easy Flow Panel with Rick’s Mix *here*!

Viewer’s critiques/suggestions:

“Not overly crazy about the huge difference from wet to dry… not too sure I would use these unless I was after an abundance of cells. Good video though.. thanks for showing 😀”

“These would be fun to use with other paints!”

“I can’t believe the cells that this paint creates. They are pretty cells but does a ring pour need them? Pretty, love the colors”

“It seems that the paint does okay with a few of the techniques you have tried. However, the inability to control cells might be a big drawback for some folks.”

Art is about discovering! Experimenting with paint pouring is not only therapeutic but has good potential for profit! Below are some videos that test and experimenting with Rick’s Mix by Counter Culture DIY. You can purchase your own sets (or individual paints) here! Tell us about your experience!


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