Culture Sculpt Resin Coaster Tutorial
Culture Sculpt Resin Coaster Tutorial

Culture Sculpt Resin Coaster Tutorial

We are so excited to share a project with you that combines two of our favorite things: Culture Sculpt and coasters! Today Meg of Lyndly Grove is giving us a fabulous Culture Sculpt resin coaster tutorial. We can’t wait for you to see how gorgeous these flower coasters are!

When we introduced Culture Sculpt we knew you artists would come up with some amazing uses for it. We have been absolutely blown away by your creations though! You have shown so much ingenuity and creativity with it we have seen some awesome finished projects. In the video below, Meg is sharing one of her fabulous creations with us in her Culture Sculpt Resin coaster tutorial.

She shows us how to make amazing 3D flower coasters that she’s calling cake topper coasters. They are beautiful, unique, and really show off some of Meg’s amazing artistic talent. And, thankfully for us, Meg is teaching us, step by step, how to make our own!

poxy sculpt resin coaster tutorial

Poxy Sculpt Resin Coaster Tutorial

First off, what is Culture Sculpt? If you haven’t heard about Culture Sculpt yet, it’s a super fun sculpting medium that is pliable like clay but made like resin so it cures up beautifully! It’s amazing to use for any of you 3D art projects. If you want to learn more about what it is, why it’s better than clay for many projects, and how to use it, we have a post for that too. Check out Introducing Culture Sculpt: All your questions answered to learn all about it!

So, one of the reasons that Meg is calling these her cake topper coasters is because of the supplies she used. She hit the cake decorating aisle of her local craft store and found some really fun tools to use with her Culture Sculpt. She grabbed a fondant mold, a textured rolling pin, and some piping bags and tips. Meg didn’t end up using the piping bags in this tutorial but it’s a great idea and you may want to try it!

If you love the flowers that Meg uses for her coasters she shows you exactly how to make them. You can also use candy molds to make your flowers or other little shapes. Think shamrocks for March, hearts for February, snowflakes for winter…you get the idea! You can take this method and adapt it to fit any season or holiday. Also, if you have other sculpting tools or molds at home, get those out too and let them inspire your creativity! Once you learn how to make these beautiful flower coasters, you’ll be on your way to so many more designs. 

Painting your Coasters…

Once Meg’s sculpted piece was cured and dry, she got right down to painting it. For this she used our Dispersion Colors and small paintbrushes. Meg did a beautiful job painting her coasters, the details that she added made them look realistic. If you aren’t much of a painter though, don’t worry! Meg shows you exactly how to paint the flowers, you’ll be able to do it too. When it comes to painting, flowers are very forgiving. In nature, they are all different and often perfectly imperfect! If this is your first time painting, it’s a great project to get your feet wet with.

If you are headed out to buy brushes, make sure you get a couple of different sizes. You want one to apply your main colors and then smaller liner brushes to add your details. Meg also uses some metallic wax that gives her coasters more of a vintage look. This is optional of course but it really makes them look amazing! You can also add other embellishments and may be able to find some cute things while you’re still in the cake decorating aisle. Gold leaf would be pretty and so would adding some of our Precious Metals. Once you get started, you’ll be coming up with all sorts of fun ideas! 


poxy sculpt resin coaster tutorial

Watch Part 1 of the Tutorial Here!                         

Poxy Sculpt resin coaster tutorial

Watch Part 2 of the Tutorial Here!

Culture Sculpt Resin Coaster Tutorial

How to make sculpted resin coasters using CCDIY Poxy Sculpt
Yield: 3 Coasters


  • Culture Sculpt
  • Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin Medium Viscosity
  • Fondant molds Meg uses flowers
  • small bowl of water
  • Textured rolling pin Meg's has pretty flowers on it
  • Petri dish coaster mold
  • Transparent film optional
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • acetone nail polish remover
  • Protective gloves
  • Mixing cups
  • Mixing sticks
  • Filter mask
  • Heat gun
  • Sangria Intense Color
  • Verdant Villa Dispersion Color
  • Counter Culture DIY Dispersion Colors your choice of flower colors
  • Small paint brushes
  • Metallic wax optional
  • Painter's tape


  • Start by using a sharpie to trace the bottom of your coaster molds onto the transparent film. Cut out your circles and then use the acetone to remove any remaining marker from the film.
  • Now use your gloved hands to mix equal parts of Poxy Sculpt, combining them well. Put some of the Poxy Sculpt into your piping bags. Meg let her combined Poxy Sculpt set up for a bit so it could firm up a little before using it. Don't wait too long though, there's about 45 minutes of working time.
  • Next, use the fondant mold and some Poxy Sculpt to start making flowers. To do this, put a little bit of water on both sides of your fondant mold. Pinch off a ball of combined Poxy Sculpt and rub a tiny bit of water on the outside of it. Place the ball into the mold and press both sides together. Gently remove the flower from the mold and then trim the excess from the sides. Then set the flower aside. Continue until you have all the flowers you want.
  • Now smooth and flatten out a larger portion of combined Poxy Sculpt then use the textured rolling pin to roll on your design. Then cut out 3 circles that will fit onto your round film.
  • Then place some of your flowers on top of your round of textured Poxy Sculpt. Arrange them in any way you choose. Set them aside to dry and cure (you can wait until they are just dry enough to paint or let them sit and paint them the next day).
  • Next, combine equal amounts of Parts A and B of the Artist Resin according to the package instructions. When the resin is thoroughly combined, split it into 2 cups, putting a little more in one than the other. Use your heat gun to pop any bubbles in the cups.
  • Now add a few drops of Sangria to the cup with more resin in it. Then add a few drops of Verdant Villa Green to the other cup. Next, mix each cup to evenly disperse its color.
  • Now pour the Verdant Villa resin into one mold and the Sangria resin into the other two molds. You want good coverage but don't pour it so thick that the resin won't cure. No more than 1/4". Use the heat gun again to pop any bubbles. Set the mold aside to start curing.
  • Next it is time to paint! Start by cleaning up the rough edges of your Poxy Sculpt circles. You can use small trimmers or an exacto knife for this. You can also gently sand the edges if you want a super smooth finish.
  • Then choose the Dispersion Colors you want to use to paint your piece. Put a little of each in medicine cups and then use small paint brushes to apply them. You can see how Meg paints the pieces and adds all the details to the flowers in the second video in this post!
  • Once you are done painting, use a gloved finger to rub on the metallic wax at the high points and onto the rolled portion of the piece. Allow your paint to dry before moving on to your next layer of epoxy.
  • Once the paint is dry, mix another batch of Artist Resin. Place your painted piece into the mold and pour the combined resin over top of it. Allow this layer to cure completely and then demold the coasters.
  • Next, use painter's tape around the top edge of the coasters to add height to them. This will allow you to pour an additional layer of resin to cover any flower parts that are still sticking up.
  • Combine another batch of Artist Resin and then pour another layer inside the tape. Allow the resin to fully cure before removing the tape.
  • Next, do a doming layer to complete the resin portion of the coaster. Once that has cured you can add any final embellishments like gold or painted sides.

The Wrap Up…

Yes, that took a few supplies. And, yes, it took a few steps. But, y’all!! These Culture Sculpt resin coasters are absolutely stunning. And they are so unique. Even when you follow Meg’s process and steps, your coasters will still be a totally unique creation. That’s one of the things that we love most about art, each artist is a unique being with an individual eye. That makes for such a diversity of talent in our community and we absolutely love it! We can’t wait to see what you create using this method. You can tag us on Instagram or post in our Counter Culture DIY Artist Support group on Facebook. Have fun creating, friends!

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