Points can be earned and accumulated during the Culture Cash  Year.

You will receive fifty (50) points when you sign up for an www.counterculturediy.com/my-account/cc-rewards and register as a Member. When you shop online at www.counterculturediy.com you will receive one (1) point for every US$1 spent on eligible full-price product. Other activities will be announced by CCDIY from time to time.

Full List of Current Activities that Earn Culture Cash:

    1.  Create an account or login if you have not yet since May of 2020 and you will be automatically enrolled.  (50 points)
    2. Make Purchases while logged into your account.  (Silver Tier- 1 pt for every $1 USD spent, Gold Tier- 1.25 pts for every $1 USD spent, Platinum Tier- 1.5 pts for every $1 USD spent.  See our Explainer Page for more details or view this FAQ.
    3. Celebrate a birthday.  Make sure that your birthday is filled in within your account details to get points on your b-day!  (75 points)
    4. Share CCDIY on social media.  Use the “Earn Points” tab in your My Rewards console (inside My Account) to use the links and share (Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook).  Limit 4 shares per year per platform. (50 points each).
    5. COMING SOON- Refer a friend!  Stay tuned on how to earn big points for referrals.

There will be a delay between the time of purchase and the actual award of points to your account. During this period, the status will be marked as ‘Pending’. Products that are returned will count towards the deduction of points eventually awarded. Once the points are confirmed and awarded, the status will be marked as ‘Approved’. Points have no cash value. You cannot give or transfer your points to anyone else.

If your Culture Cash account has no activity for six months since the last purchase, your account will be deemed inactive and your points set back to zero.   You will need to earn points from zero and start at the first tier to move back up tiers.  Points also reset to zero at the beginning of every Culture Cash Year.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal information provided to CCDIY is up to date and correct,in order to receive your points.