How to Make a Geode Pumpkin
How to Make a Geode Pumpkin
how to make a geode pumpkin

How to Make a Geode Pumpkin

Fall is definitely in full swing now. We want to bring you some unique fall craft ideas and we are starting out with a bang. Meg of Maker Magic with Meg Epps by Lyndly Grove is showing us how to make a geode pumpkin. Her beautiful creation starts with a foam pumpkin that only cost a couple of dollars. And comes out as a gorgeous geode that is perfect for your fall decor. 

As artists, we always have an appreciation for beautiful colors. And the colors that nature gives us during the fall are inspiration to many of us. Meg shows us how to make a geode pumpkin using some of our favorite fall shades of Pop of Color Shock Paints. Along with painted glass, crystals, and gorgeous gold flakes. 

We don’t often bring you projects that call for a glue gun instead of resin. But we get to play with one for this fun fall project. So, grab a foam pumpkin from your favorite craft or dollar store (don’t forget the Quick Coat!) and let’s get crafting!

how to make a geode pumpkin

How to Make a Geode Pumpkin

If you have ever seen a geode made by resin artists, you know that they are uniquely beautiful. Some artists make geode coasters. While others make 3D geodes that rival the real thing. The design structure of geode pumpkins is similar to resin geodes.

But the process is much simpler. There are far fewer steps for this project. And you won’t be waiting for cure time! For her geode pumpkin, Meg uses Shock Paint as the base color for her crystals. And hot glue to secure them in place. From start to finish, she spent less than an hour on her pumpkin and the results are fabulous!

How to Make a Geode Pumpkin

Design Variations

Just like with any resin project, there is no one right way to make a geode pumpkin. You can use any color combo that you love. And the colors you use will depend on the shade of the pumpkin you are using. For her geode, Meg chose shades that complimented the neutral color of her pumpkin.

In the video you will see that she also has a pumpkin in a gorgeous shade of blue. For this one, Meg planned to use black, white, and gold. To figure out what stones to use for your geode, look at your pumpkin and decide which three colors would work well with it.

If you find a pumpkin in the stores and don’t really love the color of it, you can change it! Just grab your favorite Pop of Color Shock Paint shade and give your pumpkin a couple of coats. Let it dry and then follow the same steps that Meg did for her pumpkin. 

How to Make a Geode Pumpkin

Geode Tips and Tricks

If you have made a geode of any kind in the past, the process for this one is very similar. Choose three shades of crystals and/or painted glass. Choosing one that is slightly larger than the others for the outside ring of the geode adds depth and dimension to your geode.

Start at the center of the geode with one color. Then work your way out in rings of your second and third colors. Meg adds glitter between the her rings of stone. That gives a different kind of sparkle and also blends the rings of crystals together.

Meg reminds us that it is important to wipe your crystals off before starting. They come out of the bag a little dusty. Taking a second to wipe them with a baby wipe or damp paper towel will ensure that they will give you all their sparkle. 

How to Make a Geode Pumpkin

Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

How to Make a Geode Pumpkin

Make your own beautiful geode pumpkin that starts with a foam pumpkin from the dollar store
Yield: 1 pumpkin



  • Start by sketching the geode area onto your pumpkin. Then heat your exacto knife and use it to cut away the pumpkin where you will be placing your crystals and glass.
    Cut more deeply towards the center of your geode.
  • Now paint the center of your geode with the Terra Cotta Shock Paint. And paint the next ring of the geode with Muted Plum.
  • Next, paint around the outside of the geode with Quick Coat and add the gold flakes to it.
  • Now use hot glue to attach the gold colored glass over the Terra Cotta paint.
  • Then make a ring of hot glue around the gold glass and sprinkle the Sunfire glitter onto it.
  • Next hot glue the lavender glass into place over the Muted Plum.
  • Then hot glue the large white stones onto the remaining portion of your geode.
  • To finish, touch up your gold flake area. Then add more gold flake in several spots around the pumpkin.

The Finishing Touches

And that is how we make geode pumpkins! We started with a simple foam pumpkin and turned it into something unique and beautiful! Meg got her pumpkins at Hobby Lobby. You can find yours there or at any other craft store. Don’t forget about your local dollar stores too though!

You can often find foam pumpkins for cheap. The quality is usually similar to those at the craft store. And since you are dressing it up anyway, their pumpkins make great bases for this project. If you are as excited about fall designs as we are, check out our post 7 Fall Themed Glitter Tumbler Tutorials for inspiration for your fall tumblers!

As always, a big thanks to Meg for sharing her time and talent with us. If you loved learning from Meg and want to see more of her creations and tutorials you can follow her on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube, and you can check out her Facebook group, Curious Crafters


How to Make a Geode Pumpkin

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