Tack-it Method Peekaboo Mugs
Tack-it Method Peekaboo Mugs

Tack-it Method Peekaboo Mugs

One of the best parts of the cold winter months is warming up with some tasty hot cocoa! Today we are showing you how to make Tack-it method peekaboo mugs with a winter theme. They are as adorable as they are sweet!

The peekaboo tumbler can be an elusive skill for those resin artists who haven’t yet mastered it. Not to worry though! Vanessa from VMD Designs is sharing her Tack-it method peekaboo mugs with us and it is simpler than it looks. As with all resin projects there are several steps but, in her video, Vanessa breaks them down for us and makes them totally manageable!

Vanessa is a talented resin artist who is also an amazing teacher. Whether you are just starting out with resin or you’re a pro like she is, you’re sure to learn something from her tutorials. If you are looking for an adorable winter tumbler creation to add to your line up, this is the project for you! 

tack-it method peekaboo mugs

These adorable peekaboo mugs have so many of our favorite things! Beautiful drips, festive sprinkles, gorgeous glitter, and a fabulous decal! We’ll be honest, decals can be daunting if you don’t have a lot of experience with them. We are better with the resin side of things than with the technical. But that’s why being part of our amazing resin community is so important. We all have skills and specialties that we bring to the table and we can teach and learn from one another!

You should see Vanessa design her decals, she’s amazing! The best part is that, in this video, she shows you exactly how she does it. Learning design software can be time consuming but Vanessa is generous with her knowledge and shows us how to do it. If you’d rather stick to the resin and sprinkles though you can leave the decal designing to her! You can find the exact decal Vanessa uses for this project (and many others!) in her Etsy shop

Vanessa creates these mugs with a winter theme but that doesn’t mean you can only make these during the cold months! You can use this same method for any peekaboo mug or tumbler you want to try. You can do them with or without the drips and sprinkles. These would also be super cute with a Halloween theme using glow in the dark powder and spooky sprinkles. The Tack-it method makes doing peekaboo tumblers pretty simple so, if you haven’t yet, you should give it a try! 


Tack-it Method Peekaboo Mugs​​

How to make winter themed snowflake mugs using the tack-it peekaboo method
Yield: 1 Mug


  • 80 grit sanding block
  • Stainless Steel Tumbler
  • Rustoleum 2x spray paints white, clear, and apple red
  • Aleene's Tack-it glue
  • Glitter one opal and one red shade
  • Counter Culture DIY Artist Resin
  • Snowflake stencils
  • Hot cocoa decal
  • Nice N' Thick
  • Counter Culture DIY Dispersion Colors White Snow
  • Sprinkles Gingerbread Delight
  • X-Acto knife


  • Start by prepping your mug. Sand it using an 80 grit sanding block then spray it with white Rustoleum spray paint and allow it to dry.
  • Next mix a 1:1 ratio of the Tack-it and water using 5 ml of each.
  • Use a Mod Podge or soft bristled paint brush to apply the mixture evenly to the mug. Allow it to dry for 7-8 minutes until you can no longer see the streaks. You want it to be tacky but no wet.
  • Sprinkle your opal glitter over the whole mug. When it is covered, gently use your finger to brush off any excess glitter.
  • Next spray the mug with a clear spray paint to seal it and you'll be ready for epoxy.
  • Mix 1:1 ratio of parts A and B of the Artist Resin (5 ml each) and apply a thin coat to the mug. Allow the resin to cure for 24 hours before moving on to the next step.
  • Produce your snowflake stencils either by designing or purchasing them. You'll see exactly how to do this in the video tutorial. Apply the snowflake stencils to your mug.
  • Next spray the mug with the red spray paint and allow it to dry completely.
  • Apply another layer of your Tack-it and water mix, allow it to dry in the same way you did before and then sprinkle your red glitter evenly over the whole mug. Again, gently remove any excess glitter. Seal this layer with the clear spray paint.
  • Next remove the snowflake stencils from the mug and then seal with the clear spray paint one more time before applying your next layer of Artist Resin. Allow the resin to cure for 24 hours before moving on to the next step.
  • Get your hot cocoa decal ready and then apply it to your mug. Again, you'll see exactly how to do this in the video tutorial.
  • Now it's time for the drips! Mix 10 ml each of parts A and B of Artist Resin for a total of 20 ml of combined resin. Now add a little bit of Nice N' Thick to the combined resin until you get the right consistency.
  • Next add a tiny bit of White Snow Dispersion Color to your mix and combine well.
  • Now apply your "whipped cream" drips around the top edge of your mug using as much or as little as you like to achieve the size drips you are going for. When you have the drips the way you like them apply your sprinkles to them. Then allow your drips to cure for 24 hours.
  • When your drips are fully cures use an X-acto knife to remove any drip that is on the top of the mug's lip then lightly sand the lip to make sure it is smooth.
  • Finally, mix your last batch of Artist Resin and apply a thin layer to your mug being sure to get in all those pretty nooks and crannies. Allow the mug to cure for a full 24 hours and you are all done!

We just love how beautiful and sparkly these mugs are! Vanessa creates some truly wonderful things. If you loved learning from her and want to see more of her creations and tutorials you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Like we said, she is a fabulous teacher and is so generous in sharing her knowledge and skills! You’ll find tons of amazing tutorials to learn from on Vanessa’s channel so be sure to check it out! 

tack-it method peekaboo mugs

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