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What is Chameleon Pigment?

Chameleon pigments are also known as color shift pigments as they can change their color depending on which angle you are looking at the item. Light reflection also makes the color appear lighter or stronger.  Chameleon pigments have a higher concentration of transparent flakes crystals coated with Titanium Dioxide. 

Chameleon Pigment Uses

There are so many applications of chameleon pigments and color shift powder to different industries, like the automobile, cosmetics, appliances, plastics, printing, synthetic leather, and publication of relevant documents such as banknotes, passports, etc. 

A special type of pigment is popularly known as “Glow in the Dark” because they literally can glow in the dark. Not all dyes can light up in the dark though. As a tip, buy a small quantity of pigments and test first if they activate in the dark or not.

The FDA approves only one color shift powder for makeup. The ingredient luminescent zinc sulfide is zinc sulfide added with a copper activator (copper chloride). This ingredient causes makeup to shine brighter even in darkroom. The FDA standard only allows 0.02% Copper Chloride to be added to 99.8% Zinc Sulphide. 

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