Counter Culture DIY Glitter Review
Counter Culture DIY Glitter Review

Counter Culture DIY Glitter Review

By now all of you know that we have some amazing epoxy for your resin projects. But have you checked out our fabulous line of glitters yet? Today we are doing a Counter Culture DIY Glitter review and talking about all that glitters (whether it’s gold or not)!

Chances are that if you are a resin artist, you are also a big fan of glitter. Typically some of the only projects that our artists make without glitter are flower preservation pieces. Since glitter is such a big part of the resin art community we thought it was time for a Counter Culture DIY Glitter review. That way you can see each of our glitters in action instead of just on the website.

Our good friend Meg Epps of Lyndly Grove did a 4 week series of lives where she showed off all the amazing glitters that we have available. You will find those videos below and, in each one, Meg shows our glitters on a black and a white base so you can get a better idea of their look. So, without further adiue, let’s talk glitter!

counter culture diy glitter review counter culture diy glitter review

Counter Culture DIY Glitter Review

One of our main goals here at CCDIY is to provide our talented artists with everything they need for their resin art. When you ask for a product that will help your craft, we do everything we can to develop it for you! And our glitters are no exception. 

We have glitters in all shapes, colors, and sizes so you are sure to find the perfect one for your project. But we know that it can be hard to choose glitters based on one website image alone. So Meg made this series of videos so you can see our glitters for yourself! Each video covers a specific color family. That way when you are shopping and making choices you will be able to use the videos for reference!

Looking for that perfect red? You can see exactly what each shade looks like so that you can make the right choice for your project. And not only does Meg show us the glitters on a black and a white base. She also uses some of them in resin so that you can see how they look in action! 

Ways to use Glitter in your Resin Art

There are so many ways to use glitter in your resin art. How you use glitter depends a lot on what your specialty is. If you are a tumbler artist or a mold artist you have probably experimented with glitter in many ways. Here is a list of some of our favorite ways to use it!

  • Mixed alone into Artist Resin and applied to tumblers, poured into molds, or used for resin poured art
  • Sprinkled straight onto a tumbler that has been coated with Quick Coat
  • Combined with other colorants such as Mica Powders, Alcohol Inks, or Dispersion Colors
  • Mixed with acrylic paint (like Rick’s Mix) for shimmery paint projects or acrylic pours
  • Used to make other types of art and craft projects really sparkle!

No matter how you use glitter in your creations, you are sure to find what you need in our top quality glitter collection!

Red and Orange Glitters

GLITTER red orange glitter

Our vibrant reds and oranges are perfect for everything from summer to fall and Christmas. And for every other project in between! Check out the glitter review video below to see each of these beauties. As we ease into fall designs. and later into Christmas, this color family is sure to be hoppin’!

counter culture diy glitter review

Watch the video here!


Purple Glitters

glitter purple

Our purple glitters are some of the most popular shades we have! Each one is beautiful in its own way and can be used for so many projects! If purple is one of your favorite colors to use, you definitely need to check these out. Meg shows off each shade and texture in the video below!

glitter review

Watch the video here!

Blue and Yellow/Gold Glitters

glitter blue yellow glitter

Beach themes and summer vibes come alive with our blues, yellows, and golds! I have to say that the blue glitters are my personal favorites. Like all of our other colors, there is a large variety of shades and textures to choose from. From deep royal blues to gorgeous light blues and turquoises. I could spend all day being soothed by the cool blues! 

On the flip side, the yellows are all so bright and happy! And you can’t go wrong with a good gold glitter. The golds go with so many designs that they continue to be a much loved classic by resin artists!

blue glitter

Watch the video here!

Pink Glitters

glitter pink

Nothing says pretty like a sweet pink glitter! Whether you are going for pretty, sweet, sassy, or saucy, we have a pink glitter for you! The only problem is that you will probably have a hard time deciding which ones to pick. Each pink is fabulous in its own way and will help you on your way to unique creations!

pink glitter

Watch the video here!

But Wait, There’s More!

glitter green glitter black Silver white glitter

On top of all the amazing colors you have seen so far, we also have a few more for you to check out! Our green glitters are to die for. And wait until you see the blacks, silvers, and whites


Then we also have our really fun glitters! You are going to love our multi-colored, iridescent/holographic, and shape glitters! When you are looking to add texture, depth, or dimension with your glitters, this is a great place to start! Oh, and we can’t forget the Man Glitter. For those tumblers that need a little something but better not shimmer in any way, we have you covered!

Counter Culture DIY Glitter Review

We want to give a big thanks to Meg for taking the time to bring our glitters to life for you! Choosing your glitters is so much easier when you can see them in motion. After all, that is when they are their prettiest and most sparkly! We know you are excited to get into your next glitter projects and hope some of ours can come along for the ride! 

Artist glitter, mica, pigments and more for epoxy and resin art.

You can find our entire glitter collection here!

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