Fabric Split Tumbler Tutorial
Fabric Split Tumbler Tutorial
how to make a fabric split tumbler

Fabric Split Tumbler Tutorial

Split tumblers are a lot of fun for a whole lot of reasons. You can have sides that compliment or contrast each other. And add variety and flare to your designs.

And, if you are just torn between two designs. Split cups make the perfect solution. So, today we are bringing you a fabric split tumbler tutorial that is sure to get you headed for your work room in a hurry!

If you have never used fabric on a tumbler before, you are in for a big treat! Think of all the beautiful and creative fabrics that we drool over in the craft stores. Each and every one of them can be used to make fabulous tumbler designs!

In the video below, Geri Bates of Misfit Makers gives us a fabric split tumbler tutorial. All the beauty of fabric, with all the fun of a split cut. You’re going to love this one!

fabric split tumbler tutorial

Fabric Split Tumbler Tutorial

Working with fabric on tumblers is pretty straightforward. In a lot of ways it is similar to working with vinyl sheets. But there are a few things that you want to keep in mind when putting fabric on a tumbler. Geri shared some things we need to know before getting started… 

Fabric Tumbler Tips and Tricks

The only real tricky part of working with fabric is making sure you get a very good seal with your resin. Geri explained that fabric is notorious for breaking the seal on your cups. But, she tells us what we need to do to prevent that from happening! First, we need to pay close attention to the top and bottom of the cup when applying the fabric. Make sure that the fabric has adhered very well in these areas.

Fabric Split Tumbler Tutorial

Geri also uses a cup edging tool to expose a small even strip of stainless steel at the top and bottom of the tumbler. This ensures that your resin layers will adhere well to the cup and the fabric at the same time. That will give you the perfect seal that you need. No fabric pulling up or popping the seal!

Geri also explains that Quick Coat is key when making fabric tumblers. Quick Coat makes the perfect adhesion between tumbler and fabric. Then, once your fabric is in place, adding 3 coats of Quick Coat will thoroughly seal your fabric and ensure that the resin will adhere to it. If you have never used Quick Coat, you are in for another treat! Want to know more about its many benefits and uses? Check out our post, How to Use Quick Coat

Fabric Split Tumbler Tutorial

But Wait, There’s More!

Not only does Geri teach us how to do the fabric split cup with ease. She also shows us how to do the wax paper method for applying decals. This is such a great way to get your offset wording perfectly aligned and with ease. Of course, there is still some finagling like there is with most decals.

Fabric Split Tumbler Tutorial

But using the wax paper makes it so much simpler! Geri explains it much better in the video. But, basically, you are able to see through the wax paper. So you can get your offset layers together beautifully. And then transfer them to your tumbler as one.

We love tips and tricks that make tumbler making simpler! Who doesn’t really? And saving time on decal application means we can spend more time in the fabric department. Drooling over patterns and dreaming up new designs!

Fabric Split Tumbler Tutorial

Yield: 1 tumbler



  • Start by tracing the bottom of your cup onto a piece of paper. Then cut out the circle. Next, fold it in half. We will place it on the cup and use it as a template for the split.
  • Next, flip your cup upside down. Place the half circle on the cup and use a pencil to trace the straight edge. This will give you the center of your cup.
  • Then use the painter's tape to tape off along your line. Start at the bottom and lay the tape the entire length of the cup, to the rim. Use a level or a ruler to get the tape as straight as possible.
  • Next, use the silicone brush to apply Quick Coat below your tape line in a nice even coat. You want to do a couple of inches at a time. Then lay the edge of your fabric along the line of your tape and press the fabric into place.
  • Continue adding Quick Coat and applying your fabric working one section at a time until you get to the other side of your tape. Press the fabric down firmly and then trim any excess.
  • Allow the cup to dry completely before moving on. Then add three layers of Quick Coat, allowing each layer to thoroughly dry before moving to the next.
  • Once your Quick Coat layers are dry, take another piece of tape and lay it right over your existing one. We are going to use this to trim the fabric in a straight, even line.
  • Press the tape down firmly and make sure there are no wrinkles. Then use an exacto knife to cut along the tape.
  • Repeat the same steps to the other side of the fabric. Then remove all the tape and excess fabric.
  • Next, use a cup edging tool to trim the top and bottom of the cup.
  • Then paint the bottom and exposed side of the tumbler with the Shock Paint. Get a good layer on there since it will shine through the glitter.
  • Now (working on the side first and the bottom separately) add a little bit of Mod Podge to some of the Shock Paint. Then paint that on over your base coat.
  • Then sprinkle your glitter over the entire painted area.
  • Next, mix a batch of Fast Set according to the package instructions. Add a little glitter to it once it's combined, if you want to. Then apply it an even layer over the whole tumbler. Use a torch to pop the bubbles and then allow the tumbler to cure.
  • Then give the whole cup a sand. Then clean it off. Geri uses water and a coffee filter to clean her tumbler.
  • Next, apply your vinyl strips or nail tape along the edges of your split. And at the top and bottom. Then apply your main decal.
  • Add at least two layers of Medium Viscosity, curing and sanding in between.

The Finishing Touches

And that is the fabulous fabric split tumbler! As much fun to make as it is to show off. There are so many different ways to make these tumblers. Once you get the method down, you will be able to make tons of new designs.

All we need to do is start by selecting our fabric. Then choose a Pop of Color Shock Paint shade that matches. And grab a glitter that will tie the whole thing together.

A big thanks to Geri for sharing her time and talent with us! If you loved learning from Geri, you can find her and her bestie Jess on their Misfit Makers website. And you can also find them on Facebook. They are dedicated to helping other artists build their tumbler businesses or hobbies. And they have a ton of fun doing it! So go check them out, and we will meet you in the fabric section!

fabric split tumbler tutorial

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